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Found 17 results

  1. Hi all, I had some issues with the PAS on my Polo end of last year, thread here: So, I found some pipes and had them fitted along with a new pump, which turned out to be faulty. Garage said to put the original pump back on, which they did. I was told by the chap who worked there that the pump, although run dry, was actually OK, so off I went. Then, over a few weeks the whining got worse and worse, so back to the garage I went! They fitted a pump they supplied and let me pick the car back up again, and again, by the time I got home, the noise was horrendous! Took it back and they've said they'll supply and fit a new pump to see if that fixes it, but if it doesn't they don't know what's wrong, so back to looking at the rack. Does anyone have any idea what the hell could be wrong? Everything works OK, it's just that at low speed (under 10-15mph I'd say) it's making this awful noise. I'm booked in to take it back on Thursday, but wanted to see if anyone had any ideas so I could let the garage know. Failing that, is there anyone in the Lincs/Notts-ish area who specialises in Polos who'd be able to look at it? I'm at my wits end with it! Cheers all, Fen.
  2. AshleyWilliams

    Dashboard Disco

    Good evening gents, This is morning I jumped in my 2008 polo gti 1.8t 9n3 to take it down for a valet! A few miles from home my dashboard just lit up warning lights flashing everywhere and bleeping. I’ve checked the battery which was 12.8v without engine running, new quality battery was fitted 2 years ago. But it has started and stopped a lot today. With engine running it was 14.4v so I think battery and alternator is ok. Doing more random checks it seems to happen when turning the steering wheel. I have uploaded a video to YouTube. Has anyone seen anything similar? I’m thinking power steering pump or sensor down to earth causing the ecu to go crazy. Ash
  3. Hello everyone! I noticed that my steering column moces in and out about an inch, or maybe two. What could be the problem? Thank you in advance!
  4. My Mk2f used to suffer from some pretty 'fun' torque steer - caused, I assumed, by the fact that one TCA-ARB bush was all but disintegrated and the other a totally different shape/make. After replacing the TCAs and ARB and getting the tracking done the front end feels great but on the first motorway drive today its evident the torque steer is not only back but different and in the opposite direction! On hard acceleration or deceleration (I assume shifting enough of the car's weight around) the steering bias feels to swap sides - it almost feels like one wheel shifts ahead of the other on deceleration and then the other way round on acceleration if that makes sense? The old torque steer was a momentary impulse that needed to be countered - this feels more like a constant bias. I assume this is likely to be the alignment of the ARB in its bushes or the castor angles or a combination of the two. How should I go about adjusting this? Or have I got this all backwards and there's something else at play? Anyone else gone through this?
  5. Hi all, My G has failed on a whole load of things this year. One of these is the steering. Garage thinks it's best to locate another in a scrappie. Are the columns the same in all mk2/mk2fs? Are they fairly simple to whip out? Thanks for your help guys.
  6. Hi all, Inner track rod ends are both knackered leading to horrible floaty steering that feels like the cars sliding around. Do I just replace them like any other car ?(with the very long socket type removal tool) The Haynes manual details outer tie rod but says nothing about the inner part? thanks
  7. rolo_the_polo

    Steering Wheel

    Hi all, Will a steering wheel from a MK2F (pictured) fit on a MK2?? Cheers!
  8. I've got a Momo steering wheel I'd like to fit to my '93 MK2F CL Coupe but I've been having trouble sourcing the correct size of adapter hub. I've had two attempts at purchasing a Momo hub from a supplier and on both occasions I've been sent hubs that are specified as suiting the Polo (as well as other VW models). However the hubs had a 17mm (approx) spline while the steering column spline on my Polo is 26mm. The supplier has suggested I have a non-standard steering column, but as far as I can tell it appears to be the original factory-fitted steering column/wheel assembly. Frustratingly neither the supplier or Momo specify spline sizes, describing suitable model types only. Has anybody come across this allegedly unusual spline size on a MK2F steering column? Thanks in advance.
  9. Hello all, Main question: What type of grease for steering clock spring? Does it need to be conductive? Is there such a thing? Seem to remember the contact area is on the indicator stalk side somewhere? Had clock spring replaced many years back. Getting a slight squeak from somewhere on steering so want to catch it with some lubrication if that's all it needs. Rather than take the steering off unnecessarily I was gonna just put some grease in the gap with a toothpick and see if that does the trick. Many thanks in advance, Simon
  10. As post title. Except this isnt outside the car. The sound is coming from ehat sound likr where the steering wheel meets the indicator cluster bit. Its not that offensive a noise. Just sounds like if you rub plastic together. Its judt randomly started today and i cant find the cause. Driving me ape!!! Anyone shed some light on this? Cheers
  11. Shandy83


    Yo, Anyone know how to spot fake wolfsburg. Brought my polo with wolfsburg steering wheel, window and mirror handles. Thinking they are a bit moody. Any signsto look for?
  12. Hi, I've got the amber steering warning light and intermittent power steering so I opted to change the pump but could only get an a2 pump. Having fitted this pump the power steering appears to be working OK but the warning light is still lit. Could it be that the ECU detects that the pump was originally on an Audi and flag it as an error / fault? Thanks in advance for any help.
  13. Now that I have the engine out, the steering rack rubber bellows is in two pieces. Is it possible to replace it?
  14. Hi, I have this noise, but it's small and I can only hear it with engine turned off. It seems to come from the inner tie rod or suspension bar links, I think I have this noise since I can remember, cannot do the noise pushing the components by hand, only turning the steering wheel fast in oposite directions with engine off. Is it normal? Do you also have it? Wish I had another car to compare this little things... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WEkGsFaSEJw Thanks
  15. Noticed a big difference in the feel of the brake pedal yesterday so I put the car up and took the wheels off to have a look.. The front off-side calliper was loose!! I found that the top slide pin was no longer holding the calliper onto the steering knuckle. Turns out the threads have been stripped and the slide pins were not it great condition either! Can anyone suggest any safe ways of repairing the existing steering knuckle? Could I repair the threads and replace the slide pins? Need help with this asap. I will buy a replacement part next month but I daily my car for work etc. and need a quick, safe temporary fix until then :(
  16. Hi there So I bought a 2004 9N Polo with a P/S issue a little while ago. Steering is constantly stiff and the amber warning light is always on. Probably unrelated but the ABS light is on too (Code reader says front right sensor) The previous owner advised they had already changed the electro hydraulic pump however this hadn't fixed it. Since getting the car I bought a code reader and it showed an error for the Power Steering Module and the Steering Angle Sensor. I replaced the Steering Angle Sensor and that code hasn't returned thankfully but still the same issue with the steering. I've done a little research and it seems the Power Steering Module (2nd fault code) is in the bottom of the pump unit (if someone could confirm?) so I've ordered another in case the one the previous owner got was no good anyway. I've also tried a bleeding method that is in the Haynes manual which doesn't seem to have worked either. If this doesn't work does anyone have any advice? After this I'll be pretty stumped. Many thanks Zack
  17. Hi guys, first post in a good while, hope everyone's all good. I've an issue with a mk2 caddy steering which is essentially the same as a polo saloon or mk4. the height adjustment doesnt lock in with the handle under the wheel, so is free to move up and down which you can imagine is a little sketchy when taking a corner, anything to look for? Thanks Christian
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