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Found 16 results

  1. Hi guys:) I have a problem with fitting Nankgang NS2-r tyres to my mk4 polo. Now i have 195/45/15. Nankang doesnt make those semi slicks in needed dimensions so i bought 195/50/15. In my case tyre is touching the coilover. I know that i need 1cm spacer but im worried that it would rub the fender. Its lowered with tatechnix adjustable coilovers,but they have rusted treads. Do you have any sollutions? Thanks guys,im new at this community!:) I wanted to post the picture,but it doesnt let me...i dont know why:/
  2. PSWPolo

    Whitewall Tyres

    Anyone know good places to get whitewall tyres? Would love to get some for my Polo - or tyres where the writing on the side is coloured in white...
  3. Hi, I've just bought a 5 door vw polo 9n3 in grey with the stocks alloys. Ive found some 17" Team Dynamics 5x100 ET55 with some decent set of tyres on them and want to know if they'd fit my car without any other mods needed done first. Thanks, this is my first mod aha appreciate the help in advance. I've added a couple of pics of them.
  4. So I've had my mk2 breadvan for a while now and I've decided it's time for some new wheels... by the looks of things there isn't much room on the back at all, the car is lowered 60/40. Does anybody have an idea of what size wheels and tyres i could fit? I'd rather not change the arches too, cheers!!!
  5. Asif

    Polo 9n3

    Hi their guys I'm new to this just signed up just wanted to know if 18 inch alloys will fit my polo 9n3 2008 also will I be able to drop it after
  6. First of all, hello! I'm new to this forum, but have been using it a lot to find things out. Very usefull site. I have recently bought a 51 plate 6n2 gti, 1.6 16v, I love the car, been slowly getting it up to scratch as it was a bit knackered when I got it, nice amazing condition leather interior, loves it! Now my problem is that the car has wide rims and stretched tyres, which I don't want (the rims are rota grid drifts I think. They look wicked, sad to see them go but I want standard size alloys and tyres). I'm no good with wheel/tyre sizes so I was hoping someone could recommend me something good? Or tell me the exact specs I need so I can order a set. I want 14/15's, not a fan of low profile tyres. I tried looking online for this info but was struggling.. and couldnt really find a thread on it. Any help much aprecciated. B Edit: photos http://postimg.org/gallery/1t6ybuqm8/
  7. Hi, just wondering if anyone else has had this problem... I've got a Polo 9n, bought some alloys for it a few days ago, I put 2 of them on the rear and left steels on the front because I was waiting for a new tyre for one of the alloys to go on the front. I started to get a crunching noise coming through the brake pedal every so often, and yesterday the ABS, handbrake and steering light came on and the speedo dropped down to zero. Anyone have any idea what could of caused it, cheers
  8. Basically.... I have a 'wobble' or rear end 'twitch' when braking or taking bends. This has only started recently and I have had tracking done to see if this affected it, changed my wheel bearings, checked my suspension and ensured my camber was correct.... Still no change and am wondering if anyone knows what this could be? Also, in one of the pictures it shows a black dust on the rear wheel. This is on both sides and I'm assuming by the texture and the wear on the tyres that they have been rubbing but they are not touching the arches or suspension so I have no idea what could be causing this??
  9. hey everyone, i need someone with a bit of experience to help me! So i recently bought a mk7 polo... alls good clean engine and interior blah blah... ill skip to the good part. lowering it and alloys. I'm going to have this car pretty low as youd expect from a 16 year old with some taste in a car slammed. so basically any tips on the coilovers or any suggestions on actual coilovers.. i dont want to be putting sh*t in it because i want this to be a show car. no bags. haven't got that much money. also its a 1.2. so alloys. i really want to fill them arches... yano, the more rubbing the better!! so if anyone has had 18inch alloys on their 1.2 id really appreciate you telling me what its like on petrol and is it too hard on the car... i had my brothers 3sdm 0.05's on it and they looked sweet (9.5 backs cleared the arches with no spcaers!) i didnt get driving it as he was being a cu*t and wouldnt let me bring it for a spin. so basically i want to know what coilovers to put in it for good lows and comfortable driving and will 18inch alloys be too hard on it with fuel etc... here are some pictures of what it looks like now and will be updated if i do anything major to it! sorry for bad quality on the first one.
  10. As above, i'm hopefully picking up some BBS RA's (14x6j ET33) soon with 185/60/14 tyres on for my MK2f polo coupe. I know these tyres are a larger profile than stock (i ran these size wheels/tryes on my old MK2f with slight rubbing at the rear on really bumpy roads), but could anyone tell me the correct factory spec profile for 14's (think G40's came with these wheels as optional extras over the more usual 13" BBS RA's). some people r running 185/50/14's, where as some say that to keep the correct speedo reading you need 55 profile on 14's? i'll prob run these as they are till i need tyres (as the polo aint lowered yet), but when i get the cash i wanna got some lower profile boots guessing i could go 175/55/14 to stretch them a tad?...... so many questions! lol! Here's a couple of pics of a MK2f running Compomotive CX1460's with Yokohama 185/50/14 A539 tyres......
  11. I'm looking to get some rota grids (15x7.0) for my polo 6n and run 195/45 15 tyres. They're offset et40. Iv got the standard 13" wheels on at the minute and iv got it as low as my Jom coilovers will let it go. Will I need any sort of spacer, Or will I need to raise it slightly? Or should they just fit straight on without any problem?
  12. Got my old set of 13" steels for sale, they will need tidying up but do come with good tyres and all 4 centre caps. 4x100. £50 Buyer to collect from B31 Longbridge Birmingham.
  13. Big problem guys! I've just been looking into what sort of effects might come upon my car when i get my new alloys, the alloys I'm planning on getting are these http://caraudiosecurity.com/set-of-4-dare-dr-rs-15-wheels-silver The problem is this http://www.willtheyfit.com/index.php?width=155&aspect=55&diameter=13&wheelwidth=6&offset=43&width2=195&aspect2=55&diameter2=15&wheelwidth2=7&offset2=20#content Anybody know anything about speedo calibration? Also, what tyres should i go for on these alloys, i want stretched tyres, but nothing stupid or unsafe. Cheers, Jonny
  14. Hey guys, new to the forums and just as new too this whole car modding stuff ! Pretty much I currently drive a 2008 9n3 polo and recently bought some alloys off a mate of mine who had them on a golf. I was aware he had to get spacers and another adapter kit to make them fit but I thought that was just to turn 5x100 alloys to fit his 5x112 golf. I've got some very nice but far too large 18" seat leon cupra R alloys on my polo and although I love them they rub when I'm in full lock and my entire car is fucked! Cant pull out nearly as fast as i could, the steering and handling is horrible and i've even seen my speedometer start going down when going up hill with foot flat down... I was just wondering, whats the largest size I can get on a polo without it rubbing or affecting the cars abilities? Not that I want to go super fast but I'd like to be able to pull out quickly again and get up too speed as reasonable as a 1.4 goes. Also as tyres go, I heard you can stretch smaller sized tyres onto larger alloys? That would be useful as the tyres on the stock alloys (14/15") are almost brand new but I have a feeling I'm gna need some new tyres. If so, who would recommend which type? Preferably low profiles? Sorry to drag on but thanks in advance!
  15. Evening all, My old man's looking to change his car in the next few months and I'm trying to persuade him to get something a bit bigger than his '03 Focus hatchback, preferably something VAG. A mate's suggested that we look at a second hand Passat estate with a 2.0 Diesel as they're really reliable. My Dad's very careful with his brass though, so running costs and the potential outlay on things like tyres, wipers etc all have to be considered. I was just wondering how the running & maintenence costs of a Passat Estate compare with those of an Exeo estate? I know the Exeo's just a rebadged A4, do you still have to pay Audi prices for things like tyres? Is the Exeo actually any good? Sorry if this is really elementary stuff- I've been out of the loop a bit when it comes to cars over the last few years due to being distracted by other things. Cheers, Al
  16. Okay so I've just bought myself a set of 16" Steelies for winter. There off a Bora so I'm assuming the wheel size is 16" x 6j (I've not picked them up yet so not 100%) Any ideas on Tyre size? I've had ideas of 195/45/16 but has anyone used any different sizes and if so do you have pictures of the fitment? Any help appreciated, Cheers
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