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Insurance on a 6n2, 17

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I'm now 17 got a 6n2 recently, been looking around for quotes but everywhere is ridiculously high, obviously i want to put alloys and coilovers on to stop her looking like a tank but the quotes just double, does anyone know a good place for first time drivers to get decent quotes considering i will have mods, its a silver 1.4 8v 6n2.


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    • JdmTom
      By JdmTom
      Good evening all!
      Right, just picked up my latest Polo, Last time it was a 6n 1.4 16v, Now I have gone for a 6n2 1.4 16v ( dam the reduction in power!)
      On the journey home I came across a few niggles I was wandering if you guys could help :

      1. Heater control lights do not work. Dash Lights up fine, brightness controlls are fine, Hazard is fine, rear heated windscreen button lights up fine. Is this therefore likely to be just a bulb?

      2. The central locking. Drivers side : put key in and turn, does not lock or unlock. If I turn it clockwise and hold it, the front windows go down. Passenger side : the key turns 360 degrees consistantly... When I first tried it, it locked, and unlock. As it locked it closed the front windows, as it unlocked it opened them....
      Thats all for now
      Thanks in advance!
    • solarboy
      By solarboy
      Afternoon. I have a 1.4 TDI 6N2 with the EXB cable change 5 speed box. I've come across a 2003 9N 1.4TDI box which looks similar. Would if fit in my car? The selector tower looks different but perhaps that could be swapped over.
    • AjBun
      By AjBun
      I'm new to the forum and new to polos. I've recently picked up a 6n2 to drive through the alps and this seemed like a great place to help out with fine tuning my new beast.
    • liveforever1980
      By liveforever1980
      I have literally just bought my first Polo, always absolutely loved them!
      I have a problem though, its a 6n2 open air with that stoopid roof, anyone know if there is a hard top conversion to stick in rather than the vinyl? 
    • jock1888
      By jock1888
      hey im alec just joined have a 2000 polo 1.9sdi 6n2 


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