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Found 27 results

  1. Hi all, Inner track rod ends are both knackered leading to horrible floaty steering that feels like the cars sliding around. Do I just replace them like any other car ?(with the very long socket type removal tool) The Haynes manual details outer tie rod but says nothing about the inner part? thanks
  2. rolo_the_polo

    Steering Wheel

    Hi all, Will a steering wheel from a MK2F (pictured) fit on a MK2?? Cheers!
  3. I've got a Momo steering wheel I'd like to fit to my '93 MK2F CL Coupe but I've been having trouble sourcing the correct size of adapter hub. I've had two attempts at purchasing a Momo hub from a supplier and on both occasions I've been sent hubs that are specified as suiting the Polo (as well as other VW models). However the hubs had a 17mm (approx) spline while the steering column spline on my Polo is 26mm. The supplier has suggested I have a non-standard steering column, but as far as I can tell it appears to be the original factory-fitted steering column/wheel assembly. Frustratingly neither the supplier or Momo specify spline sizes, describing suitable model types only. Has anybody come across this allegedly unusual spline size on a MK2F steering column? Thanks in advance.
  4. Hello all, Main question: What type of grease for steering clock spring? Does it need to be conductive? Is there such a thing? Seem to remember the contact area is on the indicator stalk side somewhere? Had clock spring replaced many years back. Getting a slight squeak from somewhere on steering so want to catch it with some lubrication if that's all it needs. Rather than take the steering off unnecessarily I was gonna just put some grease in the gap with a toothpick and see if that does the trick. Many thanks in advance, Simon
  5. As post title. Except this isnt outside the car. The sound is coming from ehat sound likr where the steering wheel meets the indicator cluster bit. Its not that offensive a noise. Just sounds like if you rub plastic together. Its judt randomly started today and i cant find the cause. Driving me ape!!! Anyone shed some light on this? Cheers
  6. Shandy83


    Yo, Anyone know how to spot fake wolfsburg. Brought my polo with wolfsburg steering wheel, window and mirror handles. Thinking they are a bit moody. Any signsto look for?
  7. Hi, I've got the amber steering warning light and intermittent power steering so I opted to change the pump but could only get an a2 pump. Having fitted this pump the power steering appears to be working OK but the warning light is still lit. Could it be that the ECU detects that the pump was originally on an Audi and flag it as an error / fault? Thanks in advance for any help.
  8. Now that I have the engine out, the steering rack rubber bellows is in two pieces. Is it possible to replace it?
  9. Hi, I have this noise, but it's small and I can only hear it with engine turned off. It seems to come from the inner tie rod or suspension bar links, I think I have this noise since I can remember, cannot do the noise pushing the components by hand, only turning the steering wheel fast in oposite directions with engine off. Is it normal? Do you also have it? Wish I had another car to compare this little things... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WEkGsFaSEJw Thanks
  10. Noticed a big difference in the feel of the brake pedal yesterday so I put the car up and took the wheels off to have a look.. The front off-side calliper was loose!! I found that the top slide pin was no longer holding the calliper onto the steering knuckle. Turns out the threads have been stripped and the slide pins were not it great condition either! Can anyone suggest any safe ways of repairing the existing steering knuckle? Could I repair the threads and replace the slide pins? Need help with this asap. I will buy a replacement part next month but I daily my car for work etc. and need a quick, safe temporary fix until then :(
  11. Hi guys, first post in a good while, hope everyone's all good. I've an issue with a mk2 caddy steering which is essentially the same as a polo saloon or mk4. the height adjustment doesnt lock in with the handle under the wheel, so is free to move up and down which you can imagine is a little sketchy when taking a corner, anything to look for? Thanks Christian
  12. While engine is out I'm replacing shocks and spring, wheel bearings, roll bar bush, lower arms. Also want to replace both tie rod steering arms. I would like Febi replacement but can not find and, so help and links would be great. Thank you.
  13. Hello, I have a little problem with my polo 9n coupe. One year ago i bought a new steering box cause mine crushed. I got a new one from a vw polo 2007 (mine is 2003) the steering box fitted perfectly but i saw that the stering sensor on the box it s not exactly the same but the connector plug it s the same. The first one on the original box was like this: And the new stering box has this one: The steering sign steels appears me on board, i try to connect with VCDS but say s me that the sensor it s faulty so i got another one and tried again and got the same error. When i plug the old sensor the steering sign disappear from board, but this one dosen t fit on steering box. On VCDS i got this" 00816 - Steering sensor - G250- 37-00 - faulty WHat to do? WHat do you thnik it s the problem? Thank you guys!
  14. Bought 2 track rods which were dirt cheap new, question regarding the right side, I see the one that is on has a bend in it, whats the bend in it for? The ones I bought are straight so the same as the left on that's on but I notice that when I put full lock on left and right the bed isn't helping it from hitting anything and a straight one seems to be the same length so question is can I use one of these straight ones or is the bend needed for something I am failing to notice. Got the front strut in the process of coming apart to change the shock just came in because its dark and I don't have lights in the shed just now (its been re roofed so need to put them back up) and its being a complete bastard with rust to take off so thought if I can use the straight one I will just grind and use the straight one and replace both sides while I am doing the work for the left side because the left one has the nut welded on from the last time I was doing the left side for the MOT so it has to be done really and the tracking will cost the same either way.
  15. Hi I am looking for a replacement Steering column for my 1993 VW Polo, can anybody help ? cheers Peter
  16. Hi, just wondering if anyone else has had this problem... I've got a Polo 9n, bought some alloys for it a few days ago, I put 2 of them on the rear and left steels on the front because I was waiting for a new tyre for one of the alloys to go on the front. I started to get a crunching noise coming through the brake pedal every so often, and yesterday the ABS, handbrake and steering light came on and the speedo dropped down to zero. Anyone have any idea what could of caused it, cheers
  17. Does anyone know if the polo 6n2 steering rack fits the polo 6n2 tdi? Thanks
  18. Hi well I was searching in my dads garage for some parts and found this steering wheel and was wondering if anyone knew what is was originally from or who made it. Thanks
  19. Steering recently has felt off and as if it will suddenly go off in it own direction, goes in an out of feeling out of control. I first noticed sudden bouts of steering wheel wobble ( wheels balance twice and tracking done) it would come on randomly and then suddenly go. I also have a knocking sound when i move the wheel left about half a turn and then back to center, sound comes from the steering rake area. I also have to turn the wheel allot to make turns? I have heard you can adjust the steering rake play? can anyone help with any off these?
  20. Hi there, This is my first post on the forms. I am having a problem with my power steering on my polo 9n3 2008, 1.4 TDI. I got into my car tonight and the light was on my dash. I had no powering steering what so ever. I got a friend to plug in a diagnosis machine and the the machine said electrical fault (can't remember the actual wording of the fault code) Has anyone had this problem or having any input to help me solve the problem
  21. Right, got a bad wobble above 50mph, I'm sure its not the wheels need balancing as just had them done and the tyres are all fine! Needs tracking done as I've lowered it 60mm but was wobbling before then and need to get this sorted ASAP! Any ideas as to whether track rods or something need replacing I'd be grateful for any input, cheers guys! Tom.
  22. Right guys I've got a replacement hose as mine is shagged, (the pipe from pump to rack that goes around whole engine bay) I was wondering what tools I would need and a method for doing it? It seems as if getting the hose off the steering rack and also tryijg to attatch the new one up would be a real pain I was hoping you guys would have a few tips for me. beeen driving the car for a few days with no power steering and fluid now due to necessity and hoping I haven't shagged the pump too, anyhow any help would be appreciated! Cheers
  23. Hi There, and first I'd like to thank your forum (and others) for helping myself and my dad fit both parking sensors and cruise control to my polo and diagnose all manner of faults/tweaks on it. The fault on my polo is intermittent, and almost always follows a day of heavy rain, basically the steering light illuminates (wile driving or manuvering) and the power steering becomes heavy. Once this is triggered the next time the car starts the power steering may not start at all, and by switching it on and off a few times it'll eventually engage (with or without light and heavy steering). Our local VW garage identified it (with my persistence it was water ingress) that the connections of the pump and loom have water ingress and have had corrosion. Price to replace both the pump and the loom at about £1140 fitted! £1140 is a fair bit more than I'd like to spend, and I believe between my dad and I we have the skills to fix this ourselves, or at the least buy the parts for a local garage to fit for a lot less! The technical bits: I have a VCDS system and the fault is diagnosed (and agreed by the VW garage) as a short to ground, although currently its reset I believe it was on the reference voltage, when it reappears I'll post the exact fault. The controller is identified as: 6R0423156A Questions: 1.If I was to buy a replacement, can it be of a slightly different part number ie.6Q0423156? If so is this a direct drop in replacement or does it need some complex calibration? Suggested replacement parts: New: http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/TRW-POWER-STEERING-PUMP-6R0423156-6Q0423156-VW-POLO-LUPO-IBIZA-SKODA-FABIA-NEW-/200973776369?pt=UK_CarsParts_Vehicles_CarParts_SM&hash=item2ecaf875f1 Different Part no:http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/VW-POLO-1-2-ELECTRIC-POWER-STEERING-PUMP-6Q0423156M-6Q1423051AD-6Q2423051R-/251360198249?pt=UK_CarsParts_Vehicles_CarParts_SM&hash=item3a863c3e69 2. The garage was adamant that both the loom and the pump needed replacing, I can't personally see why the loom should fail (its just wires isnt it?) and might just need some tape to check its all sealed against water, to be honest the pump itself might still be ok and just need better water protection, what do you think? 3. Are there any service manuals/forum guides on the best way to access and replace the pump? Sorry for the long post and I hope its all in the right place, thanks in advance for the help.
  24. Hi there, It's been a while since I've posted on here, so hello again. My MK2 has had some suspension/ steering niggles for a while now. There has been about 10mm play in the steering wheel. Most recently though I have noticed a pronounced 'knock' or 'clonk' when turning the steering wheel in either direction. The steering rack was noticed to be wanting by the last MOT man. Does this sound like it's the rack? Or could it be suspension? Worth mentioning I think one of the shocks is on the way out. Any opinions valued. Thanks
  25. Opinions? (not mine thinking of buying)
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