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Good afternoon all,

After I finished work last night, I quickly realised that I was unable to put the car into 1st, 2nd or reverse gear. Luckily I managed to crawl home in 3rd & 4th. The clutch feels fine and the pedal box was replaced only a few months ago (I have checked this too and it's not cracked). I don't know anything about gearboxes or gear linkages. My Haynes manual doesn't give me much information about this either.

Is this a common fault? Does anyone know how to fix this?



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Welcome to the Forum.

Your problem sounds as if it is down to linkage adjustment, for which you will find help in the 'search' section.

However, there is a chance that a faulty engine or gearbox mounting could cause a similar problem, so it would be as well to check these over before having any adjustment made.

It is possible, but less likely that the gearbox itself is the problem, but I would suggest that you eliminate all other possibilities before going down that road.


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