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mk4 polo 1.4 Turns over, no start - but bumps start. Help?

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I took my polo out last night to run to the shops, and as I was sitting at idle in the car park the car cut out. Tried starting it with no luck, just turning over.

Haven't had much time to check things over as it was 11;30pm, so wondering if anyone could give any ideas to what the problem may be?

All the info I can give:

Dad towed the car and we attempted a bump start which got it running, but as it came to going up a hill it cut out again... (bump started again after)

Spark plugs have spark, checked these when trying to start the car up.

Fuel pump seems to be running.

Unsure if related, but on the way to the shop noticed my car jolted as I was accelerating (wasn't accelerating hard), which I hadn't felt anything like before.

Sounds like it's misfiring when it's idle (after listening after a bump start) but its irregular timing.

Saw a video about wiggling the key as I turn it to see if it's the ignition switch, so trying that when I get home from work.

I can't get round to taking a look for a couple days, and I'm a bit clueless as to what it could be, so does anyone have any ideas on what to have a look at etc when I get round to it?

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Hi & welcome to the forum.

Please post model, year etc.

At what engine speed did the car start when towing?

When running, did the car have considerably less power than when running normally?

There are lots of people here with experience but you’re not in a position yet to provide a good starting point. Perhaps you could;

Read fault codes.

Confirm good fuel pressure/flow.

Confirm >10volts at fuel pump (IE a corroded connection may result in too low a voltage when engine is cranking – even when there is adequate voltage at the battery/lights.

Please do get involved and post back.

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