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Found 14 results

  1. Hi all, Last year, I bought a cheap, low-ish mileage 2006 Polo S 1.2 which needed some TLC. I gave it a full detail and service and overhauled the brakes, allowing it to pass its MOT with flying colours. While it's mechanically solid, the car had a weird electrical issue when I bought it. The driver's power window wouldn't work at all, the passenger window would only roll up in stages, and the central locking didn't work from the driver's door. I tested all the connections and found that power was still getting through, so I assumed it was either a faulty switch or moto
  2. White_6n2_1.8t

    My 6n2 1.8t

    Right need some help with my 1.8t 6n2 build I brought a mk4 golf gti with a aum lump need to know what to do about the wiring loom as I have both and am unsure of what from which car I'll need any help would be much appreciated 🤟
  3. I'm planning to fit a towbar and 7-pin electrics to my July 2005-built 9N3. I'm expecting to have to add 1 to the cluster coding, which should enable the trailer turn warning light. Apparently that looks like this <1> and comes on whenever you indicate whilst towing, and fails to come on if an indicator bulb on trailer or car is out. Studying the factory wiring (which is for 13-pin electrics but both my trailers have 7-pin, so not doing that), I can't see how 'the car' knows whether or not a trailer is present/plugged in? I'm looking at "Trailer operation, from May 2005"
  4. Hi, trying to fit a new radio into my polo and ran into an issue with sockets, none of the plugs fit and I’ve looked everywhere and can’t seem to find an adaptor for it. I’ve linked a photo of the socket on the radio I’m trying to install (6C0919603, factory Volkswagen radio not aftermarket) and the old radio : https://imgur.com/gallery/xVGbxQK can I actually get some sort of adaptor for this or is it a case of rewiring everything? Thanks
  5. Hello, im looking for the ECU diagram for a AUD engine for a 1.4 8v 2001 polo, Bosch ECU: 030 906 032 DT. Any help is apreciated, thank you.
  6. PLEASE HELP! Trying to wire up an active sub I just need to know which wires are for the rear speakers and which wire to tap in remote turn on wire. Does anyone have the wiring diagram/ colour codes? Cant find anything at all anywhere and dealers arent being any help. Thanks, Adam.
  7. I’m on rebuilding a mk1 895cc polo engine (1978) as a project and the engine wiring harness did not come with it so if anyone could tell me the bare minimum of wires I’ll need to get it running that would be great, I also have a few boxes of parts and trim that I won’t need if anyone is interested in buying some just let me know, thanks
  8. I’m fitting aftermarket LED DRL strips and need to clarify which wires on the front headlight clusters go to which light. I’m after the ground, side light, and indicator. I’ve run a multimeter over it and I’m assuming brown is ground, black/green is indicator etc but If someone can list them by wire colour/PIN number that would be great. Cheers.
  9. Evening all, I want to bench run my 1100 hb engine, but forgot where the wire from the condenser on vac adv dizzy goes, is it to negative? Thanks
  10. I am in the process of tidying up my radio wiring harness. It's been butchered over the years and now is a lot tidier. I can't identify one wire. It's blue and white in colour and is connected to pin 10 of a 12 pin plug (with the rest of the radio power feeds). Is this the illumination feed for the car radio? If so then it should be connected to the orange wire of the ISO connector? There is also an unconnected small brown plug with a blue/white wire buried next to the 12 pin plug. Is this the illumination feed for an unconnected switch? (say some optional extra li
  11. I have two wires going from Alternator. One goes to the battery positive (thick black cable) and the other is a single little blue wire that goes to the starter motor. In between these cable there is a plastic clip that holds the cables to the alternator. I have a thick cable going from starter motor to the battery positive. I have a thick black cable going from negative battery terminal to the gearbox housing bolt. In between this cable there is a fixing to the left side chassis. I have a ground cable going from top back of rocker cover engine to th
  12. I'm about to replace my stolen stereo and get my rear 6x9s wired in. I don't think my car has the wiring for rear speakers. Can anyone tell me the route the wiring takes? Down the passenger side carpet? Which holes does it come out of in the boot? Also which path does it take around the rear hatch? The stereo I'm getting is a Sony MEX-GS820BT. Would I need to upgrade the power wires? The manual states rated power consumption 10A. thanks in advance https://www.sony.co.uk/electronics/in-car-receivers-players/mex-gs820bt
  13. I have a mk4 Polo which has had a break pad warning light on for years. Break pads regularly checked and deemed good, so put down to a wiring fault. Car had cam belt replaced about a year ago, plus relatively new battery. It runs well but changes to MOT rules now include warning lights. Any suggestions on cost of sorting wiring fault, as seems a shame to scrap a good car.
  14. Yes the age old question of swapping a 1.8t into a polo but not any polo a mk2f polo. What im after is some advice about keeping the original clocks in the polo but running a 1.8t but I’m struggling to work out what I can do for a loom to get it all working correctly, ideally I need the obd port for possible remapping in the future and if the engines running rough. I’ve got both cars next to each other so it should make life easier but I doubt that 😂 It it will probably be easier if I bullet point my answers any advise is welcome Can I run 1.8T (AUM)
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