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Found 15 results

  1. katemelita

    Double-din centre console conversion

    Started my double-din centre console conversion the other day, it was remotely easy! Started simple by getting the cage into the center console, started by using a dremmel but it proved to be making the work harder so ended up using a stanley blade as you can tell the sizes are extremely different height and width wise, so, the mk2 Golf centre console will need trimming at the base
  2. I am in the process of tidying up my radio wiring harness. It's been butchered over the years and now is a lot tidier. I can't identify one wire. It's blue and white in colour and is connected to pin 10 of a 12 pin plug (with the rest of the radio power feeds). Is this the illumination feed for the car radio? If so then it should be connected to the orange wire of the ISO connector? There is also an unconnected small brown plug with a blue/white wire buried next to the 12 pin plug. Is this the illumination feed for an unconnected switch? (say some optional extra like heated front seats)
  3. hello I would like to know how to take the front door speakers off as they are rivet from the factory and are on their way out and what size will fit in the doors or what measurements should I be looking for please. secondly, what size double din stereo will fit in the dash seeing on ebay there are two types 6.2 inch and 7 inch thanks in advance.
  4. Hello. I've just purchased a 2002 VW Polo 1.2 for my wife to drive, she passed her test 11 month ago and not driven since, and to teach my daughter how to drive. It's got a few issues but was cheap and something that they can both not do too much damage to. It's basic inside. The stereo seems to have been replaced by a single din unit with what appears to play out of one speaker under the dash somewhere. What was available in these? The fuel gauge doesn't seem to work. Not the electric adjusting mirrors. Seems to drive ok though. Will be looking for help and advice. I drive a Zafira VXR myself so I'm going to use this also for pottering around as the Zafira is quite thirsty.
  5. Hi all. I've bought my self a new car stereo and have decided to wire this one in properly with a proper ignition feed rather than bodging a constant 12v feed. Trouble is I don't have an obvious ignition on 12v feed. What's the easiest way to to go about plumbing one in. Also when climbing under the dash I've found two unused plug and socket (pictured) and don't know what they're for, any ideas?
  6. Hi I have recently got a 2011 6r 1.4 match. I am looking to upgrade the stereo in it. Looking for Bluetooth, usb, aux, iPod control etc. Currently have one like in pic, has the glove box connection, steering wheel controls in left side of wheel and aux connection of cig lighter. I am aware of the Eonon units that are available but would rather get a original Vw unit if possible. Could anyone let me know of options I have. many thanks!
  7. Saint Jimi

    Front MK2 Speakers

    So after spending a lot of the weekend trying to chase down electrical problems and not really getting anywhere I decided I'd do something that would yield better results. I have seen posts before about how people have put speakers in the front of their polos, and have seen some very impressive results involving cutting door cards and making speaker pods. I've gone a slightly different route and thought I'd show you what I did for those who (like me) didn't want to cut their door cards. What I've done is very simple and could easily be copied but is best explained with pictures. Using MDF I cut a piece 30cm tall by about 20cm wide (I didn't actually measure, sorry). I then jammed it into the door wedging it in a position that had minimal movement and marked out where the speaker would roughly sit. Took it to the work bench and cut a hole in the wood where I wanted the speaker to sit. Once I'd bolted the speaker into the wood I jammed it back into position (after plugging speaker wire to speaker) and used some firm packing foam to remove the little play / movement that remained. This would work better with speakers that actually fit between the sections of the inner door but I was working with the speakers I already had, and it works well. I've now put the door card back on and it doesn't snag the speaker at all, I now have invisible front speakers.
  8. katemelita

    Double-din head unit

    Has anyone attempted a double-din head unit conversion into their centre console? I know the centre console in the mk2f's are too small so I got a golf one and will have to adjust it to fit, was just wondering if anyone has done this before?
  9. Hi Everyone! I'm brand new to this site, so I hope I'm doing this right! I have recently brought my first car, a Volkswagen Polo 1.2 S 2002 plate. Now, upon purchasing this car, I realised there were a few faults, however, I am finding more as the days go by. The main things I am concerned about are, the immobiliser (The lights aren't on at all), the stereo doesn't turn on and I am missing the long antenna of the aerial on the roof. The original stereo does not work and I have recently purchased a second hand pioneer face-off stereo from eBay. Does anyone have any advice on any of these problems or how I would fit this stereo myself (even though I'm a woman, I'm savvy and will give anything a go! ) Any feedback would be much appreciated! Many thanks!
  10. Hi people, I have a few queries about a couple things on my polo, Firstly, the aftermarket stereo I have fitted today stays on even when the ignition is off and the key is out the ignition. I share with my girlfriend and we are both sure the other will drain the battery one day by forgetting to unplug it.. (would probably be me). Below is a picture of the wiring, is there anything that can be changed to make it turn off with the ignition going off? Secondly, I have a chip on my dashboard I think it had something to do with the alarm system it used to have a black cap over it I think but now I want it gone but it maybe important. Cheers everyone, Dan
  11. Hi what will i need to change and do to change my existing rcd 200 to an aftermarket stereo, will this adapter just plug and play or is there any wiring to do http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/151018180106?_trksid=p2055119.m1438.l2649&ssPageName=STRK%3AMEBIDX%3AIT thats the adapter
  12. I have recently put a new aftermarket stereo into my 03 Polo which already had one in, it also has a parrot kit, it worked for a few days until I tryed to put a DAB antenna in. I pulled the stereo out, as normal and ran the DAB antenna down the windows and into the back, I plugged the stereo back in as before and it wouldn't turn on as I put my key in the ignition, and neither did the parrot. I took out the parrot cabling, tryed it without this, ruling out a faulty connection in this, I then looked at all the different voltage readings across the wires that connected my stereo and there were none that didn't have power until I tried the switch live cable. This flickered at about 0 to 0.1 volts, ruling out an unplugged connection. I am stuck about what to do next! Any ideas would be amazing Cheers
  13. Hi, Last week I bought a MkIV 6N with a few faults, I've sorted a couple already (new oil filter, new tyres, new wing mirror etc) but I'm left with some electrical problems. My passenger side electric windows doesn't wind up OR down. It makes an odd noise, somewhere between crunching and grinding. It still appears to be trying to wind up or down but the window glass doesn't move at all. I have absolutely NO idea what this could be as a lot of the descriptions I've seen on window faults don't seem to match this? I also seem to be having problems with the battery draining (however I am not 100% on this) at various points. When we went to view the car, the battery was flat as it hadn't been driven for 2 weeks, and we had to jump start it to test-drive/drive away. The morning after we got it back, the battery was flat again so we charged it up. It was then okay for a week, I've driven it a couple of times and it seemed to be fine but last night my girlfriend's mum was driving it (I'm still on a provisional licence) and she left it idling with the radio on for a few minutes and it went dead. We had to go out and jump-start it again. This morning it was fine and it started first time, I've driven it a few times today and started/stopped first time every time. I charged the battery earlier in the day and it was instantly registering full. I had also noticed that the rear-window switch was left on, but the rear winder heater doesn't seem to work. But I'm sure that if the switch is on then power would still be going to the window, right? And could that then have been what drained the battery? Cheers!
  14. I replaced the aftermarket JVC head unit in my 1998 VW Polo 1.6 with a a Sony Xplod head unit. During the install, I noticed that with the illumination (blue and white) wire that the dashboard lights stayed on so I disconnected this wire. The stereo appeared to work fine, came on with ignition ok and switched off ok. The next morning, the VW barely started, and the clock had reset to 00:00. I removed the stereo head unit at this time. I left the car for a few hours and then started it again only to find that all the dash instruments now appeared to be dead. The clock and odometer displays were completely blank and the rev, speedo, fuel and temperate gauges stuck to 0. I have recharged the battery and and checked the fuses which all look ok. What is the next step/s to look at fixing this issue? Thanks in advance! TL;DR VW Polo 1998 - instruments panel not working following stereo head unit swap.
  15. PhotoVoltaic

    Audio diagnostics help

    I'm looking for advice as to the best (simplest/least time consuming) way to diagnose the cause of the following problem; Audio coming out of only one side of the car. It's a 2001 Polo 'Match' (so, 6N2), 5 door with (as far as I can tell) only front speakers. Actually I never checked the back doors...I should check those....if it has them..they're not working either. I only just bought the thing at the weekend, For my wife, it's her first car. The headunit is some aftermarket JVC double Din thing and doesn't appear to have a Left-Right balance control, which was the first thing I looked for. I'm thinking it might be; a speaker fault, a wiring fault in the door or in the loom between door and headunit, a problem with the adapter used to connect up the new headunit Can anyone suggest the quickest way to positively pin down the cause? I can pull the door card off to get the the driver side speaker, but then what, I could pull both doors apart and swap the speakers to see if the fault moves or stays put but this seems like perhaps not the best use of time....I have a multimeter somewhere, never tried to measure an analog signal using the thing before though, but I guess it should work. In which case, is there anywhere I can get the probes in between HU and speaker that requires a minimal of panel removal? I suppose I could get the headunit out and check everything's still plugged in and nothing has fallen out. It also seems strange that the HU apparently has no Left-Right balance control...though I doubt it would be that easy anyway :/
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