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Lucy's Black Polo SE 9n3 Build Thread

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So I bought this little polo around a year ago (I know, it's taken a while) for £4500 with just 20k miles on it. Great little 1.4 which had been barely used by an elderly couple (At least I know it hasn't been ragged out)

Few dinks here and there and some severely curbed wheels... I saw the dinks after I had bought the car... I know I should have checked properly but I had been waiting for a black 3dr manual polo SE 1.4 to come up in my area and I couldn't say no when I saw how low the miles were! Anyway nothing a good detail couldn't sort out!

So here's what I'd like to do to it:


Glossy Black B Pillars

Left Wing Mirror (Indicator has been smashed off by a passing car -_-)

Pressed Plates

Wheel Tracking


Tax Disc Holder

Tailored Car Mats (The old ones were from the garage with their company name on it looks awful!)

Stubby Aerial

Black Badges (Front & Back)

LED Number Plate Lights

Ozram Nightbreakers

GTI Honeycomb Grills

GTI Headlights

Bushes (It makes an awful squeaky noise when I go over bumps)


Window Tints (4% Rear and 70% Fronts)

Bluemotion Rear Valance

Bluemotion Front Splitter

GTI Side Skirts

H&R Coilovers

Lenso BSX 17" Black/White Centers

Full Detail

Recently went to Ultimate Dubs and was really inspired by all the dubs so I wanted to get cracking on my car as soon as payday came :)

Should be getting this list done over the summer so watch this space :)

PS Ignore how dirty the car is please... I have to drive down a track to work :(








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looks like a decent starting point! will keep an eye on this

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