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Found 11 results

  1. Hey all . And anyone who can help . I have my Bby engine 1.4 16v Auto. She doesn't pull too well and I'm looking to try and get more out of her. So far I've rebuilt everything stock. Other than some tacky arch extensions and stickers I've done nothing to modify. Rather just rebuild. My question is what can be done to the BBY engine . Could I get more power out of this engine ? Or should I be looking into swapping for another engine if so would I have any luck with a golf gti engine and box. I know its probably a done and dusted subject and probably boring . But other than finding engine swaps I can't find anything about performance parts or upgrades . Any advice would be great because she's a bit like driving a wind up toy most days
  2. Has anyone used a tuning chip on a 1.4 8v 6n (AEX)? There’s one advertised online for about £50 and states a gain of 6-8bhp with improved fuel economy, less flat spots etc. Trying to figure out if this is snake oil or will genuinely get a bit more fun out of my little engine. any thoughts?
  3. Hi peeps, i am beginning the process of striping my 1.3 MH engine and then rebuilding enhancing as many parts i can. I've found its not the most common engine and hard to find aftermarket parts for, sometimes even standard! So my question is, does anyone have any recommendations, links or tips for tuning & sourcing aftermarket parts.? also gearbox & clutch included I'm not after engine conversions, tons of electronics or turbos! I'm taking the route of old school tuning to hopefully be achieving a torquey high reving solid engine as it is what i know best and easiest to fix! my bucket list so far: Webber dcoe twin 40s piper 268 degree camshaft adjustable vernier pully ported, polished & matched head electronic fuel pump 4-2-1 SS exhaust manifold with straight through pipe & backbox possible flywheel lightening my target is to achieve 60-70bhp (could be optimistic but challanges are fun) although I've never read about tuning these engines a its easier to fit a AFH or something similar. I've not had my polo long so not completely clued up on them so any help would be much appreciated some may think tuning a 1.3 is a waste of time but I'm after a sweet little fun car to drive at its max, not a tarmac shredding monster that u can use 50% power :P any help & ideas will be taken on board & much appreciated thanks heres the little lemon..
  4. Sorry if I missed similar topic among FAQs, but I truly couldn't find anything like it... So, I was wondering which intercooler could be easily fitted on 9N3 GTI (not Forge or similar but OEM like Merc Sprinter ones, etc.)?
  5. Hello every body I hope that one of you can help me with a little question. I'm in the process of building an PY engine from scratch. the goal is that it is going to run with a G60-Lader and would make around the 200hp. what things should I change out before it can be done and what should be changed for it to be fairly reliable. I hope that one of you can help me things I already have: G60-Lader G60 nozzles schrik cam extra engine spare engine control spare gearbox Things that jeg have in mind: Piston oil cooling Separate oil system to G-lader new chip and "boos control" exhaust system. https://goo.gl/photos/4HdPUcyURv2voN1Q9
  6. Hi guys, I've acquired what I thought was a HK engine, with the intention of dropping the head onto an ABD bottom end. Turns out to be a HH so this won't work. I've read bits and bobs on here about the HH and how the Germans deck the block/skim the head to increase CR etc. Is the compression ratio seriously 8.2:1?! Has anyone got any links to any German HH tuning pages or the likes? Also I think all Vw small block main bearings and conrod bearings are the same part number, can anyone confirm this ? I'm struggling to find a part number for HH piston rings too.. thanks!
  7. Hello Club Polo! I am 18 years old and looking into give my 1994 1.3 6N a little tune-up. Right now it's 55 hp., but I'd like to get some more horsepowers out of the little engine. Is this possible in any way? What kind of costs am I looking at? And is there some do's and dont's? And most important, where do I look for parts? I'm not from the UK, sadly, so it primarily has to be online dealers. I have the Haynes Manual for the 6N, but is still a little lost, can anyone give me a few tips 'for dummies'? I will upload a few pictures in the weekend when I'll be back home! Cheers, Pihlen
  8. Connorphim

    New guy needs help

    Hi everyone, been a member for a few weeks and check the forum a fair bit but haven't introduced myself so... Real name:Connor Phimister Age:22 Location: Suffolk Drives: 6n 1.4 8v Previous car history: 2.0D 206 Hobbies/interests:BMX Occupation: Machinist I need help with what route to go down to start improving the performance of the car without making it too unreliable or spending thousands of pounds.. I have a 4-2-1 mani and the car already had a stainless exhaust with no rear silencer but that's all so far. Looking into track day cams but unsure of what else is needed to make that worth while. Any advise would be a great help.
  9. I have now been searching for weeks trying to find some replacement big end bearings for my 1.3 MH engine, i went to a VW dealer and was told they couldnt get them anymore. Number stamped on bearing - 030105701 Number VW dealer told me i needed -030105701A i cannot find either of these bearings anywhere. i keep finding 030105701G.... does anyone know if this is a supercision/new part number for the 030105701 number? 030105701G is used in 1.3 engines from golfs ect but the MH engine is not listed. any help would be greatly appreciated also any alternative aftermarket bearings that people know of slightly getting agitated as this seems to be a one off engine that none know anything about and no parts are available :( shes just sitting there waiting to be built thanks. ollie
  10. Hello all I am new here and have recently bought a 1999 mk2 polo estate TDI alot of people think they are ugly but i think they have loads of potential and are pretty rare especially the tdi versions. I bought it for 225 quid as is had been vandalized just needed a rear window and front so i got the front repaired for 150 and fitted the rear myself with a Cordoba estate window from the scrap yard costing me 35quid with silicone e.t.c =) so it only stands me at 410quid which i'snt bad considering it has 11months MOT and only 111,000 miles. I used to own a mk2 caddy van which i understand is the same front end and interior but needed this as its more practical. A few questions regarding tuning so its the 1.9 tdi ahu code engine , my plan is to fit 216 injector nozzles and remap it =) any thoughts? I'm hoping around 140bhp from 90 is this realistic? if not what else would need to be done? Also trying to buy some coilovers for it and would like to know if the ones designed for the mk2 cordoba/ibiza/polo classic will fit? i know the front ones will but the rears might pose a problem. Any help would be fantastic =) photo of my car below.
  11. Snuupy

    Tuning of AAU engine.

    Hi guys. My name is Alexander and from Bulgaria. I have Polo 86c 2F, AAU engine. I love my car, I mean I want to upgrade the breaks, front 256mm ventilated, rear 239 ventilated disks. But I think to upgrade the engine, because, first I want to put a AFH, but its to many work for me... Electronics, costly maintenance. Secondary I want to put a ABU engine. Quite a bit of work, but I have to pass TECHNOTEST to register the car with the new engine and it's too complicated, but I would do it if you really have nothing to do on my engine. I read many topics in this forum. AAU engine with 3F head, pistons, camshaft and bike carbs... I want all of this, except, the carbs... I want to stay with single point injection. The whole idea of the upgrade is to allow the car to move without gasping with 4 people. That is, to have a good walking away, I do not want to do racing, I would not bother with this engine if it would be my goal. First: I'm sorry for my English.. Second: I am open to hear your ideas for upgrades on this engine as seeking good fuel consumption. Here is my car.
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