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2002 1.2 - check engine light, and oil usage

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Hi all. So I recently purchased a 2002 1.2 Polo, with only 60k mileage. After less than a day driving, the check engine light came on! The garage checked it with their computer, said it was a faulty Lambda sensor. Re-set the computer, and the light was off. Sad thing is it came back on again after about 30 miles. I want them to replace this sensor, and get that light off my dash!

However, yesderday the check oil light came on whilst I was driving on the motorway - with beep (but only orange light). When I bought the car I noticed the oil was low, so I filled it up to just under the full marker (1L). When I managed to get off the motorway and check the oil, it was empty. I waited a good 45 mins, then checked again, and still empty. So I filled a little more oil in (I did not want to overfill) and drove home with no warning ligts. This weekend I did drive about 450 miles in the car...

So my question is - can to two warning lights be connected? Could the car really use that much oil after driving +550 miles since I bought it? Should I use another oil (I used a Castrol they recomended in Halfords) perhaps?

I am going to take it back to the garage where I got it to have them look at it, but wanted to ask for advice before they start telling me whats "wrong" with it. I am by no means an expert in cars, so any advice would be greatly appreciated. I am by no means an expert, and this is the first car I bought...


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Welcome to the Forum.

First, check for any obvious external oil leaks - (oil on the floor where it has been standing might give a clue.)

The two problems could well be linked, as excessive oil in the exhaust can cause all sorts of problems with Lambda sensors, as well as the cat itself.

If the engine is using excessive oil, you may notice that, when the car is pulling hard (up hill in a high gear for example) there is a plume of BLUE smoke from the exhaust following you - this would probably indicate that the pistons/rings/cylinders were worn.

If you let the engine idle for a few minutes, then rev the engine and look at the exhaust, BLUE smoke at that stage would probably indicate worn valve stems/valve guides/valve stem seals. NOTE if the valve stems and or guides are worn, fitting new seals alone will, at the best only give you a temporary 'cure'.

Before you take it back to the garage, it might pay to: (1) Check the exhaust tail pipe to see if there are any oily deposits inside (just run your finger round inside it and see what comes out on your finger - look out for a sharp edge on the tail pipe though, I don't want blaming for cut fingers!!

(2) Remove the spark plugs (keeping them in the order that they are in the engine) and check the 'business' ends for oily deposits INSIDE the plugs.

(3) Check the compression pressures (or even pay someone else to check them for you) note if there is a low reading perhaps corresponding with an oily spark plug.

Once that you have done the above, you will be better placed to argue your case with the garage.


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