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Found 21 results

  1. Morning guys, I know the obvious causes of wheel wobble but I cannot seem to cure it on my 84 bready. I have 14x6 alloys on with brand new tyres. They have all been balanced, tracking is correct, and all have spigots. I originally thought i cured the problem by changing the front discs which had an obvious sticking spot, but it returned again shortly. I have now changed the pads AND discs a second time for better quality ones and nothings changed. It has full poly bushings all round, the track rods seem fine. I did find that the single small disc bolt did come loose but i have thread locked that in, and doesnt it get held tight by the wheel bolts anyway?? The only thing i havn't changed is front wheel bearings but i can't notice any play in there. The wobble is between 55-65, felt through the steering wheel. It comes on noticeably when letting off the throttle too, but not when braking. The only thing I know of that it could still be is the bearings, or a wheel is buckled? However i thought they would pick that up when balancing, and im pretty sure i have tried swapping the front wheels to back but cant remember. Any ideas would be much appreciated. Cheers!
  2. Hi people Brought myself 1994 polo 1.0 boulevard. Just would like some advice on it. Got some slight rust on the top of both wheel arches. Spoken to someone who said I won't be able to get a colour match anymore. So was thinking getting some wheel arch trims. Struggling to find any online. Also is there any good websites out there for parts ? Do other car parts fit i.e. golf parts Thanks
  3. Shandy83


    Yo, Anyone know how to spot fake wolfsburg. Brought my polo with wolfsburg steering wheel, window and mirror handles. Thinking they are a bit moody. Any signsto look for?
  4. Can anyone identify what wheels are on my 6R? I'd like to get a spare or know what I have for when I swap/sell them
  5. Here we have a video tutorial on how to clean Alloy Wheels correctly without removing them from the vehicle.
  6. Hello Everyone, Thank you in advance for reading this and trying to help. I was driving home yesterday and heard a rattling noise when I accelerated. It is still happening and I cannot see anything obvious so I hope someone else may have had a similar issue and resolved it. When I am in first or second gear I can hear a rattling noise similar to a nut or washer bouncing around in the engine bay. I cannot hear it in the higher gears and this may be due to the engine and road noise drowning out the sound? The sound is localised to the left hand side of the engine bay. The car does not make a rattling sound when idling, only when I accelerate. I have just just a few days ago had the tyres changed on my car. I don't think this will have anything to do with the issue however I am not sure what it is so I'll include as much info as possible. I have also serviced the car about 100 miles ago. There was no rattling after the service and it passed the MOT. The tyres were replaced just due to cracking and I want to be safe on a trip to Cornwall this weekend. I have recorded the sound along with a view of the rpm and the video can be seen at this link: https://youtu.be/LcUTTXyjBsE Thank you for helping I really appreciate it! Jake
  7. Evening all, I'm looking into getting some wheel spacers and wondered if anyone has tried these hub buddies wheel spacers? http://www.demon-tweeks.co.uk/performance/wheel-spacers-and-pcd-adaptors/hub-buddies-hubcentric-wheel-spacer For the rear I was thinking of getting some stub axle spacers but I'm not sure where's the best place to find some. I'm planning 15mm all round, by keeping everything an equal width should this avoid any negative impacts on handling? Thanks for reading.
  8. PatrickGatt


    I have bought 5x100, 15" with ET35 offset wheels for my 9n3 (2006) 1.2 petrol. Will they fit cause of the offset? do i need a spacer?? HELP THANKS!!
  9. Basically.... I have a 'wobble' or rear end 'twitch' when braking or taking bends. This has only started recently and I have had tracking done to see if this affected it, changed my wheel bearings, checked my suspension and ensured my camber was correct.... Still no change and am wondering if anyone knows what this could be? Also, in one of the pictures it shows a black dust on the rear wheel. This is on both sides and I'm assuming by the texture and the wear on the tyres that they have been rubbing but they are not touching the arches or suspension so I have no idea what could be causing this??
  10. Hi well I was searching in my dads garage for some parts and found this steering wheel and was wondering if anyone knew what is was originally from or who made it. Thanks
  11. Very much of a newby with posting topics on here, been on here a while but always kept quite. I've just bought myself a polo 9n3 gti and unsure on what size wheels to go for? I understand there's a lot to take into consideration and its like asking how long is a piece of string! But what wheels & (sizes/offsets) have people had on there's that fit pretty well?! Wheels wise I'm after some BBS CH, not sure what sizes these are available in but seen a couple of 9n & 9n3's with them on?! Help will be greatly appreciated. Thanks Cia.
  12. As the title says, I'm looking for a steering wheel for my mk2f. I'm just looking for ideas. Ideally I would like a wheel that's OEM from another car rather than an AEM wheel. For example off a 90's Porsche or Corrado or something. I'm looking for something that looks good, will suit my dash and also actually be nice to hold. Any ideas would be much appreciated :)
  13. Right, got a bad wobble above 50mph, I'm sure its not the wheels need balancing as just had them done and the tyres are all fine! Needs tracking done as I've lowered it 60mm but was wobbling before then and need to get this sorted ASAP! Any ideas as to whether track rods or something need replacing I'd be grateful for any input, cheers guys! Tom.
  14. Big problem guys! I've just been looking into what sort of effects might come upon my car when i get my new alloys, the alloys I'm planning on getting are these http://caraudiosecurity.com/set-of-4-dare-dr-rs-15-wheels-silver The problem is this http://www.willtheyfit.com/index.php?width=155&aspect=55&diameter=13&wheelwidth=6&offset=43&width2=195&aspect2=55&diameter2=15&wheelwidth2=7&offset2=20#content Anybody know anything about speedo calibration? Also, what tyres should i go for on these alloys, i want stretched tyres, but nothing stupid or unsafe. Cheers, Jonny
  15. Hey guys, I'm getting coilovers for my Mk2f for christmas, and basically wanted to know if I lower it 80/60 or 60/40 what size alloys and tyres I can get on? In the handbook it only says about 13" but I was looking to get either a 14" or 15" so what tyres would I be needing as a minimum and maximum? If anyone can just share what they have got on theirs that would be great! Cheers!
  16. Hi I am looking into getting a new set of Alloys for my polo 6n2 and I have found a set on eBay and was wondering if anyone knows if they will fit? Here is the sizing: They are 16 inch wheels with multi stud fitment. (4x100 and 4x108) These are common stud patterns for many VAG cars and 4x108 I believe is a common ford fitment. They are 7J wide with a 38 offset. I will also be selling the alloys with tyres. All four are nearly new Kenda Radials, size 205/50/R16 with 6 - 6.5mm of tread! Thanks, Jordan :)
  17. Opinions? (not mine thinking of buying)
  18. Hi guys, Is the steering wheel from a lupo able to fit in a 6n? It looks the same as a 6n2 steering wheel but don't know if it'll fit the same. The lupo is a T reg, which i think is '99 plate if thats any help! Thanks in advance
  19. Looking for a 6n2/Mk5 steering wheel with airbag if anyones got one to sell, post your offers! Seen one going for £45, wondering if that can be beaten on here! Cheers
  20. On my 97 Polo (6n1), my front right wing is horribly rusted, so I bought a neat one from a scrapyard. It's all painted and ready to go, but I had a bit of trouble removing the old wing. I got the top four bolts off, then the ones by the headlight, but it now looks like I need to remove the wheel to get the other two off (they're by the door). If I need to take the wheel off, then fair enough, but a mate of mine told me I don't. Any ideas?
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