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Found 13 results

  1. BigJayAl

    2010 Volkswagen Polo S

    Time Left: 29 days and 7 hours

    • FOR SALE
    • USED

    2010 Volkswagen Polo S Perfect First car ( Cheap Insurance) Immaculate condition inside and out Customised 17 inch Calibre Alloy Wheels Customised Brake Calipers Customised Car mats Heko wind deflectrors Carbon fibre anti kick welcome plates Car door and boot edge scratch protectors Car door lock protective covers White interior lining on dash and doors 4x Brand new low profile tyres Brand new RAC battery 5 year warranty CD Player/Radio/Aux Port Full Service History 3 Previous owners (Was my first car, had it just over a year, will be sorry to see it go, only selling due to being given a company car) Due a service Needs 2nd gear syncro hexagon bolt replacing (Cheap minor repair needed)


    Dunstable, Bedfordshire - GB

  2. Cutmore

    Cutmore's GTI

    Welcome to my thread for my Polo GTI. Technically I've never left Polo ownership since 2009, my first car was a 6n2 which I still own. Since since then I've owned some shocking vehicles, two Vauxhall Corsas & a Peugeot 307SW I suppose have to be the worst. So after my Fabia vRS kept throwing bill after bill at me, I decided enough was enough. I looked at nearly new Polo GTI's, which were oddly enough more expensive than buying a brand new one. Choosing the spec was a bit of a difficult one for me, I didn't want to over spec as with VW, and any manufacture I suppose, additions soon add up and you are soon up to Golf money! But obviously I didn't want to buy a new car and regret not speccing it well enough for the next 3 years or however long I keep it, so I want with the convenience pack & sport pack. I cannot imagine many drastic modifications to the car to be honest, the idea of going with a new car was to make the most of a warranty. Well anyway, photos: DSC_0636 by Ryan Cutmore, on Flickr DSC_0642 by Ryan Cutmore, on Flickr DSC_0643 by Ryan Cutmore, on Flickr 20170704_200725 by Ryan Cutmore, on Flickr And one of my first Polo, as you can see it hasn't had much use lately. 20170520_153851 by Ryan Cutmore, on Flickr
  3. Model: 1992 Polo CL Coupe Engine: 1390cc AFH on standard 6n injection Suspension: TBC Brakes: Standard Wheels and Tyres: BMW E30 Bottle Tops 14 x 6 ET35 Exterior Styling: Standard, rusty, bit of a state Interior Styling: Corrado seats, GT clocks To Do List: Too much to list... Better late than never for a build thread I suppose. I bought this Polo at the Polo Social 2017. Within 5 minutes of being on site at the Social it was affectionately nicknamed "The White Shed of Excellence" thanks to @jonPDpolo. The reasons for which I'll not go into, if you know...you know. The thing was a state, had been sitting for a while since the previous owner had moved abroad. However it had been converted a few years ago to an AFH and had been looked after at some point. So as a result it drove back to the camp site and then back home to Scotland the next day pretty much flawlessly. This is how I picked it up. Unfortunately lost the 'L' from this windscreen sticker Got it home and desperately had to do something to it right away. First thing I thought of was swapping the old clocks out for a set with a rev counter. A few days later it went up to visit the 'Death Van' which was sitting up at my mates house. We agreed on a deal for him to buy the van off me so long as I could take "a few" parts off the car... I may have taken a little bit more than I made out... Anyway the front end of the car went from this. To this. Much better I thought. Over the next few weeks when time allowed it was just a case of cleaning things up when I could. Starting with the state of the engine bay. I do love the look of an AFH in these. Also sorted something that had been annoying me from a safety point of view. The Corrado seats have a really tall seatbelt clip. Me being a skinny chap meant the lap belt didn't actually contact me at all. Just went over the seat and flopped about. So to try and avoid submarining in the event of an accident I swapped the Corrado seatbelt clip for one off a G40 seat. Success, the lap belt now contacts me as it should with a bit of room in the belt to spare before the stopping pin thing. Onto a cosmetic annoyance was the colour coded bumpers. As I'd changed the front for a none colour coded item I set about changing the rear. The best one I had in my collection was a 'race spec' one that had been drilled a bit Looks better than the colour coded one anyway. A few more bits and pieces were sorted then it was time to put it on a complete set of wheels. Went for a set of 14" BBS RAs at first which I think looked alright. I then got my hands on a set of BMW E30 bottle tops. I think they looked a little better. That was pretty much that for a while.
  4. POlliffe22

    Alpine white

    Does anyone have any suggestions for an alpine white rattle can. I tried the halfords one and the finish is nice but the colour is slightly yellower/ creamier that the factory paint on my '88 breadvan.
  5. joaopneves

    '89 Polo II Steilheck

    Hello! I'm João, from Portugal, and this is my Polo. It's a 1989 Mark II Typ 86C Steilheck model, powered by a 1.0l engine with about 45hp. Bought it 6 years ago, with about 11.200km. It has now about 55.300km and it's my daily. It's totally original (and in need of some small things) and the objetive is not having a "project car" by the definition of it, but have it as is, the most OEM possible while possible, so the maintenance will be the most important thing on this project. This breadvans are not that common here in Portugal, and when I need some sort of part, it's not easy to find it. When I join your club, I was looking for some parts, but then I realize how popular is/was this model in UK, so I decided to be part of the family and since that I'm not sorry. I did not made many friends here, but I feel I'm part of it (also, I believe, because I'm not from UK and because of that I cannot join meets and other events). I've said it when I had the other topic, but I'll say it again. My Polo is not the best on forum, and I know that. Also, to be honest, I'm quite far from "the best out there". There are many excelente projects out there, and many awesome topics. Mainly not that original as mine I believe, but nevertheless worst. To be quite honest, I do think my Polo is not that bad, nor phisically or mecanically, but I know that there's always work to do, and that's also why I love cars. They are never ready, and we bond with them and with other people alike. Right now I'll post some photos of how it looks, but I want to get the older photos (all of them, that I had on the other topic!) in order to post them here. That way I can have a updated topic and with all the big things I've done in these years. General Info: Maker: Volkswagen Model: Polo II Typ 86C Steilheck (Squareback) Year: 1989 Color: Alpinweiß (L90E) Engine: 4 straight cylinder, 1043cc 45cv/hp @ 5600rpm (carb Weber 32TL) Gearbox: 4 speed, manual Weight: 735kg (1625lbs) SpritMonitor: http://www.spritmonitor.de/de/detailansicht/543596.html Manufacturer MPG: 8.0l/100Km P.S.: This is not a new entry here, on forum. Actually, I had a topic of my own about this very Polo. Yet, I had some issues with the images I've posted, and because of that I decided to delete the old topic and create a new one.
  6. tomsPolo

    White 9n3 GTi

    Hello, I've been about on the forums for the last couple of years but never started my own post (really due to fact I've not had alot to document) but I thought I'd show my progress so far. I'll just post up all the decent photos I have over the last year of ownership. Started in the polo game in January of 2014 with a blue 9n. Little 1.2 3 pot did me well for a year; but come January 2015 it was time to upgrade Went for a drive that day and took some pictures White gets dirty pretty quickly So it was bath time (the first of many!) Small changes first: Chrome on white rear badge and a polo sticker for the window First show I managed to get to - Ultimate Dubs 2015 600 mile round trip, will try get to more shows this year Bought lower honeycomb grills and had some 'fun' fitting them. Ended up taking a hacksaw to the thing Next came Milltek catback exhaust Dewipered (also hacked this off) Looks much tidier but a glass bung is on the todo list now Summer time and she got some AP coilovers. All the way down was the only option Painted the front badge and grill and got on the outdoor stand at Scottish Car Show 2015 with The DubSide Deletes (SAI and n249) tidies up engine bay New brake time Old 288mm New 312mm discs just about fit under standard monzas Headed down to Edition38 in September(another 600 mile round trip), will definitely be going back this year! Bought milltek decat just after this but don't have any pictures. Sounds very rice New tyres - Uniroyal Rainsport 3s - couldn't fault them! Winter bath time Have recently bought OZ superturismos. 17x8 et40(I think) for £125 Badly need refurbed but will sort that out in next pay day. Still to decide on what tyres to run as 205/40/17 were rubbing pretty badly. Will post up more pictures once they're finished and back the car. Thanks for reading this far and would love to hear your thoughts and ideas for any future plans :)
  7. caravanking

    Adrian's 6n2 SE - Back after a few years.

    Hi, I'm sure nobody will remember me seeing as I pretty much just floated about in the background about 6 years ago.. but I'm back in a polo after a few years in a candy white 5 door 1.4 8V SE. Rapid bruv.. honestly thought it was broken the first time I drove it. But here it is!! A little history. I was originally on here back around 2009 and owned a flash red 6n that I didn't really do anything significant with. In 2013, I sold my polo to buy a Golf 1.8t because I wanted to do some subtle tuning and wanted a change after 4 years with my polo. I picked up a 34k mile minter mk4 golf 1.8t that had been in a retired gents garage for 11 years and was completely standard. Did some minor tuning and got it running a steady 222bhp and 247ftlb. About a month ago, someone pulled into me and that was the end of my Golf. Absolutely gutted. Within the last month, I took in a 74k mile 6n2 as part exchange at work and decided to save it from the scrapper pile, give it a new lease of life, and get back on the polo scene… Here we go!! Model: VW Polo 6N2 SE Engine: 1.4 8v. Savage. Suspension: Standard (FK Coilovers ordered within 30 mins of ownership) Brakes: Standard Wheels and Tyres: Standard Exterior Styling: Standard Interior Styling: Standard ICE and Security: VW Gamma Tape deck, with OEM 6 disc cd changer from Golf mk4 GTI Got a couple of plans with it. Already have FK coil overs ordered (had to order them, so did this 30 mins after buying the car), get some wheels.. Also considering a GTI conversion for it because 222bhp, to 60bhp was a noticeable step back in power.
  8. GTINath

    Polo GTI 6R New Owner

    Hello So on Saturday I went and picked up my new car. A Polo GTI & I'm extremely happy with it Some of the dealer pictures: After picking it up in Huddersfield I drove to Sheffield and then back to Manchester and then up to Leeds and then finally back to Manchester taking the scenic route for as much of the way as possible. So yeah I broke it in pretty well & I also managed to rack up just under 300 miles in one day. I don't have any plans for it as of yet as I'm now skint & I like it how it looks for now but no doubt that will only last a month or so Thanks
  9. Axzah

    Rusty Rat Polo

    Hi this is Penny. Haven't done a loads ATM because of MONEY, I'm not even driving the damn car yet, But there you go.. Everything that is done is quite obvious so I wont bother mentioning it ALLLL I'll just keep it short & sweet Everyone let me know what you think and what should be done/ideas but idgaf if you don't like it as its my own car so I'll do as I please. If your comment is just going to be negative, don't comment, because I don't care also get alot of people don't like stickerbombing, but its just something cheap/effective while I save for future plans. INTERIOR.. I have got plans for her but MONEY, will get there slowly. Please leave feedback its appreciated. Peace 8)
  10. Hi, just trying to trace my girlfriends old mark 3 down. it was bought by someone who was a member of club polo from Blackpool area around 2009. they bought it from Malvern in Worcestershire, met her step dad at the train station there. she has lost all her old photos of it after her camera was stolen. it was a 1.3 white coupe, with a "made in germany, refined in britain" sticker across the windscreen. reg was as titled but not 100% on the numbers. just wondered if its still about as the guy was going to teach his mrs how to drive then do it up for her once she passed her test?? let me know if anyone knows of it?? cherrs Tain/Martyn/Stock/some of you know me as Tainmrk3polo but i forgot my password or email it was registered to!
  11. gtipanda

    Matte Black + White 9n3 polo GTI.

    Hey there, I'm new and this is my first ever post! I recently bought a 1.8T 9n3 polo GTI. Silver: First thing i did was get a Revo stage 1 remap and a new set of tyres. Straight to fitting my Alpine head unit, Vibe speakers and Sub + Amp in the boot. Carbon Wrapped Dashboard. Then did a few visual mods: Sprayed the alloys matte black. Carbon Fibre Wrapped Wing mirrors, window pane + badges. Matte Black bonnet + roof + grill. Honey Comb grill. Improved Window tint Carbon Spoiler New Eibach pro-kit performance springs image sharing Then decided to get a full Matte White Wrap: picture upload sites And thats about it for now! Thanks :) Chris.
  12. Knotty123

    Mk3 Polo Coupe Gt with Air Ride

    Thought i'd make this polo look a little smarter as the previous owners, in my opinion, didnt do the best job at styling it. Its a '91 alpine white gt with 51k on the clock, havair 2 way air ride set up (apparently £4000s worth...), chipped ecu, and apparently g40 head - not that i wouldve thought that makes any difference? correct me if I'm wrong i used to own an ep3 civic but little things were going wrong and niggling at me and then to make things worse the insurance was too expensive so saw this on ebay (a lot of you probably recognise it) always wanted air ride, even though its not the most conventional car to have it on, sold the civic and bought this for what i think was worth it - £2200.. so heres how i bought it... then when i got home, with the spare cash, i bought one of these... a set of these... some yellow tint for the headlights and red tint for the tail lights and heres how its looking at the moment. say what you want, yes i agree it was a little pricey but going by the condition I'm happy! its great fun to drive too!
  13. matthennigan

    Interior white lights

    Hi all, I want to replace the standard yellow/orange interior lights in my Polo SE 6r (2010) with white lights or LED bulbs to make the inside a lot brighter when they are on, but I'm not sure which lights/ where to get them. Any tips from people who have already done this/ know what to do would be much appreciated. Matt
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