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Found 10 results

  1. Hi Guys Recently noticed my rear seat was damp ,only the bottom part , but nothing else . The carpets not or anything else u care to mention. Could the quarter windows be leaking ?? Can u get replacement rubbers ?? Is it just the case of cutting the bead on the window surround. My car is a 2000 6n2 1.0l . Has anyone else had the same prob?? Thanks in advance. Harmo
  2. Hi there, after spending numerous hours in the freezing cold with a multimeter I can say that there isn't a wiring issues on the drivers door of my 2005 VW polo, this part (see image) is attached to the window motor on the drivers side door. Im assuming it's responsible for the 'one touch' feature with the windows as they are able to open and close without you having to hold the switch. However through some testing I have figured that this might be why both windows are working intermittently. I came to this conclusion when I turned the ignition switch on and pressed the window switch down on both sides of the car and got nothing. I then proceeded to remove the larger plug from the top of this part and place it back in and then to my surprise the windows worked, and then they stopped, the issue I'm having is that the windows didn't stop working after I turned the ignition off and then back on again, it was almost as if it were timed. There is no corrosion on any of the contacts and non of the pins/clamps are bent out of place. is it worth spending £35 to replace this part in hopes it fixes the issue or have I wondered from the beaten track. please advise thanks very much.
  3. Hi there I have a 13 year old 2005 VW Polo MK4 1.4 diesel 3 door. Just recently both front electric windows have stopped working intermittently. There is no clicking sound from either of the motors so that means there is no power being supplied to them and the windows are definitely not stuck because when they work they move with ease. There are no other electrical issues with the car, both electric mirrors work ant the central locking buttons on the driver door work with no problem and there are no issues with the wipers, dash lights, indicators, screen-wash pump. At first I thought it might be the 25 amp fuse but there is nothing wrong with it and just to prove it wasn't the fuse I replaced it and still nothing. One thing I can't wrap my head around is that both the window switches on the drivers door or the passenger door don't work yet the switches still light up when you turn the lights on which means the switches do have power to them. After seeing that the lights on the switches were working I tried the windows and still nothing. Would really appreciate it if someone knew more about this than I. Thanks for the help -Tom
  4. Phil Ellis

    Window Problems

    windows have mind of their own, both open fully when car locked and parked, where do I start?
  5. Hi, I’m a long time member and first time poster, as the last Polo we had was pretty reliable. My wife recently ‘upgraded’ to a Polo 1.4 SE 2006 9N3. It’s a 5 door auto with electric windows in the front and these do not work. The guy we purchased it from said it’s probably a fuse, but tbh we were a bit too trusting and found other issues with the car which were concealed… Guess I’ll clock that up to experience. I’ve done the following to try and diagnose the issue:- · Listen for motor clicking or any signs of life (none found) · Test the o/s switch (worked in a colleagues car to control o/s & n/s windows fine) · O/S motor, removed the motor and control unit and powered the motor pins directly with a power probe (motor turns and works fine) · Inspected loom in o/s door boot (no obvious broken wires, all looks good) · The window switches on both sides light up, which I assume is a good sign. · Ran OBDII diagnostics – all clear · Bought VAG COM and ran VCDS diagnostics, only fault is with heater recirculating flap, but nothing on windows or CCM. This is where I have a few questions. Looking at the coding for the comfort control (module 46), mine was set to 00018. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Address 46: Central Conv. Labels: 6Q0-959-433.lbl Part No: 6Q0 959 433 E Component: 65 Komfortger·t 0002 Coding: 00018 Shop #: WSC 00788 VCID: 3D774FAF37F37CF6B0B-4A3A No fault code found. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Ross-Tech shows this module’s coding as: +00001 = Selective Locking inactive +00002 = 4-Doors +00016 = Central Locking installed (from MY 2008) +00016 = Central Locking without Power Windows installed (through MY 2007) +00064 = Central Locking with 2 Power Windows installed (through MY 2007) +00256 = Central Locking with 4 Power Windows installed (through MY 2007) Notes: As of MY 2008 the Door Control Modules are now connected via LIN which results in different codings. The Coding is the Sum of the individual Options. Which to me suggests that it is 16 + 2, i.e. central locking without power windows. I changed the code to 00066, which is what I’d guess it should be as a 4 door with 2 power windows, but this had no effect, although it hasn’t produced an error either. I’ve not been able to find a wiring diagram for the 9N3, so I have a few questions:- 1. Can anybody point me in the right direction to a workshop manual and wiring diagram? 2. I’m used to simple window motors and this Polo has multiple connections to the motor and what appears to be an integrated control unit, what do all these wires do and which ones should be tested? 3. Does the driver’s door module control both sides? 4. How can I test this module? 5. Are there any VCDS tests for windows? (I'm new to VCDS and learning my way around it, any tips appreciated) So far, I’ve been unable to narrow the fault down and believe it could be one of the following: a. Faulty drivers door control module b. Faulty modules on both door (seems unlikely) c. Faulty switch (again unlikely, as I’ve tested this in another car) d. Faulty wiring e. Faulty comfort control module f. Car hates me I don’t want to start buying parts and randomly changing bits without really understanding what the fault is; so any guidance you can provide to fault find and point me in the right direction would be much appreciated.
  6. dgm916

    Side windows

    Afternoon all, I know it might sound daft, but I'm moving a couple of bits around, and one of them is the side window buttons. Moving them from the centre onto the doors. Have managed to move them, but the standard buttons are huge and stick up quite a bit. Got some lower ones, but am now stuck on the wiring colours, anybody have any idea which colours go to which? Thanks
  7. dalyoftelford

    Electric window fault

    HI All, My daughter's polo ( its a 2005 1.2 petrol ) has a fault with the windows.... they don't work? They didn't work when we bought the car but thought it would be a simple fix. You can put the key in the drivers door and open and close windows, also if.you unplug motor and plug and plug back in it works for a few minutes, we have replaced the comfort control module but still no joy, any ideas appreciated.
  8. Hey guys, sorry this is yet another "My window is stuck down" question but I think mine might be a bit different..? So, as with a lot of other threads, the windows (driver and passenger) go down 100% smoothly. The driver's goes back up smoothly but invariably neither driver nor passenger switch will make the passenger window go back up.. Very occasionally it might work and if it does, it's perfect. However.. if I remove the 39 fuse (passenger window fuse) and put it back in, the passenger window goes up perfectly smoothly. Does this still indicate the regulator is likely faulty? My assumption is no and that it is the switch.. but if that's the case, how come it doesn't work on from the driver's side either? Are the switches connected in series? If it isn't clear by now, I am somewhat out of my depth to say the least.. if I have to pay to get it repaired, so be it but I would really like to try and understand what's going on here. thank you in advance for any advice/tips/insight!
  9. Hello, a few months ago both front windows stopped working shortly after one another, the drivers side wont go down when you press the switch, and the passenger side goes down but when you press the switch to come back up again it goes all weird and starts doing its own thing (up, down, up, up, down) this problem accured after the other half slammed the door while the window was down! its time to get my windows fixed now but have no idea what the problem could be, anyone have any thoughts? Thanks
  10. GymLeaderMatt

    Pop-out Front Quarters?

    I've got a Mk2F bready & was wondering how possible it would be to get the front quarter windows to pop out. I've seen it done a few times before but not on a 2F. Like this pls..
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