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Upgrade: Welcome to the new look of ClubPolo!

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The ClubPolo Community Forums have been upgraded! This upgrade includes a number of improvements to how our community looks, feels, and behaves.

We're now mobile friendly: our welcome page and discussion threads now look great on mobile tablet or any handheld device!

Discussion view

  • Helpful answers: Quickly mark 'helpful' with a new dedicated button. Multiple users can mark the same reply or comment as 'helpful' which brings the community more control to identify one reply as more helpful than another (this action is no longer restricted to moderator/admin access). Find it on replies right next to the Like button.

News Section

News: The News section highlights relevant news & content.

  • Your streams (are located in your Activity area), the view new content has now changed to steams.

Performance enhancements: pages load faster to give you a better experience using the community.

New Menu Structure

Our new menu structure is designed to highlight the two ways people go about interacting with a community: general browsing of specific discovery. 


The Browse tab looks just like the current, default menu does in IPS Community Suite with your list of apps. The new Activity menu is designed for discovery features like our new Activity Streams and the search functions.


Activty Streams

The new Activity Streams are a discovery feature that takes the concept of the old View New Content, Activity, Followed Items, etc. and merges them into a unified system to allow for both admin and member-defined streams of content based on their preferences. The system is very powerful and allows for countless different ways for your members to discover content or for you to more easily expose content you want to highlight.

Front end interface member created streams

Streams that admins create are always visible to all members. Members can simply view those admin streams, create their own, or copy an admin stream as a base. Guests also have access to view all admin streams excluding those that reference unread or followed content as Guests do not have access to those features. Always available to all members is the All activity stream that shows a list of activity in order by date. The admin can define what shows in the All activity stream.

Members can share the link to the streams they create to other members. There is no need for privacy here as all they are sharing are their various filter settings - the actual stream data returned changes based on what member is actually viewing the stream.

Use cases for Activity Streams are endless. Some examples might be:

  • The current View New Content type of result.
  • A Stream of all content from members you follow.
  • Show a list of unread items from a specific list of members (perhaps members of staff).
  • Maybe you are a prolific Gallery contributor and you want to see a feed of all unread comments on images that you posted.
  • Rather than following every item you reply to, you can choose to create a feed of all content you have ever participated in.
  • Get really fine-tuned and create a Stream showing unread comments in Blog only from members you follow.

The Activity Streams feature is very flexibly and you can get really imaginative with its uses. It is a really big addition to IPS Community Suite 4 and we think you will enjoy it. We already do!

Updated Editor

We have updated our WYSIWYG editor in 4.1 to the latest version of CKEditor and we have also switched from iframe to div mode in the editor. That is basically technical speak to say that the new editor will be much, much faster and specifically behave much better on mobile devices.

Many of the custom systems we wrote for 4.0 have been replaced with native editor functionality in 4.1 to allow for both speed and greater reliability. This does mean some things work a bit differently but you will quickly see the very small learning changes are worth the editor being so responsive.

You can now move quote boxes with your mouse to embed them or move them above/below existing text. Another great feature is the new cmd/ctrl right-click menu that allow for contextual options. For example, cmd/ctrl right-click on an embedded image attachment yields:


When pasting in rich text from an external source the editor will now prompt you asking if you want to keep that formatting:


A small, but useful improvements is allowing @member mentions to be selectable by keyboard. Just do @member and use the arrows and tab key on your keyboard to select the member. The editor also now recognizes its area size not only based on your browser window (to distinguish mobile, tablet, or desktop) but also where it is embedded. An example of this is the new status update widget:


A really useful feature is the ability to select and text in any post and get an option to quote just that text.


The new editor is a total rework and we hope you enjoy the new speed, stability, and options. Using the editor is the core function of any community so getting it right is very important.

Updated Search Interface

We have given our search interface a revamp to more effectively use space and be easier to use (especially on mobile):


As well as simplifying the way filters appear, we have separated member searching from content searching. This made sense given that the filters available for finding members are entirely different to those you see when finding content, so this visual separation should make that more apparent to users. This new approach to filters also becomes the new Advanced Search view, with results loading dynamically below when submitted.

Another change we have made is to adjust the text snippet to show you the context of the result hit. For example, if you search ‘lorem', the results will now show you the text surrounding the first match. This small improvement can greatly improve the perceived quality of results:


Finally, another small change has been made to the contextual search box shown in the header on every page. We now default the context to the app you’re currently using, unless you’re on the homepage in which case it’ll search all content. In our testing, we have found this aligns much better with user expectations.


We have introduced two new notification features: instant notifications and HTML5 browser notifications. Both work together to provide a great boost to engagement in IPS 4.1.

HTML5 Browser Notifications

We have built in support for browser notifications where they are supported (right now, this includes desktop versions of Firefox, Chrome, Safari and Opera, but not IE, and mobile browser support is patchy). This allows IPS 4.1 to let you know when important things have happened even if you aren’t active in that window at the time.

We have enabled browser notifications in three areas. When you upload files using any attachment area, you will be notified when your files have finished uploading; when there are new replies to a topic you have currently viewing; and for instant notifications (more about that below).


Instant Notifications

Instant notifications has been a long-requested feature, and we are pleased to say they are included in IPS 4.1. We have worked hard to build an approach that is as light on resources as possible.

If you are active in the window, instant notifications will show as a standard flash message at the bottom of your screen; if you are not active, and your browser supports them, you will get a desktop notification instead, and a chime will sound to alert you. Clicking the notification box will take you to the new item (or open the notification menu if alert is telling you about multiple items).


Ability to limit the number of emails received

In IPS 4.1, you can optionally choose to receive just one email notification per content item until you revisit the community, rather than a separate email for each new reply. This is an option that was previously available in IPB 3.x that we have reintroduced based on feedback.

Retina Emoticons

Our well-loved emoticons have had a facelift (pun intended) and now look great on high-resolution retina screens and dark backgrounds:


The emoticon manager in the ACP intelligently handles retina versions of your own emoticons for you - simply upload emoticons with “@2x” appended to the filename, and IPS 4.1 will know it’s a high-res version of an existing emoticon and seamlessly serve it for you.

Let us know what you think about the changes or if you have any issues here.


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The ClubPolo Community Forums have been upgraded! This upgrade includes a number of improvements to how our community looks, feels, and behaves. We're now mobile friendly: our welcome page and

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