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view activity since last visit by topic not by individual post?

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Is there a way to view all activity since your last visit, in a way which would display each topic with an update, rather than a whole list of each individual post? because topics with a lot of new posts fill up the list otherwise and it's harder to browse. I'm sure it was like that in the past

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It's completely customisable to your liking, play about with the settings, you can filter out what you don't want to see etc.


New Menu Structure

Our new menu structure is designed to highlight the two ways people go about interacting with a community: general browsing of specific discovery. 


The Browse tab looks just like the current, default menu does in IPS Community Suite with your list of apps. The new Activity menu is designed for discovery features like our new Activity Streams and the search functions.


Activty Streams

The new Activity Streams are a discovery feature that takes the concept of the old View New Content, Activity, Followed Items, etc. and merges them into a unified system to allow for both admin and member-defined streams of content based on their preferences. The system is very powerful and allows for countless different ways for your members to discover content or for you to more easily expose content you want to highlight.

Front end interface member created streams

Members can simply create their own, or copy an admin stream as a base.

Always available to all members is the All activity stream that shows a list of activity in order by date. The admin can define what shows in the All activity stream.

Members can share the link to the streams they create to other members. There is no need for privacy here as all they are sharing are their various filter settings - the actual stream data returned changes based on what member is actually viewing the stream.

Use cases for Activity Streams are endless. Some examples might be:

  • The current View New Content type of result.
  • A Stream of all content from members you follow.
  • Show a list of unread items from a specific list of members (perhaps members of staff).
  • Maybe you are a prolific Gallery contributor and you want to see a feed of all unread comments on images that you posted.
  • Rather than following every item you reply to, you can choose to create a feed of all content you have ever participated in.
  • Get really fine-tuned and create a Stream showing unread comments in Blog only from members you follow.

The Activity Streams feature is very flexibly and you can get really imaginative with its uses.


All activity is located under the forums tab. Or Try the unread content link: http://www.clubpolo.co.uk/discover/unread/

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