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Guest gbdxo

Lambda Probe And Fault Code 17604

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Guest gbdxo

1.4 16v 2001 Polo engine AUA.

ECU Amber check light came on and the went off again. The car runs OK but under load apppears to struggle like an igition fault.

I plugged in a Fault Code reader and the only Code is 17604. Which I think is O2 sensor. I erased the code.

Been on lots of 10 miles plus drives. ECU light stays off with no codes. Went on a short trip to get a tyre. ECU light back on.

Just bought a Bosch 5 wire Lambda sensor from the motor factors, which they say is was the correct one and fitted it.

Now, straight away the Engine light comes on. Read the codes. Now I have 3.




All lambda related. The car ran fine.

Do I need to program the ECU which this new sensor or should it work without.

I put the old sensor back in, erased the codes. ECU light now 'off' back to square one.

Anyone out there with some advice please?


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