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Found 10 results

  1. Has anyone got a fuse layout for a Volkswagen polo 18? I’m not sure which fuse is for what thing. Could someone help?
  2. Hi there, after spending numerous hours in the freezing cold with a multimeter I can say that there isn't a wiring issues on the drivers door of my 2005 VW polo, this part (see image) is attached to the window motor on the drivers side door. Im assuming it's responsible for the 'one touch' feature with the windows as they are able to open and close without you having to hold the switch. However through some testing I have figured that this might be why both windows are working intermittently. I came to this conclusion when I turned the ignition switch on and pressed the window switch down on both sides of the car and got nothing. I then proceeded to remove the larger plug from the top of this part and place it back in and then to my surprise the windows worked, and then they stopped, the issue I'm having is that the windows didn't stop working after I turned the ignition off and then back on again, it was almost as if it were timed. There is no corrosion on any of the contacts and non of the pins/clamps are bent out of place. is it worth spending £35 to replace this part in hopes it fixes the issue or have I wondered from the beaten track. please advise thanks very much.
  3. Hi I thought it was time I logged on and said Hi Name: Lindsey Manton Age: 49 Location: Swinford, Leicestershire Polo owner, if so which? Or looking to get?: I have what other would describe as a ratty 2000 Polo but she is the love of my life (after my 2 dogs) Previous car history: Leyland Mini, Mk1 Golf, 1971 VW Beetle, Peugeot 206 GTi, Fiat Bessacarr 25ft long motorhome, Ford Fiesta (shame), VW Polo Hobbies/interests: F1, cars - the older the better, making stuff, Welsh Rugby, travelling, dogs, gigs, music Occupation: Operations administrator for a waste to energy company How did you hear about us?: Internet
  4. Photo Credit: coopertire Does your VW Polo have what it takes? Submit your VW Polo to Coopertire and have a chance to win a photoshoot Coopertire are looking for the coolest VW Polo We are joining forces with OZ Racing to produce a limited edition FIA World Rallycross tire and rim set. Send us your awesome VW Polo to enter the competition. The winner of the competition will be rewarded with: A professional photo shoot of your VW Polo. An exclusive FIA World Rallycross tire and rim set with professional fitment included. Do you think your VW Polo is up for the challenge? Joining the competition is easy! Take a picture! Only the most awesome VW Polo's have a chance to win. Upload your VW Polo Upload your VW Polo through the form below. Announcement They'll will announce the lucky winner on the 7th of May. Win the Photo shoot A professional photo shoot and a set Limited edition FIA WRX Cooper Tires & OZ Racing rims. For more information and to get involved please visit: CooperTire https://www.coopertire.co.uk/awesome-polo/ Please note: ClubPolo is not sponsoring or involved with the above promotion
  5. I've got the opportunity of swapping out my 1.0 for a 1.3, but I have questions i can't seem to find answers for, so here goes What is needed? what do I need in the way of wiring looms? Or are the plug and play? Any performance upgrades apart from bike carbs available? if anyone has any links to topics on this could someone please tell me. thanks
  6. Hi guys I believe I have finally got everything I need for my carb conversion for my polo 6n 1.4 8v 1999 Honda cbr600 Carbs, tci-h and loom, vac dizzy, fuel pump and choke, and coil Do I need anything else? If not it's time to install! Dizzy I know I need to get timing done, jets for carbs I believe are about 1.6mm for my 1.4 and need to get them balanced Tci loom to coil, dizzy and I believe I need to tap into the ignition fuse or ignition electric wire?? Fuel injectors out and carb and manifold in and hook to new fuel pump Am I missing something or is that about right? Please help as I'm doing this on Saturday!!! Thank you
  7. Giorgi

    Vw Polo

    Hi there Any chance that anybody now about swap the dashboard on polo 6KV saloon/estate? There is a two different type of dashboard fitted on this model. I like to know is there any possible to change the old model to new with any issues. I have all parts , mean complete new model dash and want fit to my vw caddy mk 2 (last model) which based on polo 6KV. Best regards Giorgi
  8. Hi Everyone! So I used to have a Polo - it was my first car purchased it at the tender age of 17 in June 2012 for the tidy price of £275 with a leaky fuel tank and dodgy rear brake drums. After putting on 21,000 miles on it, changing lots of parts including the timing belt & water pump - I came to part with it in March 2015 when I fell in love with a black MK1 MX5 .... (thats another story) Anyway I was looking to buy another cheap little runaround and would love to find the polo again... I sold it to a gentleman who bought it for his daughter but due to the lack of power steering and the Audi Alloys it had made steering somewhat heavy for her. He sold it to a VW enthusiast, who then sold it to somebody else just recently in December 2016.... I even went so far as to write a review about it online see below; https://www.thestudentroom.co.uk/showthread.php?t=2111546 Carzana search has provided me with this information (see below); So Does anyone know where it may be!? I'd love to know and see if the current owner would consider selling it back to me.. :) Please comment if you have any info - please also excuse the hair.... I was 17 "This 1992 Volkswagen Polo Coupe CL on numberplate J676 RPA was first registered on Thursday 2nd of January 1992 near Guildford. At an estimated 101,587 miles, this car has done a lower than average number of miles for it's age. This car had 8 previous owners before the current keeper acquired it." J676RPA's Cazana Timeline Find out more about this section 2 months ago Registered owner changed New owner registered 14th December 2016 4 months ago MOT Test | 98954 miles Pass Advisories Offside rear outer sill corroded Front Brake pipe slightly corroded to rear (3.6.B.2c) Rear tyres perishing
  9. Hi I have a VW polo 2002 9n, I have a problem with my wiper blades front and back: With the front the wiper blades sit to high, when I turn them off the go all the way down like they should but then then come back up a bit How can I adjust them to sit properly? The back wiper does not work at all, it sprays fine but the wiper does not work, I'm thinking its the motor, so is there any checks I can do to confirm this? If it is the motor, how do I get to it The last problem I have is I just brought a USB to go into the cigarette lighter unit, but the lighter is stuck in the pushed down position how can I get it out without damaging it Thank you any advice is appreciated
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