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Found 16 results

  1. Smiley15

    Polo body trim

    Hi I've got a mk2f polo coupe and I wanted to get the door moldings and trim and the wheel arch trim and was wondering if anyone knew where to get them or had a link to any on heritage that might fit
  2. Hi people Brought myself 1994 polo 1.0 boulevard. Just would like some advice on it. Got some slight rust on the top of both wheel arches. Spoken to someone who said I won't be able to get a colour match anymore. So was thinking getting some wheel arch trims. Struggling to find any online. Also is there any good websites out there for parts ? Do other car parts fit i.e. golf parts Thanks
  3. Hi All Anyone know if the plastic arch trim from a Mk1 Caddy would fit a Polo Mk2F, in the description it says Golf>Caddy, I get the Golf arch is bigger, but the caddy and polo wheels show 13-15" where as the golf is 13-16" (according to wheel-size.com) https://www.vwheritage.com/171898700-wheel-arch-trim-set-gti-vw-spare I dont mind abit of time a heatgun work... I take it Mk2f repair panels are like hens teeth, and not really looking to do the Golf arch conversion or start learing to make an arch from a blank sheet 😕 chars
  4. mbusby993

    Mk2f/3 Colour Coded Bumpers?

    I’m curious as to which models of the 2f had the colour coded bumpers, id like a set for mine now that I’ve settled on a colour for the respray but I’m not really seeing Any for sale and I’m not sure which models they were fitted to. Are they a “rare” thing nowadays or is it just case of I haven’t been looking when they’ve been around?
  5. My car has some rust under the black plastic that is glued to the car, does anyone know how to get the plastic bits off and back on so I can remove and fix the rust? Any tips on getting rid of the rust would be great too - it's only surface rust thank you.
  6. Hello all - I've been a proud owner of a 2005 Polo for 18 months, and so far have only had to fork out on a rear box - really enjoying it! I took the rear door card (5 door) off on the weekend due to sticky central locking (fixed with a bit of a clean) but for the life of me I cannot get the door card back on! I'm hoping that there's some kind of trick to it, as all of the trim clips seem to be pointing in opposite directions! If I attach the clops towards the front of the door for example, I can't get close to the clips on the rear. If I slide the dor card in from the top, I can't get near the clips on the bottom! I'm also having trouble getting the long bolt onto the bottom of the handle to match up with the nut All of my experience lies with Mk1 Golfs, and usually all you have to do is use the old 'heel of hand' whack and the clips pop back in. Not here though, it seems I need a degree in engineering to get it back on! After 40 minutes of trying yesterday I almost launched the door card into next door's garden! Ended up having to walk away! Any advice greatly appreciated. I can take pics of my issues if that would help, but will have to wipe off all the blood first! Thanks for looking!
  7. GTi TURBz

    mk2 side bumpers

    Hi all, is the side bumpers on the doors screwed on or just adhesive? I would like to remove them! Cheers Matt
  8. Is there any easy way to remove the end cover on the indicator stalk. The symbols on the ones I have (as you can see) are quite worn - is it possible just replace these parts without replacing/taking out the whole stalk? I've had a poke around with them and it looks like they could pop off, but I didn't want to pull as the may well be glued in. Anyone had any previous experience with these?
  9. I am trying to repair or replace a piece of trim that sits above the front bumper, just around the lights and below the grill. What is it called or what would I search on ebay, so far I've not been able to find this part anywhere. My one has one of the side clips broken so unless I can repair it somehow, its needing replacement. I have tried searching everywhere but no luck turning up anything. Thanks
  10. rosshammond785

    Help with Trim/side skirt

    Hello all I have a x reg 6N2 polo and love it to bits its only a 1L but with GTI spoiler and blue lights I hate the grey strips / side skirts ( don't know the actual name for them) and would love some the same colour as the car (silver) I have no idea where to get some from or the proper term for them. yes I am aware I may look like I have zero knowledge asking this!! (ps have added a pic of what I mean) HELP PLEASE!!!
  11. Hey I am looking for 2 bits of trim for my breadvan, I'm looking for the right side door trim and the bit that goes on the right rear arch, if anyone has any mudflaps also then I will happily buy them :) These parts are seeming hard to find an I don't think that other trim of golfs or non-breadvans fits them, I am considering taking it all off and going smooth with a bit of U-pol. Thanks Spencer
  12. Hi all, For some Scouting work I do, it would be extremely useful to have a cigarette lighter socket in the boot (powered of course), that can be switched on and off from a button, next to the heated rear window switch (all the rest are blanks). This is on a 51 plate 6n2. So, any ideas on how to do this? I fetched the trim off around and below the steering wheel today, to reveal the fuse box, and although there's a few blank slots that (if an optional extra was fitted) would have a 15A fuse in (like the actual cigarette lighter), it doesn't seem to have the metal contacts inside the fuse slots to hold the fuse itself. Any help is massively appreciated guys, thanks!
  13. Jeevsz

    Trim Levels? 6N2 1.4

    Hi, Looking to buy a polo soon, I was hoping someone would be able to explain how the equipment in the different trim levels varies. Polo S vs Se and the match? Thanks
  14. JBmk2f

    MK2F Coupe Trim

    Hey, I'm after some of the door trim for a mk2f coupe, the bash strip that goes along the door, and also the arches and badges if anyone's got any, or can point me in the right direction? not fussed on the condition of the badges. any help would be great!
  15. I've got a 6N2 2000 1.0L My 'gate' keeps coming out of where the gear stick is which holds down the leather on the gear stick, meaning the leather with slide out of the gate and leave the top of the gear box area open which is super annoying! Does anyone know where I could buy one of these and would I need to replace the leather and gearstick? Cheers
  16. I bought this car not long ago and it's in brill condition other than a couple of interior trim pieces of missing. I need the passenger interior door handle surround and the interior boot panel trim, If anyone knows of anywhere or anyone who has them, please let me know!
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