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Insurance on a 6n2, 17

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I'm now 17 got a 6n2 recently, been looking around for quotes but everywhere is ridiculously high, obviously i want to put alloys and coilovers on to stop her looking like a tank but the quotes just double, does anyone know a good place for first time drivers to get decent quotes considering i will have mods, its a silver 1.4 8v 6n2.


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    • Tatton117
      By Tatton117
      Hey guys,
      I've got a 6N2 currently sitting on original shocks with 40mm lowering springs atm. Problem is... its not low enough. And it drives like shit.
      The shocks bottom out on the smallest of speed bumps and then proceed to turn the car into a bouncy castle. 
      I've been weighing up my options of going coilovers or a full suspension kit and have decided that coilovers are too much like hard work from the side of maintenance and setup. Also don't want to have to spend 400 quid on some coilies that i will have to worry about. I like the idea of being able to manually adjust my ride height but Englands that full of potholes that i doubt i could go that low anyway. So lowering kit it is. Im not part of stance nation 🤣
      Im running on 15 x 7.5j D/W G705s with 195/50/15s by memory. Look great until you realise you could fit a head inside the arch 😅.
      So basically I'm wondering if anyone on here is running similar setups but with a lowering kit such as the AP 60/30 kit on venom motorsport. I saw the Eibach sportlines on a 6N2 GTI that looked good but that was on 16s (see attached)... and an inch can make a big difference 😜.
      I want similar fitment to the image below but with my 15s. Modified but manageable. And hopefully more comfortable than linear springs. 

    • Mikecoupegt
      By Mikecoupegt
      vw polo 6n2 GTi
      mot till 28/02/2019
      has part service history
      very low mileage for age (73k)
      drives really well.
      has original stereo with 6 disc changer.

      in the last month i have carried out/replaced the following.

       timing belt and water pump.
      3 piece clutch kit.
      4 tyres.
      suspension replaced with ap coilover kit.
      fan switch.
      full service.
      alloy wheel refurb in anthracite with a polished lip.
      the car wants for nothing, great fun to drive and surprisingly good on fuel but i don't drive it enough to justify keeping it.
      sold as seen.
    • Adam1712
      By Adam1712
      Hey guys, 
      as per title im trying to solve a rough idle and cutting out, I’ve cleaned up the throttle body and that’s not solved it, just wondering if the pipe in the picture is supposed to be like it is?
      back story is that I bought the car a year ago as a project and am finally getting around to doing it, first job is to get it MOT ready, didn’t start at all at first but new battery solved that, now it’s just really rough on idle.
      also noticed the smoke comes out of the breather pipe that goes into the left side of the air box, had a google and that appears to be about right, have tried to look for cracks or damaged pipes but can’t find anything! 

    • GazzP87
      By GazzP87
      Hi again. So after chatting on here and trying to solve the problems on starting after refuelling. I’ve got some questions and hope someone can help out!?!! 🙂 
      So each time I refuel I have problems starting. Sometimes it happens when it’s warm and I’ve turned it off and tried to start again a short time after. Once it does fire up I get a really rich smell with a cloud of light smoke out the back. 
      Someone said it sounds like the pressure regulator. Because I’ve established that the fuel pump is working properly. Any one else had issues like this? Please help. G
    • issie
      By issie
      After owning a breadvan very briefly in 2012 I’m back in a Polo- this time a 6n2 as a daily. Also own a 2015 Audi S3 but the Polo will be my run around/daily car. It’s on coilovers (not looked to see what ones yet) and wolf race alloys too. 
      So far I need a drivers side manual (wind up) window regulator and new mechanism to open to drivers door from the inside. No massive dramas and I’m very happy with it so far. 


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