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Dave's PD130 Build Thread


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Right in the feels..... miss this car.

So last August I decided I wanted an upgrade, and liking my old Polo in every way except the power I decided to see if I could get a 9n3 GTI. Sadly, it was not to be, as the insurance on these motors is absolutely astronomical! But I did find the best alternative in the 9n3 TDI PD130; it just ticked all the boxes for me: it was fast and easily tuneable, was excellent on fuel being a diesel and was a Polo.

Quick search on eBay on the Friday night and I found this; a Winter Red Polo 9n3 TDI PD130 with 110k and a Full VW Service History including belt & pump change. Gave the chap a ring and Saturday afternoon I was off down to view it!


All went well, drove spot on, service book checked out, all the boxes were ticked, deposit paid. And by the Monday night, well, you guessed it, it was mine.


Everyone's first new car photo is in a petrol station, right?

So, once the car was back home I gave it a bloody good clean inside and out and chucked some air freshenering smell devices in to get out the smell of old hag. Paintwork wasn't the best I'll admit, it had been owned by 2 ladies before me so the local £5 wash and swirl was good enough for them. Funds were a bit tight as I'd shelled out £3,000 for the car and the tax & insurance so only a few small mods could be done.

And the 'small' mod list was;
- GTI Headlights

- GTI Grilles

- Pressed Metal Plates

- VW Plate Surround

- LED Rear Plate Lights

- TXRGT USDM Light kit


Gotta admit though, it does make a difference!

So after that I had a really weird whining noise whenever I was around the 60mph mark. Couldn't figure it out, had it up on ramps a few times checking the underside, when all of a sudden it clicked in my head. I checked the tyres to see there was uneven tread on the rear tyres, so immediately went on the hunt for new wheels for the car. As my ultimate aim for this car is to be a fast road/track car I wanted some lightweight wheels, and as a friend was selling a set of OZ Superturismo's at a bargain price of £80, I bought them. Needed spigot rings, centre caps and a refurb, but I wanted the wheels so did whatever it took to get them. Ended up wrapping them in 205/45R16 Hankook Ventus Evo K120's and away we went.


And now the University semester began, so the mods slowed down for a brief moment until my power was noticeably down. Ended up being a boost pipe and the EGR leaking, so had the EGR deleted and a Front Mount Intercooler with hard pipe kit put on.


And then the clutch died. Got that replaced too, however this new one has Carbon Kevlar plates and is rated to about 360lbft so that should do me just fine!


To be honest, I was really happy over how the car was sitting

So that was how the car was going to stay from November until January. Long story short; I'm a student who works for Tesco; part time during term-time, and full time during the holidays. So when I go home, I can work full time, acquire currency, and spend it on my car. January came soon enough, and I had about £1000 to play with, so I got a Piper Cat Back 2.5" exhaust system twinned with a GTI rear valance, some JOM coilovers to get me low until I could afford BC's, a DervTech remap and some 6r style rear lights.



And this is where I found another hiccup in the car's progress. At DervTech I was informed that the car had been previously remapped, however terribly. Some sort of have-a-go hero had ripped an old DervTech map off of a car and flashed it onto mine. Because of this the turbo was running at 2bar of boost which was slowly but surely killing the turbo. As a result the boost has been pegged back, but the torque has been upped because of the clutch so it pulls really well. I'm hoping to get back to DervTech in April once I've been back home earning money over easter to get another map once I've had an upgraded turbo, manifold and decat pipe put on.

I'll keep you all posted!

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Right in the feels..... miss this car. So last August I decided I wanted an upgrade, and liking my old Polo in every way except the power I decided to see if I could get a 9n3 GTI. Sadly, it was n

Unusual colour but I like it :) Looks like a very clean car though, keep up the good work :)

Your OK that's the main thing, metal can be replaced 

Posted Images


Unusual colour but I like it :)

Looks like a very clean car though, keep up the good work :)

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Absolutely loving that colour! Love the progress, be interested to see what it gets after a remap.

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Right then, I'd best get this updated! Just over a year's worth of progress to catch up on, so it'll be a big post, and picture heavy!

So over Easter, I decided to race my dad. A 160bhp at best TDI Polo vs a Mk5 R32 Golf. Kept with him fairly well until I went to shift into 6th and felt a bang accompanied with a significant loss of power. Dual Carriageway I was on had no hard shoulder or anywhere to pull over so I was forced into driving the car as far as I could. Managed to get off the carriageway and into a little country road just off it, but by this time the turbo had ran away, spat all its oil out of the exhaust and took the engine with it.



Don't worry, it's not the end for you!


I should mention that by this point I'd made a hell of a lot of useful friends when it came to my car. Between two of these friends, Olly Gunn & Luke Anderson at Tune Automotive in Hull, had a spare PD130 motor and the means to fit it. I took the plunge and had it recovered to Hull, and the work began. Bought a PD150 (GT1749vb) Turbo from a friend in Hull, so at least I'd be running more power!



Still pains me to see this photo, was a proper gutting feeling


So, 5 weeks later, engine was in, mapped and away I went, however it was short lived. Engine was leaking oil like it was going out of fashion. The more obvious ones were sorted straight away, I had 3 gaskets on my turbo oil feed, silly things like that which were a 2 minute fix. The leak went from taking about 1/3 of my sump capacity out on a night to a few small drops on a night, so we were heading in the right direction. Eventually, the source of the leak had been located to the rocker cover. Most just replaced the gasket, chucked a load of silicone on and sent it out the door, but this didn't work. I, and none of the mechanics I'd taken it to could figure out what it was for the life of them. I was just about to consider just living with the fact I had a leaking car and forget it, but on a whim, a mechanic suggested changing the entire rocker cover for a new one. Success at last. The smallest hairline crack on the cover itself by one of the boltholes allowed it to seep out oil and run down the back of the block! I'd upload the image but it's not noticeable enough on camera.





So that's us caught up to about October time last year. With the car now deciding it likes its oil I thought I may as well treat it to something. I had a little bit of cash saved up, I had planned to continue the progress over summer but in all honesty I didn't think the car would have blown up again before it stopped leaking so I was preparing to buy a new car if I was being honest. Continuing with the aim of it being a fast road/track car I went for braking first, 312mm brake upgrade on the front, and a 256mm brake upgrade on the rear.





After that, Olly had decided to break his EM1 Civic Coupe (in Milano Red, if you didn't know ;) ) and had a set of Corbeau Clubsport Excel seats he was prepared to sell to me at a bargain price as a thankyou for letting him break his car on the driveway of my Uni House. Safe to say I bit his arm off, and they went in about a month later after sourcing some subframes, as YBRacing had sold out. Stood me to £200 all in, which, if you know about these seats is good going, they retail for £385 a pair brand new, and the OMP subframes are about £120.





Really finished my interior off quite well I think. Accompanied the OMP 330 wheel I'd bought for it, and genuine fake chinese MOMO gear knob.



That was pretty much it for 2016, not much else happened if I'm honest. So, first day of 2017. Woke up early, had a big bowl of cereal and got myself prepped for the big day ahead. Clock struck 9am and I thought to myself, "Shit, I'm gunna be late for MOT".



Passed. 0 Advisories. Phew.


Right, back to some progress, which there wasn't much of to be honest, little bits and bobs and a heavily recommended suspension addition.


-5 Panel Wink Mirror
- Interior ABC Pillars sprayed black

-Rear Anti-roll Bar


At first I was a bit put off by the RARB, everyone rated it but I thought how much difference can a bit of bar tied to your rear axle really make? Answer is loads. Buy one if you haven't.


Little bit of money came in before Easter, so I treated the car to a 2.5" Decat downpipe to accompany the Piper Catback System I had put on before. I had it custom made by Luke @ Tune Automotive, because I didn't like the way the off-the-shelf downpipes restricted airflow between the turbo flange and the flexi. So instead of being 2 1/4", mine is 2.5".



Cheeky action shot 


Right, so mid-easter break, probably should have been revising for Uni Exams but I thought stuff that, I'll go drag racing. True test as to whether or not the car was fine or not, I'd not really given it a proper kick in since it'd stopped leaking but with enough funds to cover me if it did go wrong, I went for it.






15.2 @ 93mph was the best to be had on the day. Was 24 degree heat and no wind, cars were struggling like hell but the little Polo had no signs of breaking down or anything, I was over the moon.


So after Easter came and went and I was back in Hull, and I had a few pennies saved up. Remember those BC's I said I was getting after Christmas of 2015? Yeah me too, here they are, about 18months late to the party, ready to be fitted at some point next week alongside a full polybush kit.





Also had a minute to freshen up my intercooler with a lick of paint and a TUNE stencil, however it's a bit darker than anticipated if I'm honest. Used some of the grey paint I had to quickly go over the exposed bit of the lower cooler pipe, make it a little less obvious.




And that leads us up to now. Plans from here on out are to get a bigger turbo put on it, I want around the 250bhp mark ideally but don't want to compromise driveability so the DT25 Turbo is looking very likely, spools at the same time the standard turbo does as it's a hybrid. Then I'll focus on bodywork, needs the dents pulling, cup bumpers, windows tinting, that sort of stuff. Hopefully after that I'll be looking at getting a half cage put in for harnesses, and an FJW Long Ratio 6 speed box.


But yeah, thanks for reading, apologies you had to read through all that, it's probably full of mistakes or whatever. I'll end with a few more pictures of the car.







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You and me both buddy. Came to a point when it was in bits on my drive. Thought to myself I either get it sorted and keep it til it dies properly, or cut my losses and move on. Glad it's still in my possession to be honest.

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Just thought I'd update this seeing as it's been a month or so. Few things have happened, but we'll start with me breaking my foot and doing something a little bit silly while I was bored and off work. Stands me to about £100 in total, just thought it'd be a laugh to be honest, and it's turned out a hell of a lot better than I was expecting it to if I'm honest!




I'm not sorry for the sticker ;) 






Also cut some holes in the plate recess of the bumper and cut the crash bar for some additional airflow, you'll see what that looks like later. After that, BC's and bushes went on, and I finally felt the difference between budget coilovers and high end ones. Obviously there's many more expensive ones out there, but at nearly £900 retail, the BC's were probably as far as I'd be willing to go. Difference is absolutely insane, worth every penny if I'm totally honest. Overall ride height is higher now which is nice, I didn't like how low it was before, couldn't really kick its head in on rough roads which was a pain...



Anyway, I'm back home for summer now, so back to working full time with managers who are equally into their cars as me, except they're at the stage of getting into track days, and were keen to get me to join. £85 for an evening session at Rockingham, tried to say no but they weren't taking no for an answer, even to the point where one of them booked me on and told me to pay them back later! So I thought sod it, car's pretty much ready aside from a bit more power which would be desirable on the straights, so I went for it. Few things I needed before then, a helmet, tyres, and a front towing eye. The last was the more important problem of the three, due to one of the intercooler pipes fouling where the standard towing eye goes. Quick call to Luke @ Tune Automotive and he had me an adapter made up.



Basically comprises of the standard towing eye being chopped, and tapped to fit a bolt from a tow strap.




Next on the list then, rubber! Got me some good shit, Yokohama AD08R's. On special offer, down to £92 a corner from £126, never smashed a buy button so hard before in my entire life!




And yeah, the day came, got to Rockingham, signed on, done the briefing and got out on track! Absolutely loved it. Went with a friend Craig in his Impreza GB270 as well as my managers, and the Polo outperformed Craigs Scoob and far surpassed my expectations. Crazy when you get to the point where you think the car is going to understeer, and then turn in more to see if it does and get proven wrong. Safe to say I've caught a bug, and I'm absolutely buzzing to get on track with you guys in October, and hopefully I can squeeze in a few more before then!




Took Craig out to show him how much faster I could take the corners ;) 









Spent two laps behind this pair, evidently didn't listen in the briefing when they said about allowing faster cars to pass....

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Nice build. 

always good to see some performance work going on, and a polo showing 'better' cars up

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Haha yeah man, to be honest it left my friends Scoob for dead in the corners, and I wasn't even troubling the car. I definitely feel like I'm the weakpoint of the car which is a nice place to be if I'm honest, room for improvement and all that 

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Only got a couple of things to report on really, as after the track session at Rockingham I was busy so didn't get up to much. Spent alot of my time at work and whatever free time I had was spent with friends at shows or the ReformedVAG lot. Took the car to Edition38 on the Sunday, wasn't all that impressed to be honest, air and wheels is cool and all but the 'race look' really annoys me when things such as roll cages are cable tied in, so I got bored quickly and went home.



Hazards and USDM


Came out of work one night, clicked to unlock my car as I got close and my auto lights came on, but only one headlight came on. I'd fucked a HID ballast basically. Always been disappointed with the light output of the standard headlights so went about doing a projector conversion. Wanted to do a headlight air duct as well so I bought Bi-Xenon projectors.



You'll see what the duct looks like in a later image 


And that was it for progress, next on the calendar was the Club Polo Track Day. First full day session on track and what a venue to begin at, such a lovely track, flowing yet challenging enough to keep you on your toes. Car performed faultlessly all day with no concerns from me, although the marshalls weren't best pleased with the smoke it chucked! :P 








That last photo always makes me giggle. For reference, that was at 3pm. The car was spotless upon arrival at 7am.


Thanks to @Dave9n3@AndyGTI  and @John9n3 for giving me the kick up the arse I needed to book it, I'm glad I did and glad I had you three to learn and get help from.

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End of an Era.


Long story short, I crashed. Mud on the road, back end stepped and I couldn't control it. Shit happens, luckily I was harnessed in and therefore didn't move throughout it all. Car's pretty much worth of scrap now, sills all bent. Luckily I've found an Ibiza Cupra PD160 shell to transplant it all over to. So I guess I'll have to just hang about the forums for the track days from now on ;) 








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