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My VW Polo 9n3 TDI Build (Pic Heavy)


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After owning my Vw Polo for about a year and a half thought I'd start a little build thread. Ive only driven the car about a year as the first 5 months, it was uninsured as I was getting ridiculous quotes even though I was 19 turning 20 at the time.


Some Specs on the car when I bought it

VW Polo 2005 9n3



63K Miles on the clock

Not many luxuries apart from electric mirrors and AC 


Here are a few pics to start the build thread off of when I first bought it. Will be updating this instantly but just wanting to familiarise myself with the forum first.








Not many pics of it standard. 


Ok so once I had bought the Polo I didnt really plan on modding it, but in doing some small little mods, I found it quite addictive. 


Here are the first mods I did, nothing major just a debadge and spraying the badges black using plastidip.








Shortly after this my first major mod came, I was backing up and ended up backing right up into a metal fence and ended up shattering my rear light completely, so I started looking for a new rear light to replace it, but found the 6R style lights on ebay and they were doing a 20 percent discount so I snapped them up. 








They were supposedly the smoked versions so should look slightly darker, but I cant see it to be honest, but I prefer the colour like a new cherry red colour you get on modern cars. Really makes the car look newer.


My next mod after that was pressed plates, I think they look so much cleaner than normal plates. So got a pair off ebay for 20 pounds if I remember correctly.






Thought they looked quite cool give it that euro look. 


Anyway to complement the new pressed plates I upgraded my number plate bulbs to SMD LED bulbs which made a huge difference and look epic at night.

Old Bulbs:




At Night: (Along with the LEDS of the 6R Style lights)


They look so much better and brighter, literally light up the entire road behind me.


While I was doing these LED upgrades I also did the front side lights.




I also did the interior bulb but dont have a picture of it.


After these mods moved onto bumpers, I saw a lot of people adding the bluemotion rear valance on and it looked really nice, so after trawling through ebay found one for a decent price and picked it up.



It was white so obviously had to have it resprayed. Was unsure whether I wanted to keep the little silver accent but decided against it and went fully colour coded.




I liked the look of it, it adds a bit more shape to the back of the car.


After this mod I didn't do anything for a while but the fact I had a crappy RCD200 stereo was driving me mad so had to upgrade it. Was unsure of what to get, should I spend loads on a sony or alpine sound system or just get something cheap. In the end I got a chinese android double din head unit which i think is probably one of the coolest mods in my car and has yet to let me down. Sound quality is great, 7 inch HD screen, apps, bluetooth evrything I needed.






Was surprisingly well built. 






Oh yeah I added the chrome heater dials from TXRGT, dont think I had any pics of these taken.




How the set up looked. 

This headunit is brilliant, I could watch films on the go (my passengers!) I could play games, I could use google maps, anything an android can do I could do it.






Finally had bluetooth, could connect my phone instantly and listen to music without having to use a crappy bluetooth fm transmitter.


After this I realised the need for a dash cam as the number of dodgy drivers out there is worrying. So I brought a Mobius Action Cam, and had it hard wired into the fuse box so it comes on with the ignition.




After this the mods dried up for a while, I then started looking on german ebay for bits and bobs, just typing in 9n3 to see what came up. One day I was looking at came across a front bluemotion splitter selling for only 40 pounds! Initially he didnt want to post it but after some convincing he said he would and I even brought the bluemotion grille off him as well for another 30 pounds! Bargain!




Again had to have them resprayed and colour coded to the car.




Not the best pic but with the car being black, its hard to see the splitter without a lot of light. 




After that I started getting fed up with the plastidipped badges as they looked really tacky. So I took the badged off sanded them down and sprayed them using gloss black spray.








I wasnt great at spraying things, so had to watch many youtube videos but I think they came out pretty nice in the end.


After the badges, I found someone selling a Polo GTI rear spoiler, and decided to buy it. Again I had to have it resprayed (why has no one got a LC9Z polo haha)







I really liked the GTI spoiler made the car look so much more sporty.


Next I wanted alloys because the 14 inch alloys just weren't doing it for me. Initially I always wanted the BBS LM alloys but after much reading and searching found the only way to get an affordable set is to get a replica set, but even then it was hard to find a set in 5x100. So I settled for BBS Montreals off of the VW GOLF MK4, got them for a fairly decent price off a friend so wasnt too bad.



Ignore the monster truck tyres, I changed one of them to 195 45 16s to see what it would look like.



After much thinking I never actually put them on the car as they just looked too small being only 16" and also they were just too common. So started looking on ebay for OEM VW 5x100 alloys in 17inch, I was open for anything but wanted something OE VW.


After much searching I did't find anything so left it as it is. 


This is how the car sat for quite some time after a clean up. 






After this again I started looking to buy stuff, side skirts were what I wanted, preferrably votex skirts as they look so much more aggresive and low compared to GTI skirts. Eventually someone was selling a set (BRAND NEW) so I had to buy them, but being brand new meant they were in primer and had to be sprayed.




After getting them sprayed, this is how they looked on the car. 




Excuse the car being so dirty, was doing a lot of miles in the car and as it is a diesel it doesn't like to stay clean.


Okay so now I had all the body kit and the car looked somewhat decent but stupid without alloys so I started searching again, and found a set of OEM VW Toccata 17 inch alloys 5x100 with a offset of 38, the guy was asking for little money as they were in bad condition and they were local to me, so I went to have a look and picked them up.




These sat in my garage for a while, whilst I tried to sell my BBS Montreals. Eventually they sold, so I had the  new alloys in for refurbishment, I was gonna do it myself but in the end I realised I was probably gonna spend a similar amount in materials and it wasnt going to be a good finish like the proffesionals who use sand blasters, so I sent them into a refurb place in Medway called Inspraytions. They did a awesome job on them, I picked a Light Anthracite shade.








This is just a small mod I did as I was bored, and got it for cheap from ebay china. 






Makes quite a big difference as they look much newer and modern. Its all in the details.


After this I didnt do any mods for ages, so again started looking at what I could do. Found GTI lower grills on ebay so brought some as my old slatted grills were heavily worn.


However they were not drilled for the TDIs side intercooler so I had to drill many holes myself. Also decided to spray them gloss black as I had time to kill.





They came out quite nice, slight orange peel but nothing noticeable.




Comparison of the slatted vs GTI



After this I decided to spray my interior heater dial bit as I was bored. 








It looked okay but did a bit of a rush job and you could tell afterwards, but it would do looked good enough. Want to do the entire inside centre console and vents but havent got the energy for spraying anymore.


By this point most people probably would have lowered the car by now, dont know why I havent but its on the cards.


Anyway heres some pics of how it would look lowered, as I went London to pick up some stuff and my boot was literally packed out.






I like the look of it being low but im not a huge fan of crazy low cars so when I do it itll just be a subtle drop.


Some pics just to keep the thread going.






Not the greatest camera just a Samsung S5.


After that I didnt do much to the car apart from change the bluemotion grill to a GTI grill as it didnt look right having Bluemotion and GTI lower grills together. So brought a replica one off ebay. Which was good enough.




Dont worry I got rid of the GTI badge, I know its not a GTI.






After this I decided to attempt headlight restoration as my headlights became hazy.






Not bad for a first go, and using just my hands and no machine.


After this I started getting a bit bored with the power, so decided to have it remapped as many people say the 1.4Tdi Remaps well, so I had it remapped and it feels a brilliant a lot nippier and more willing. 

The company that remapped it for me BurtechPerformance. The car stock is about 80BHP, with 195nm of torque. This was remapped up to around 105BHP, and about 240-250nm of torque. 



Next mod after that was wind deflectors. So got some Team Heko ones off ebay for 20 pounds.




Quick amateur photoshoot after a good clean.










After that I literally left the car for ages as I couldnt think of anything else to do.


Some time went by and then came the best mod of them all, retrofitted HIDs with Projectors so fully road legal. This was a custom job so I wont go into detail with prices. I got these made by a company called EM Tuning. 




GTI headlights with E46R Shroud and a Morimoto projector running 6000k bulbs.
















The light output on these lights are out of this world, and the colour temp is the perfect mixture of style and function. Best mod yet, wish Id done it first, would of made night time driving a lot more easier and fun. 


Gave the car a good old cleaning session.






Classic snow foam pictures.








So the car is pretty much complete now apart from coilovers which I will be getting soon. Probably should of done it ages ago but I loved the ride quality of how it is at the moment. But I will do it soon so keep following.


Heres a few photoshops of how it would look lowered.






And finally heres a transformation shot from DAY 1 TO NOW, with the photoshopped lowering lol.




Hope you enjoyed my thread so far. Ive got a few more things to come, tints, lowering...so keep following.


Thanks for looking!

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After owning my Vw Polo for about a year and a half thought I'd start a little build thread. Ive only driven the car about a year as the first 5 months, it was uninsured as I was getting ridiculous qu

You weren't joking when you say pic heavy! Looks good! Nice to see your progress right though.

Really like this. Stereo looks great, what's the spec? I have a cheap Chinese one that does me for satnav and just about everything else I need. I'd be very tempted to buy one like yours tho as it loo

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Really like this. Stereo looks great, what's the spec? I have a cheap Chinese one that does me for satnav and just about everything else I need. I'd be very tempted to buy one like yours tho as it looks like it fits perfect.


Also how do you rate the mobius? Thinking of getting one for taking vids on track as some people seem to rate them :)

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On Monday, August 15, 2016 at 02:20, BAhmed95 said:





Thanks guys, yeah im happy with the progress so far just need to get it lowered! And cant exactly remember the specs but ill dig it out for you, think its like android 4.4, quadcore processor, 16gb ram, something along those lines, will double check for you though. As for the Mobius camera, its a really good camera crisp quality, full view of the windscreen, get nice audio from it, Ideal if the worst was to happen. But also good when you see something cool on the roads

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Thanks Epick, and no for the double din I didnt have to cut into the 12v, i bought the additional canbus adapter with it, straight plug and play and the radio turns off with the key. 


Since then I have tinted the car and lowered it but im not feeling the new suspension set up and its real rough and bouncy, will probably go back to stock even though it is a monster truck suspension, comfort and reliablity is more important to me. 


Anyway heres a few pics of the newly lowered suspension.












Few shots in a petrol pump...





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Really really like this, might have to pick up the same type  stereo for my 9n3. 

Those rear lights look awesome and the tint tops it off well although I dont love the blue motion grille.

Hopefully you're at the club polo meet Sunday?

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Yeah thanks man put a lot of money into it, where is the club polo meet happening? 

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