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Polo 9n dash lights switch?

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Hello, i was wondering if its possible to wire up a switch to turn on the dash lights etc without turning on any exterior lights? Is this possible and if so, is there a guide anywhere which i can look at?



Ps i have a 04 plate polo dune 9n

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Welcome to the Forum.

I left replying to this question for a little while,just in case someone had done this mod, but as there has not been a reply, here are one or two points that you may wish to consider.

There is no reason why you shouldn't do this, although I can't really see what advantage it would be - perhaps you may care to tell us.

First of all, the problems that it could cause, include ending up with a flat battery, having forgotten to turn the instrument lights off.

A supply from any live feed would be OK, but to help avoid the above situation, one from 'ignition only' might be an idea - This wouldn't be much use if you required the lights to be 'on' without the ignition though.

If you do not wish the lights to work from the existing supply (side lights etc.) disconnect the supply from behind the instrument illumination switch and substitute it with your new supply. If you do this, you may have some explaining to do to the M o T examiner!

Another option, is to keep the existing supply BUT, if you do this, you will need to fit a diode (the correct way round, of course!) in the supply from the sidelights, otherwise, each time you switch on the dash lights from your new supply, you would also switch on the sidelights!! Not only that, but there would be a danger of overheating the feed, with the risk of fire - so be warned.


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