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Found 18 results

  1. T99sac

    Polo 6n2 1.4 16v SE

    Time Left: 1 month and 13 days

    • FOR SALE
    • USED

    Polo 6n2 1.4 16v just putting feelers out, bought for a project for myself but plans have changed and it is not a priority anymore so will be selling (unless anyone wants to swap for a mk2f). car runs and drives sound, starts sound, got 9/10 months MOT, 78k miles couple issues, the abs light is on but think it is only a cheap fix, drivers door lock is a bit temperamental and the boot lock needs replacing, got some history. decent base for a cool project. Body work is in good condition for its age. Needs a little bit of work but starts first time, runs fine and drives fine, solid car just needs some time. PM for details or any questions. Thanks👍🏻


    Chesterfield - GB

  2. I've been given a MK3 golf with a 1.4 abd that I plan on putting into my mk2f that's currently got a 4 speed box so will need a 5 speed. Whats the best box too run?
  3. Good night, and hello to everyone. I am new here, and I am going to start a new project and I would like to know your ideas and advice. I have a vw polo 1993 1.4D (86c I think). I will start a project to put a 1.9 TDI PD 150cv engine in it (ARL code engine) in it. And I expect to get + 350hp on that engine after some upgrades. I know it's going to be a lot of work and I have to do a lot for it to work. But it's going to be a project that I'm not in a hurry to finish ... But I'm some doubts as to which braking to use ??? what brake servo to use ??? What suspension? which Driveshaft use in relation to the hub kunckle ??? Can someone give me some tips? Thanks in advance.
  4. Hello everybody! I swapped my 1.0 AER engine to a 1.6 16V AVY, replaced the engine loom, the ecu, the chip in my keys, and the little receiver around the ignition barrel, (and a lot of other stuff, like pedal box, etc) but I couldn't replace the immo box, because my loom has 6 cables, and the donor car's box has 8. (I have a 98 model, so I have the later wiring) Is there a way to connect the new immo to the car without a professional? Or what should I do? Thank you in advance!
  5. Hi there, New to this forum, looking for a little help. I just got a 91' Polo GT and the seats are worse for wear, wanted to change them out maybe put some leathers. Ive read on loads of forums that corrado seats will fit in the front, easy swap. Ive also read that mk4 golf seats can swap into a corrado, easy swap. Does that mean I can slap mk4 golf leather seats in my 86 polo? (I understand that it will sit higher than normal) Please advise
  6. Hi, apologies if this is the wrong section of the forum (im new to posting here, long time lurker) i have a polo 9n 1.2 3 cylinder, i have heard that it is possible to swap the throttle bodies from that of a mk4 golf, is there a specific engine size from the golf that i need to get it from or will they all fit, i dont know if the golfs use a universal size or they change with engine size which i assume, any help will be appreciated. also i have had trouble of finding exhaust systems that will fit the car, i have a quote of 150 to get a custom backbox made by hand, however is there any full catback systems that you guys use on your polo's many thanks,
  7. Afternoon. I have a 1.4 TDI 6N2 with the EXB cable change 5 speed box. I've come across a 2003 9N 1.4TDI box which looks similar. Would if fit in my car? The selector tower looks different but perhaps that could be swapped over.
  8. Hi, The two Polos in question are: 1. 6N2 2000 1.4 75hp AHW engine, cable throttle - okay working, probably a bit under-powered, will check cylinder compression - normal AC - 2 doors 2. 6N2 2000 1.4 75hp AUA engine, wired throttle - engine is bust - overheated because of oil pump failure. - climatronic - 4 doors I'm still considering other options, but the best at the moment seems to be to combine the two into 1 fully working Polo, with the 4 doors Polo as the base. The main question is: "Is the engine swap plug and play?" - this concerns only the engine unit, with everything immediately attached - water pump, pulleys, alternator. This is to put the AHW engine instead of the AUA. Should I swap it with the gearbox or there is no need?
  9. polo gti 6n2 1.6 avy complete engine, only had 88,000 on clock before removal. never missed a beat when it was on the road, only had to brake car because it was rolled and not in a road worthy condition after the accident. gearbox did not wine or make any noises prior to removal can be sent to UK main land for additional cost of carriage set includes; engine gearbox drive shafts loom ecu brake calipers and carriers front hubs down pipe (exhaust of engine) engine mountsbrand new sachs clutch kit still in box need gone quick so am open to sensible offers, fully refurbished ENGINES are going for £1,500. call or text me on 07979555356 from 6pm on, or call me on 01749 880719 6-6 and ask for mike or rom
  10. Hi, We have a W reg 1.0 polo with critical suspension damage but a good engine (new cambelt & other parts) I'm investigating buying one with a dead engine but otherwise sound and of similar vintage into which we could put our good engine & gearbox. Just trying to scope out the work involved as I haven't changed an engine for a while. Other than the ECU, if we got a 1.4 or 1.2 donor car & ditched the original engine, are there any other gotchas? Many thanks
  11. Hey guys, Can anyone help me regarding which seats will fit straight into my 9n3 with no modifications? I have found some Seat Leon FR Mk2 seats which I really like but obviously don't want to buy if they won't fit! Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!
  12. Hi all, I have a lovely black Polo 6n2 which I love and I really don't want to get rid of. The only problem is the engine. It's failed the mot several times now on emissions. I have been told that it down to oil leaking into the fuel mixture. I have been advised to get a new engine for it. But it is proving to be difficult to find a decent afk. What would everyone recommend, an engine swap? I've heard they can be a lot of hassle. Or can I get the engine refurbished? Any advice Will be greatly appreciated, as like I said, I really don't want to get rid of it. Thanks 😃
  13. Hi all, I have a very important question. I currently own a 99 1.0 polo hatch 50BHP. and I can get my hands on a polo saloon 1.4 16V 75BHP. Will the engine be a straight swap or is there much to do? will the engine mounts and all fit my little hatch? only considering this as I need some more BHP. Also what mods can I do to the engine to get some more power out of it?
  14. hello there simple question, my polos spi 1043 engine is poop and i want to go to the 1.4mpi engine, i have it here didn't spend a penny on it so i want to know whats the procedure? as my car is spi? the engine is mpi thanks, also i know i should just get a 16v but oh whell i have this for free so any help? thanks!
  15. Hitchesbehating

    9N3 GTI parts on a 9N?

    Hi, Just wanted to know if anyone knows which parts from the 9N3 Polo GTI fit on the Polo 9N. I gather that the suspension fits on a 9N, I was wondering what other parts I could put on a 9N from the GTI. Thanks :)
  16. Hi all, I'm considering doing an engine swap to my Mk3f 1.0 and was wondering if a 1.3 engine out of a 6n would be pretty much a straight swap? E.g are the mounts the same ?
  17. Hey guys wondered if anyone could help me.. i own a polo 9n 1,4TDI the clutch is on its way out and there's alot of miles on the clock, even though they will run all day with 200k miles, i dont want to repair it i would much rather change the engine and get it faster, i cant insure much as I'm a young driver an i want something with more poke, what engines would i be able to drop in my polo ? something thats a derv and can be mapped to 300+ bhp with standard internals.
  18. Hi everyone, A while back I bought a 1.0 MK2F polo. However, after being used to driving a 1.3 6n I much prefered the power that I'd get out of it obviously because its a bigger engine. I was just wondering if it was possible for me to do an engine swap with another 1.3 6n engine into a MK2F? If so how much work is involved with the swap? Is there any welding required, or are the engine mounts the same? Many thanks Elis
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