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Hi everybody!

I need a little advice concerning a new camshaft... I already have a Catcams 269/269 but would like something that could provide a bit more power/torque...

I drive the car daily, so I really need torque at low RPM...

What type of profile would be the best?


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Hi guys! It has been a while... Polo hasn't changed that much since the last time.

Just got some new parts to install.




I'm not in a hurry to throw it in the car, I want things to be done properly.

Engine has 83.000 km (around 52.000 miles) but hasn't run in a long time. It comes from the n°112 G40.

Even though I'm not in a hurry, still hope I'll have it up and running for this season :D Can't wait to say that I probably have the fastest pink car in Belgium!

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love the build have some mahles to go on my polo :tongue:

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So, the PY is finallly up and running, 2 years after buying the engine...


First time out of the garage, all by herself, with the G40 :D



Already have a Stack boost gauge installed, just ordered oil temperature and pressure gauges from the same manufacturer. Will install next to the boost gauge.



Front brakes are all new, waiting on the refurb of a rear axle with ARB to put all that stuff new as well.



Got a full steel exhaust that looks like shit, but finally got it leak free, thanks to a welder frient 😛 



Next parts will be a stage 3 subframe, a kit of Gaz coilovers and that should be more or less it. Will also be fitting a camshaft once the head gasket goes, and a 65mm pulley.

I'm also waiting for winter to take care of those wheels. They're way too large, both front and rear... Pain in the *ss to drive like that, cant enjoy the engine.


And a familly picture 😛


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