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Found 16 results

  1. Drivetrain Audi/VW 1.8 20 Valve Turbo AGU Engine Code with 02A Gearbox (will come with full engine loom) £400 K04 Turbo £180 SAAB Red top 346cc Injectors £60 SFS Intake Pipe £80 Forge 008p DV £80 DriveShafts UK Custom Uprated Driveshafts £350 Rear Beam fitted with PowerFlex Bushes, 6n2 GTI Rear Disc Conversion with Brembo Discs and Pads £200 KW Variant 1 Inox Line Coilovers £400 Forge Front Mount Intercooler £100 K&N Air Filter with 3” VR6 MAF Housing £30 Custom 3” Stainless steel Downpipe and 2.5” Exhaust (incl backbox) £300 Vibratechics mk4 golf drivers engine mount £80 Exterior Hofele Quad Headlights £80 (condition is poor) Polo 6n2 Rear All red lights £50 FK Crystal Indicators £15 K&N Air Filter £40 Polo 6n2 Stubby Wing Mirrors £80 for Pair Japanese Polo 6n Bootlid £220 6n/6n2 Polo Hybrid Front bumper with GTI grills £220 Bonnet with Aerocatch Bonnet Fasteners £100 Interior Sparco 353 330mm Black Suede Steering Wheel £100 Cobra LTD Edition Black 4-Point Harnesess £100 Wiechers 6 Point rear cage with Harness Bar and X Brace £360 Carbon Fibre front door cards £160 Black Flocked Rear Doorcards £40 Black flocked roof lining, boot trim panel, Grab handles, sun visors, A, B and C Pillars £150 Carbon Fibre Mirror Triangles £40 STACK Boost gauge £60 STACK Oil pressure gauge £70 STACK AFR Gauge £80 Contact me on here or for a fast response text or call Mattie on 0780197095six
  2. MonsterL35YFP

    TURBO!!!!!! Pssssshhhhhh

    Hello Polo people what engines have people seen turboed, I know loads of people do the g40/PY turbo, iv seen AAV turbos and some GTs, even a 1L turbo but have people done 1.4 AFH turbo or 1.6 16v AVY turbo? Just general discussion about what can be done really feel like making something stupid in the future.
  3. MatthewDey


    I have a polo 1.4 9n3 16v. I am wondering if anyone knows how easy or hard it is to fit a turbo to my car. Obviously I wouldn’t be installing anything to crazy just a small turbo to boost my car. I have seen people saying this isn’t good for the car but surely a small turbo with all the correct additionals needed wouldn’t cause any major problems?
  4. AaronAnderson13

    BNM Upgrades

    Jumping straight in.. I need help on what sort of injectors would fit, ive heard that the 130pd injectors fit but not quiet sure on what engine code I should be looking for. turbo is not a big issue as ive heard the garrett they put on the 1.4tdi BNM was half decent, im only looking in the 100-120 range of BHP. So, a remap is definiately happening with all of the exhaust being gutted, now would a straight pipe be better than cutting out the inside of the cat? due to pressure loss or something? maybe not enough to even feel a difference but maybe. just need a little direction as this is the first diesel ive tackled. thanks in advance 🙂 Aaron.

    Turbocharger cooler

    I have for a while, I have thought about turbo cooling, and some time a go, I asked another member how they cooled their turbos that have water cooling provision. So what I decided to do is to have it's own pumped circuit through the header tank with a thermostat that opens when the water gets to 70 degrees. The thermostat will open a branch off the turbo cooling circuit into the main radiator with a non return valve. Of course what I don't know is whether the pressure in the turbo cooling circuit will be high enough to overcome the pressure in the car's normal engine cooling system. The non return valve will stop any reverse flow of engine cooling water into the turbo cooling circuit.
  6. Stevie089

    Mk2f coupe charged or turbo'd

    I have a 1.0 mk2f coupe and im looking to do bit of researchin into supercharing it or jammin a turbo on id go for a 1.3 engine first but i cant source one in northern ireland. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks
  7. Dubfather

    What manifold?

    Hi all! im in the process of turbocharging my stock 1045cc motor ?? no judging....it was a free car and doing it for a bet with a jap driving mate lol need a short manifold for the exhaust that doesn’t go into a collector under the engine like the normal manifold, as I need to mount a flange on it in front of the block to bolt the turbo to. Done some googling and drawn a blank so does anyone know if there is anything in the VW parts bin from other models/marques that will mount up and do the job? come across a few mk3 1.3 golf ones that are the right type but not sure if the studs etc will work. want to avoid having one custom made if poss....trying to keep the whole build to under a grand ?
  8. Hi everyone I drive a Polo GTI 9n3 1.8T and it seems to be really pokey when it's cold and then this seems to wear off when it's warmed up and just feels like it pulls way less between 3000-5000 revs :/ anyone else had this problem or have any idea what it might be? No lights on the dash and all seems to be in order as far as I know. All help would be much appreciated!
  9. Audioholic

    audioholic his turbo polo "fox"

    hi all, just my polo here had previously owned a polo CL coupe, and a genneis G40, but the G has rotten to heaven :( so i had to buy another chassis, so in this case i seen this, a stock polo fox, for 150 euro's. great, some rust but it wasnt a problem, 90% less rust then the G, just swapped all the g40 goodies in to it, and a build engine. specs : k03 turbo 3f inlet manifold catcams 286 cam thin headgasket dewedged throttle body supersprint exhoust (63mm) innovate wideband lamda running on 1.4 bar. no problems at all,custom map. street tuned
  10. Hi, I have fitted a new performance intercooler, like the forge and airtec ones. And now my turbo isn't going past 0 psi. Gary.
  11. Hi everyone I have a mint 16v DOHC 1.4 polo .only 48,000 miles on the clock .its for sale but if it dosent sell I'm going to modify it .thinking of turbocharging it ,anyone know of any turbo kits available or what I could put on it .
  12. I know there is a lot written on the forum about engine breathing especially in Mk2s, but not a lot about those that are turbocharged or supercharged. To give adequate breathing under boost I think the vacuum source has to be on the inlet of the turbo with a PCV valve to prevent too much vacuum getting to the engine so therefore the spring pressure in the PCV valve is critical. My understanding is that the main benefit of positive crankcase ventilation is to provide downward pressure to the piston rings making them seal better. I have put in a new can in the side of the block and cleaned the plastic trap as much as possible. It makes sense to me to put the plastic trap as far as possible away in a vertical position to get trapped oil to drain back to the engine. Also I am going to have a catch tank. My aim is to have as little as possible oil vapour getting into the inlet side of the engine especially into the intercooler. If replies to this post suggest that this is the wrong way to go and the breathing should just go to atmospheric pressure then that's the way I probably will go. Regards Phil
  13. hi everyone, So I wanted a car that was cheap on insurance and can produce a crazy amount of power for its engine size, you can call me crazy but I have bought another 2008 1.2 12v polo for £500 with only 20000 miles on the clock. I really want to turn this little polo into something special, something that I can really work on. basically, I want to put a turbo on it... problem is I have no clue what size turbo to put on it. I'm doing an overhaul, i.e. gaskets, seals, piston rings, bearings, that sort of biz so it won't blow up as soon as i start it for the first time. its just something fun, doest matter if it wrecks it in the long run as i just find a bigger crazier engine to put in haha. any help would greatly appreciated. thanks,
  14. 6rline

    MY13 Candy White R-Line

    Hi Guys! Had my R-line for over a year now and its a great car to drive! It's the 1.2 TSI version and for a small turbo charged engine, it's very nippy! Since owning it, i've had such a blast and it's been excitement everyday... looking forward to driving to work and coming home from work.. best part of the day lol. First day i got it at the show room! Anyway since owning the car, as usual i can't help myself but fiddle with the car as it's not really yours until you make it yours! I started by trying a few performance mods which included Forge Motorsport Dump valve and a oversized pod filter.. These made the car run absolutely crap and constantly brought up lights on the dash. It also reduced power i found and in the end, i found running stock to be the most efficient. But of course i wanted more power so i looked around the net for a few companies to do remaps but since the car was still fairly new, there wasn't much available. However over on another forum i found big fish tuning run by a guy called John who sorted me out with a remap. Power hike and torque was increased to about 138bhp but dont have a RR printout as i got the RR done elsewhere. The car now feels much more aggressive in 1st and 2nd and overtaking on the motorway is a doddle even in 6th gear. Usual upgrades with the 6R including: GTI top and bottom grills, Bonnet bra, LED side lights and Fogs, Plastidip wind mirror caps, Eibach Pro Sport springs 30mm/40mm drop, Euro Sport Exhaust system (Backbox with mid section removed) The exhaust system sound awesome! It's probably one of the best things i enjoy hearing everyday. Even though its not a DSG gearbox, if you change gear in certain RPM's and especially on overboost the car will pop and let off a DSG fart lol. I've done a few videos which can be seen here: Videos recorded with GoPro Hero 3: http://youtu.be/debROksu8Cs?list=UUtdvVCQLogjaDV0JEQElfJg http://youtu.be/hsq51LLZurM?list=UUtdvVCQLogjaDV0JEQElfJg Need to do a new video soon as i've since had a tune to take into a count of the exhaust system. And finally my latest purchase was a set of Replica VW Projector Bi-Xenon headlights with 6000K HID's. Next i'm thinking maybe a new set of wheels.. i did see some VW motorsport alloys in black for sale awhile back but unsure if i want to go for 17's.
  15. Hi guys and gals welcome to my progress thread of my little toy i got the car on the 16th of March 2016 (don't know why you needed to know that but hey ho) she is my little smiles per gallon she started out as this Which then my mate did a few photos of her so I got bored of the silver badges so I ordered myself some black and red badges along with some hid's aswell i have also done other bits to her which I haven't really taken pictures Also fitted my boost and volts gauge the other day (excuse how blurry the pic is) So this is how she stands at the moment I need to get other bits done but she makes me smile thanks for reading chinndog89 To be continued............
  16. jaz1889

    My 6N Polo Drag Car Project.

    Hello people, it has been a while and as title i have just got my self a little polo again. about 3-4 years ago i had a 6n with lots of nos and basicly i want to build that again!! i have got my self 1.4 8v in silver and i am wanting to put AEE lump in for now to just get it on the road. then hopefully i can load it full of nos and go have some fun down Santa Pod. my first question because my last polo was a AEE i didnt need to do anything, but it is true i can bang a AEE straight in to my 1.4 8v ecu and loom Etc?? while i have been trying to get an engine for cheap i have started hunting bits and started to strip the polo apart ready (pictures will be taken soon and uploaded) my second question what do you guys think i should put in to the polo after i blow up the 1.6? or should i just turbo my 1.6 for a laugh? good to be back on the forum .
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