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Found 16 results

  1. Hi all, first post here, I have a 2003 Polo 1.4 tdi 3 door and am trying to add a HAWK remote locking system. The car does have central locking and I believe comfort closing. The whole car opens and closes but I have to lock/unlock the doors manually by inserting the key into the door each time. The windows open and close when holding the key in the lock/unlock position. I have read other people’s threads but none seems to relate to my cars wiring. I have got the wiring diagram for my car from a garage (will upload shortly)and instructions from HAWK (https://www.hawkcaralarm.com/View/NzVjN2MwNDEtMDU5OC00NDg3LThmYzQtY2VkN2NlYjg5YmUwLnBkZg==/hawk-ha-008-universal-central-lock-upgrade-manual.pdf) yet still cannot get it to work. I was hoping that somebody is able to give me any advice. Thank you for you time
  2. Hi there, New to this forum, looking for a little help. I just got a 91' Polo GT and the seats are worse for wear, wanted to change them out maybe put some leathers. Ive read on loads of forums that corrado seats will fit in the front, easy swap. Ive also read that mk4 golf seats can swap into a corrado, easy swap. Does that mean I can slap mk4 golf leather seats in my 86 polo? (I understand that it will sit higher than normal) Please advise
  3. Hi I have recently got a 2011 6r 1.4 match. I am looking to upgrade the stereo in it. Looking for Bluetooth, usb, aux, iPod control etc. Currently have one like in pic, has the glove box connection, steering wheel controls in left side of wheel and aux connection of cig lighter. I am aware of the Eonon units that are available but would rather get a original Vw unit if possible. Could anyone let me know of options I have. many thanks!
  4. hey polo peeps!! I've fitted 6n2 GTI hubs onto my 6n2 1.4 8v and now the wheels are toed in massively ! the hole for the track rod end to go into is 10mm closer to the steering rack than the 1.4 hubs and I've now been 2 weeks without my only car trying to figure it out. so far the only solution myself and the mechanic at the garage doing it while I'm at work have is to put threads further up the track rod and chop the ends off to make it fit but surely there's something were missing ? some part that needs changing???? I'm at a loss and I want my car back from what shouldve been a 20 minute job ? anybhelo appreciated- we've checked ball joints, track rod ends, checking wishbones soon but everything seems to be the same !!!
  5. I decided it's time for an upgrade, I really fancy something with a bit more power and a few more comforts, so went hunting through a massive list of probabilities, having the 16v I like the idea of an understated car at first glance that can actually be fun and surprising to drive, obviously budget is the main factor, after a bit of research I came to a conclusion. A Toyota Corolla, and I dont mean the old 80's 86 corolla, those things are silly money! I've set my heart on an E13 (01-06) Tsport. they look very bland on the outside, but contain a 1.8L lump that spins round to 8200 RPM and put out 189bhp, an engine commonly found in the lotus elise and that era celica. prices are low right (1-2k) and they have that famous toyota reliability with a nice interior, a great sleeper, plus they have a good aftermarket following and they can be supercharged really easily for an extra kick. In my eyes its a great step up from the Polo, afterall I do love a high revving NA motor. the question is, what do I do with the Polo? I'd love to keep it but probably would have to sell it. I'd absolutely hate to have to break it!
  6. Hello, Quick question. Does anyone know the diamiter of the outlet on a mk2 golf afm, part that would join to the induction arm not the airbox side Thanks
  7. GaryBeckett

    cam upgrade

    VW Polo 9N 1.8 GTI Cup Edition Genuine Febi Outlet Camshaft Kit, what gain could i see on a polo 9n3 gti or is there any difference?
  8. polo gti 6n2 1.6 avy complete engine, only had 88,000 on clock before removal. never missed a beat when it was on the road, only had to brake car because it was rolled and not in a road worthy condition after the accident. gearbox did not wine or make any noises prior to removal can be sent to UK main land for additional cost of carriage set includes; engine gearbox drive shafts loom ecu brake calipers and carriers front hubs down pipe (exhaust of engine) engine mountsbrand new sachs clutch kit still in box need gone quick so am open to sensible offers, fully refurbished ENGINES are going for £1,500. call or text me on 07979555356 from 6pm on, or call me on 01749 880719 6-6 and ask for mike or rom
  9. Hi all, my G40's rear shocks blew last week... so I started to look for new ones. Well, I had a couple of surprises during my 3yrs with the G40... first is that almost nothing is available from VW. Well, this is also true to suspension components. No shocks available. Koni yellows and Bilstein B8s can be ordered. 100 EUR each. So, it would be 200 EUR just for the rear shocks. :) And two weeks. Nothing is on shelf for the G40 in Hungary. You guys in the UK have much better support for the Mk2 Polo. They also have in Germany. Here? Nothing. There are like 10 or less G40s in the country, so nothing is available right away. So my question is: Anyone tried to fit other suspension under the Mk2? 6n1/2? Golf Mk1? Anything that is more widely available? :)
  10. Hi guys, Got hold of my old Polo to save it from scrappy and looking to get it as near mint as possible.. Which is going to take some time! Anyway, i have no idea what i'm doing but like to give everything a go myself and am going to get a cheap set of coilovers to start but just wondering what else i should/can refresh whilst working on the suspension etc. I'm going to fit new hubs, disks, pads and refurb calipers but what are my options for upgrading anything (i have read about fitting GTi components?) even as far as bushes that can be changed whilst everything is in the air? Also, i want to get a hold of the standard VW alloys that some polo's had but don't know where to look or if they have a particular name/size? (mine has steel atm, want alloys as a minimum but would really like to stick to OEM alloys if possible!) Similar for chasis reinforcement, any advice? I have been looking for rear struts but cant seem to find any? Any other advice or tips appreciated!! :) Cheers!
  11. Hi all, I have trawled through the FAQ's and theres lots of info on carbs but not really much guidance as to which direction to go. I have a standard 1.05 Mark 2 Breadvan, the carb is playing up badly, huge flat spots etc. I don't want to mess around with the tiny Pierburg that's on it and would like to upgrade just cant decide which route to go...... Bike Carbs and Twin Webers would be great although just plonked on a standard engine Im not sure particularly a good way to go. A single replacement weber would be great but they seem hard to find and Im not fully sure whats usable on the polo, as Ive come across a few webers for the 1.3 mark 2 not 1.0 but I thought they shared the same inlet manifold? Anyway advice, help, suggestions would be appriciated
  12. Hi all, upgraded my speakers today on a bit of a budget so had a look around and found some jvc ones that fit straight into where the others were and I've got a say what a bargain!! 32 quid brand new and there brilliant I kinda blew the old ones.. oops? Here take a look.. IMG_0280.mp4
  13. I would like to upgrade the current stereo in my gti and would like to keep it OEM looking but have dab radio and phone connectivity. Any suggestions?
  14. Would it be possible to fit early audi 80 calipers and carriers onto my mk2 polo? Want to run 256mm discs and 13 inch wheels. Anyone know if that's possible? I've already found carriers and calipers would just need to work out what discs and pads to go for if they would fit under 13's!
  15. I've got a Polo GTI which I'm planning a 1.8 turbo conversion for, and I've got a TDI Polo which already has a G60 brake upgrade, which will be transferred over to the GTI in the near future. I've done a little search but I can't really find what I'm after, which is am I able to fit something like a 4 piston caliper over the 280mm discs, using the same wheel hubs and everything, under a 15" rim. (ideally without spacers but that's not a major issue) Is it a nessicary modification or would the standard G60 upgrade be adequete for a 1.8t conversion?
  16. Currently giving my g40 some love over winter it's due a clutch But my question is do I run a standard clutch or uprated one as looking to have it about 160bhp don't want buy a standard one then need new one in few months Any help and recommendations of clutches be appreciated
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