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Mehow's first car - 6n2 16v

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Hey guys, my name is Mehow and I'm an 18 year old lad from London.

I've written up a much more detailed thread about my car on Stance Works, however I thought i'd be fitting to make a thread on here too.

The S|W thread is way more detailed as I got quite tucked into the write up over there, but I'll cut it down for you guys here

Long story short, back in November I was one of those 17 year old who just passed their driving test

I got myself a part time job and saved up enough to afford my first car (with a little help from my parents, who I've not payed back)

My insurance restricted me to a 1.4, so the hunt for the more desirable 16v begun

I'm a true car guy, so I've done my research at this point and I knew exactly what I wanted

Canyon Red SE, 51 reg with a sunroof and rear speakers

Then this thing came up for sale not too far away

Black Diamond Magic S, X reg... full poverty spec, no speakers, no sunroof no nothing. The cup holder was the only optional extra her

The good bits? Most of the service history was in tact, it only had 79,000 miles on the clock and the guy wanted £680 for it

I sent my dad off to take a look at it whilst I was at school (my dad is not into cars, sending him was the first mistake of this whole build)

Dad was happy, I was happy, why wouldn't I be right??

Insurance and tax sorted, and my dad even haggled the £80

Fast forward to 9:00 on the same day, it's dark and rainy and I'm outside

The central locking works, lucky me looks like the ebay central locking has held up

First time I drove a car since passing my test 3 months ago, it was rainy and dark. 40 mins later I make it home

Next morning I get to see what I really spent my money on





Halfords wheels from the previous owner are there

Paint is scratched to shit

But, the important thing here is, I just purchesed my first car - to say I was excited was a very very big understatement

It may have been budget spec, however...

The engine is more powerfull than your average 6n2, theres disks and callipers on the front and back and the tires were fairly sporty and new

If it's just me in the car, this thing whizzes - perfect little motor for me, the sort of raw driving experience I dreamt about before buying a car

1 week into ownership, engine light comes on

Now let's get this straight, I'm poor and even £100 worth of expenses into my first week of owner ship seemed dreadful to me

I booked myself a slot at the local mechanic

I shall leave the story here and carry on tomorrow, I have plent of updates to come

Thank you for reading

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