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Brad's Polo GTI


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My VW Polo 9N3 GTI


Mandatory New Car Pic:

Featuring the other halfs 6C polo 1.4TDi


So i managed to buy her on a friday and got home at 7.30pm with her, i got too excited and packed the car with the other half and made to it to santa pod the same night, 10.30pm on the night to be exact.


Her first time at show:

So VW Action @ Santa Pod it was, after getting up and having food etc, i was still very excited with my new car and knowing i was going to do a few engine mods soon i hit the strip on the Saturday but with a boot full of camping gear including the other half as passenger i managed a 15.6 best.


And when i got home i had to meet a couple friends. R32 MK5 Golf and MK1 Fabia VRS running 180bhp.


This was when i found out my car was faster than both so i was sure, although it looking standard had a remap.

So VAGMEN (a local club/group) had a rolling road day on near and a few friends was attending so thought perfect time to check what power she is really pushing.


She came back falling just short of 180bhp, so it must just be a generic map or something.




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My VW Polo 9N3 GTI   Mandatory New Car Pic: Featuring the other halfs 6C polo 1.4TDi So i managed to buy her on a friday and got home at 7.30pm with her, i got too excited and

Posted Images

Let the mods start!

So buying a yourself a new car and paying for tax and insurance usually isn't cheap for the most of us so thought i would start and get the little touches done.

So straight with the de-wiper and then replaced the usual halfords rubber bung with a flush glass one as you can see in this pic.



A few friends headed off to Shakespeare County Raceway for the day, so i thought whilst my car isn't full of crap ill see what difference it makes again.


Poor quality photo but a 15.1 @ 93mph is not bad considering its only standard with a remap.



So since i had my car i kept an eye out for a set of wheels, not seeing anything i liked for a little while until a friend of mine bought a mk1 fabia vrs as a daily as his jap crap was not up for the task, he shows me a set of Volk Rays TE37s in 5x100 16" also in black, they wasn't perfect but the price was, i had to have them, so a drive from Birmingham to Kent and back i hopped in the other half's very eco 1.4tdi and picked them up.

A quick test fit and a drive to Ultimate Stance was needed but the tyres was like balloons and the ride height was way to high, so they would need to be changed shortly.



About to spend a whole lot of money on her!

But damn its worth it! Ever since i bought the car i was contemplating having this done, i had been speaking to OCD (OnlyChargedDubs) about this and they was happy and all for it so a trip up to them guys it was, dropped car off with them on a Monday with the initial plan to pick up either Saturday or Monday but this is where my level of luck shows. First off locking nut was still in my hoodie at home so i shot back home and back but considering its a 2hour+ trip this was very time consuming but it does not end just yet, my flexi pipe on my exhaust decided to tear its self apart so on that Monday they got the car in and took all my suspension off, i get a message on Tuesday, the flexi tearing off caused one of lambda sensors on the exhaust to break, so them being good guys got them replaced and fixed for me, then they start to fit my air ride and the battery decides to die and not hold a charge, it had died on me once when i left it for a week but was fine since but it was on its way out. once they fitted my air ride the te37s was rubbing on the struts so luckily they had my standard GTI monza's so they put them on, after my car being a pain in the ass and a huge thank you to OCD and the many miles i had driven she needed a clean with the help of the other half and thought i would try out these pump bottle things too.


And the boot build they did an amazing job with, we bounced so many idea's back and forth and so happy how it came back.

I present to you the 'Tartan Tea Tray'.


Now i have a set of TE37's sitting here just waiting to go on, so i get some cheap spacers just for test fit purposes, behold the balloon tyres!


Yes i did not use a torque wrench but these was only a test fit for now before i order new tyres.


Time for POWAARRRR!!!

So was saving a bit of money over the winter but you never really do because of Christmas, i spent time looking at what i can get done to my engine considering it being the very tuneable 1.8 20vt and was looking at getting the Forge Motorsport FMIC, looking to see if there was any 2nd hand i could not find at all for about 3 weeks then when i was waiting till the end of the week till pay day and annoyingly about to pay £707 for a new one, my friend finds one for sale on the Seat Ibiza forums, so that was another 2hour+ trip each way but completely with it saving a nice bit of money, that weekend i could not wait to get it on, got to my friends, sanded the dirt off the crash bar and gave the intercooler a light clean and on we went to fit it and how annoying is this bumper to take off, also took headlight off for ease.


Also put on a cheap £10 airfilter as i was in talks with Ramair waiting on them to bring there kit out, but makes nice noises along with the Forge 007p valve.

So i managed to find and get the right size spacers, longer black bolts and some tyres for the TE37's and was way over the moon how it sat on them too.


So my birthday was coming up and i seen the other half struggling to see what she could get me, so i just decided on a nice simple decat and even i booked it in and got it for a nice price at RW Developments which ill be going back to later to get my full exhaust system made.

(unfortunately i didn't take any pics of the decat)


Putting her to the test!

Fast Show at Santa Pod was coming up and a large amount of friends was going, we stayed over Saturday and decided to hit the strip, my friend jumped in first run so he knew what to do once he went out and managed to get a time of 14.4.


As you can see i had my drag stance on and being sure there was plenty more to be given, i went next weekend again, this time GTI spring fest was on, giving it a proper try and concentration this time i managed a nice 13.8 @ 100mph13499838_10209237904766072_1185122271_o.png

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After a little delay i'll update this thread and catch up to where the car is at now.


Fancy Wheels!

So the other half have these nice set of wheels sat in the garage but wouldn't fit them till she gets her coilovers fitted, so i seen a good opportunity here, why don't i get the tyres fitted and have them on till she wants them on her car, so she got back from work one day and my car looked like this...


Absolutely in love with how it looks but more is to come, also love the rear fitment too...



Last bit of forge goodies to go on!

So forge had the brunch club meet thing they do i don't know how often but anyway seeing as i wanted a few last bits from them and they wasn't too far id'e visit and see if i can get myself a better price on the expensive products, so i grabbed all this lot at a better price than the online RRP and couldn't wait to fit it so the next day i had free me and a friend fitted it, the TIP was very fiddly and would recommend either have a knowledgeable friend or ramp.


Throttle Body Pipe, SAI Blanking Plate, Turbo Intake Pipe, Forge Stencil and a few Meters of 4mm Vacuum Hose.

Here it is all fitted (still wondering whether to use stencil on the intercooler or not)


I will soon get the Ramair heatshield/Induction kit and that should be the best part of the engine bay done... for now.


Time to look a little brighter!

So i found out a guy at work had done a proper projector/HID conversion on his headlights of his Fabia and another on an Audi a3, so i asked can he do mine, he had a look and said he will give it a go, so i bought some Ebay headlights for £90 (because theyre being modified it does not really make a difference and can not tell if theyre genuine VW ones or not), projectors was roughly £15 and HID kit for £30 and i left them with him and a few days later he gave me them back looking amazing.


The difference in colour and night vision is amazing! with full beam on an unlit road you can see loads further and best of all see all the bumps and cracks etc in the road, i like how subtle they look too in the daytime compared to many other aftermarket headlights.


Will keep trying to update this thread but don't have a lot of time on my own to sort out through stuff etc. but will try.

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