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Mk 2 Wires and relays? What is what?

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Hello guys!

Some stuff are not working on my car including the rear wipers, the rear windows heater wires, and the reflector.

So i cant really figure out what is what and i could't find any relay or electrical diagram for my car. (1.3 NU 1987 mk2 coupe)

It would be really helpfull if you guys could tell me which fuse and which relays are ther for what. Also there are some random wires under the hood. What are they for?


Thanls a lot!







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Welcome to the Forum

It's a long while since I worked on a Mk2 and I no longer have a wiring diagram BUT, one of the weak points is the so called 'continental' fuse box - what happens is that you get small amounts of corrosion on the fuse holders.which in any case, are rather open to the elements.

It is worth taking out the fuses, one-at-time, cleaning the tips of the fuse and the fuse holder and replacing them.

For a longer term solution, it is worth fitting a better quality fusebox - If you wish to do this, you will find all that you need in the downloadable catalogue from www.vehicle-wiring-products.eu



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There is visibly corrosion on the fuse box, so thats the first thing i gonna do.

Thanks a lot

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