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Engine build 1.6 AEE turbo help

Guest skater_robby

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Guest skater_robby

So after many dilemmas and decisions its come down to this.

My initial though was that it wouldn't be too hard.

The plan is to use a fabricated inlet mani and throttle body (ally sausage and legs, throttle body at one end) using g60 injectors and mostly g60 loom and management.

Then to reduce the compression ratio i was to use a forged piston, but this is the bit where its starting to get tricky. I can get ahold of some 77mm g40 pistons for £380 manufactured by wossner, the compression ratio of these for the g40 works out at 8:1 which is ideally how i would like the AEE.

The standard bore of the AEE is 76.5 mm but i cant find the height of the pistons and i was just wondering if i could fit the 77mm g40 ones and if so what would the final compression ratio be. I can also get hold of 76.5 mm pistons but would prefer the 77mm ones with a new cylinder face.

So just to weigh it up i have looked at the stroke of both the PY and the AEE engines and have found this

PY bore=75mm stroke=72mm which would equate to a cylnder capacity of 1272.36 cc

AEE bore=76.5mm stroke=86.9mm capacity= 1597.68cc and (1618.64cc with the 77mm pistons.) :D

The problem I'm having, is trying to find the piston height of both pistons, and also the centre bore of both pistons plus the bore of the conrod.

IE will it all fit together as anticipated ?

Excuse me for the noobness, but i have read and researched as much as i can and i have pretty much sorted everything else out apart from this.

I could also do with the combustion chamber volume of the AEE?

And if all this is nonsense and I'm just totally going in the wrong direction, could some1 point me in the right direction.

Thanks in anticipation, rob

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Where can you get g40 wossners from at that price man I I would bite your hand off !! Do you get some kinda trade discount and can you get acralite forthe same price ??

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The AEE has half its combustion chamber in the head,you'll probably have a ratio of about 7:1 with G40 pistons even with an overbore.

Id just use a spacer plate with the standard pistons. But the twiglet con-rods would have to go,and they're uniquely long so good luck with finding alternatives.

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i used a set of rods and pistons out of a yamaha r1 motorcycle engine but it needed the crank to be reground...

fwiw without wanting to discourage you i think you should can this project and go for something a bit more practical, aside from spending £1000's on a wincy 1600cc engine and fabricating a lot of customs parts and pipework, it's going to be no end of balls ache fueling it and getting it to run right... rolling road costs on top etc etc

for starters you wont be able to use the g40 pistons on the aee rods they have different oil feed arrangements and the gudgeon pin is a different size

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Guest skater_robby

Right then its probably out the window!

ah well, some times uniqueness can be a quality and exeed all its opponents, in this case its not :(

looks like i will just go down the 1w route with 77mm pistons from the g40 :D

anyone kno the final compression ratio of this?

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