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Polo Mk2 Project, help needed for moding

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Recently bought my second car a Polo MK2 "breadvan".


This is her, a 1989 Mk2 Polo. I picked her up from London and drove her back, 150 miles, to Yeovil, in Somerset.

She did well and didn't get too hot or anything. She had a lot of dents and dinks from the previous owner for example,

both wings were quite battered and the bonnet had a lot of dinks and bumps.

My neighbour luckily and very surprisingly, knew a farmer who had two breadvans, which I took the pleasure of buying two new

wings and a bonnet from. I fitted them to my van and now I have a very unusual looking mk2. This is the result after that, below.


It then came the time for the MOT! This was the scary bit, as I didn't know what would happen and the car could clock up

on the cash for repairs, so I put her in for an early booking to see what the damage would be. Surprisingly it wasn't too bad, three failures. Two were rear brake (brake application)

related and the head light beam was off kicked. I decided to use "euro car parts" to get new shoes.


The shoes were fitted and so were new brake cylinders as they were both very seized! She was ready for the MOT and she

passed with 2 advisory and she's on the road again.


But this is where I leave you, I need some help on whether to get the panels soprayed back to black again. What lowering kit to get specifically, as there are many and my price range on that is probably around 120-150 pounds. I also would need some advice on stright through and back box ideas as I know that the back box on breadvans are quite big and would probably need cutting.

Thanks for your interest.






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