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Found 3 results

  1. joaopneves

    '89 Polo II Steilheck

    Hello! I'm João, from Portugal, and this is my Polo. It's a 1989 Mark II Typ 86C Steilheck model, powered by a 1.0l engine with about 45hp. Bought it 6 years ago, with about 11.200km. It has now about 55.300km and it's my daily. It's totally original (and in need of some small things) and the objetive is not having a "project car" by the definition of it, but have it as is, the most OEM possible while possible, so the maintenance will be the most important thing on this project. This breadvans are not that common here in Portugal, and when I need some sort of part, it's not easy to find it. When I join your club, I was looking for some parts, but then I realize how popular is/was this model in UK, so I decided to be part of the family and since that I'm not sorry. I did not made many friends here, but I feel I'm part of it (also, I believe, because I'm not from UK and because of that I cannot join meets and other events). I've said it when I had the other topic, but I'll say it again. My Polo is not the best on forum, and I know that. Also, to be honest, I'm quite far from "the best out there". There are many excelente projects out there, and many awesome topics. Mainly not that original as mine I believe, but nevertheless worst. To be quite honest, I do think my Polo is not that bad, nor phisically or mecanically, but I know that there's always work to do, and that's also why I love cars. They are never ready, and we bond with them and with other people alike. Right now I'll post some photos of how it looks, but I want to get the older photos (all of them, that I had on the other topic!) in order to post them here. That way I can have a updated topic and with all the big things I've done in these years. General Info: Maker: Volkswagen Model: Polo II Typ 86C Steilheck (Squareback) Year: 1989 Color: Alpinweiß (L90E) Engine: 4 straight cylinder, 1043cc 45cv/hp @ 5600rpm (carb Weber 32TL) Gearbox: 4 speed, manual Weight: 735kg (1625lbs) SpritMonitor: http://www.spritmonitor.de/de/detailansicht/543596.html Manufacturer MPG: 8.0l/100Km P.S.: This is not a new entry here, on forum. Actually, I had a topic of my own about this very Polo. Yet, I had some issues with the images I've posted, and because of that I decided to delete the old topic and create a new one.
  2. Hello everone, my name is Jirka and it am from Czech Republic. I am 19 years old student, at the moment trying to successfully end middle school. I own a 1992 VW Polo 86c Steilheck 1.4 Diesel. I got this car after my mom stopped using it. She got it back in 1997 as a present from my dad as a bigger car for baby (I was born in 1997). Now from the first car I am using only registration and engine. 1,5 year ago I imported from germany the same car but with 1.3 40kw engine. I threw out the engine and then changed it with someone for BBS 6j13. The orginal body was dead totally. This present body is very rusty, but it was only 150€ haha, but it did its work. In the winter someone crashed into my car and gave me around 250€ because of it. So I went again to Germany, but nort-east part this time, and bought crazy german-polish tuned breadvan with 60/40 TA, sebring muffler, 1gen toledo leather seats, fogligts and frontlip from some old VW, also crashed a bit lol for 400€. I also bought genuine GT seats and MK2 steering wheel. At this point I am trying to finish my school and then I can focus to finish swapping to another body. List of evolutions I had: V0: red steilheck FOX 1.4D original donor of engine and plates V1: red steilheck FOX 1.3i current, 150€ body V2: blue coupe CL 1.3i , crashed, no registration or anything, 1.3i, bought it for 60€, just because glove box and centre console, then I gave it for scrap and got about 80€ back lol V3: red steilheck CL 1.4D, bought it for 90€ or so, without registration (VIN cut-out just like V2) took out the engine and good parts. When I will have time i will scrap the rest... V4: red steilheck FOX 1.05i 'tuned' - waiting for swap and ressurection Current specs: 1992 VW Polo 86c Steilheck FOX wannabe GTD EA111 series 1.4 n/a diesel engine pure 36KW Tornado Red LY3D/G2G2 Summer: BBS Mahle 6j13 155/75 Winter: VW Scirocco mkII (i think) ALU 5,5j13 155/75 Nice blaupunkt 1din unit VW Gamma III with AM aux mod, 4 speakers stock look is life GT seats, for now only front doorboards GT, homemade heating, just looking for reasonably priced heating switch for mk3 Golf Mk2 steering wheel homemade immobiliser - who would steal it anyway... decently sprayed black rear indicators very black front indicators girlfriend started to called me ricer and i stopped to like it in the end lol cool 1990s license plates yellow H4 bulbs almost got fined lol V0 V1 V4
  3. Hello there! I'm João, I'm 21 years old and I'm from Portugal. I've found the forum on the Google, on one of my parts search. I made my registration on May or so, but I had no time for give attention to the cause, so I let the forum for some months. Now I have some time, I already update my MKII Steilheck topic (here) and I hope now I can update this same topic at least once in a month. I bought it with 11k Km and 22 years old, and it has now almost 35k Km and it reached to his 24th spring. I hope my English is not that bad, and if you have any question please feel free to ask. EDIT: (add some information needed...) Real name: João Age: 21 Location: Portugal Polo owner, if so which? Or looking to get?: MKII Steilheck 1.0 45cv, 1989 model. Previous car history: (no previous car) Hobbies/interests: Mechanic, books, video-games. Occupation: Student. How did you hear about us?: Google is a really great friend. Anyway, I'm sorry to introduce myself just now. Cheers, João
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