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Poverty spec 1.2 budget build


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Hi all,

Was looking for a first car to buy and knew i was after a vag, crawling across gumtree when i find a lovely polo up for a very good price considering it had 2 lady owners and 75k on the clock. The car was literally 5 mins away from my house so organised a viewing with the lady straight away, the reason the car was so cheap was because of bad body work, very bad! still bought the car because it had a solid engine and interior. Heres roughly what it looked like when i first got it (no pics of the dented side or boot)


First thing i had to do was clean up the badly scuffed and dented rear quater, this was it after the dent got pushed out


Managed to spray paint it which admittedly doesnt look great but MUCH better than what was there before.

Got sick of looking at steelies on one side and trims on the other, so i had a quick browse online and found some oem polo wheels for 20! sure they were only 14" and badly curbed but for that price i really couldnt complain, anyway got my cousin to pick them up and bring it to my house and started attempting to refurb them myself, had a load of gloss black lying around so decided to make them black while i was at it, really happy with how this transformed the car even though the refurb itself wasnt the best:D.





I do have plans for bigger alloys in the future, anyway, from here i took a step back and waited to get paid before spending more money on it, got bored and ended up spraying the front grills satin black, debadged the bootlid and sprayed some interior bits with the colour matched paint i had left over. Oh i also forget to mention before i got the alloys i went down to pickapart breakers and got a new bootlid for 20 to replace my dented one!





Thats the work thats been done from 23rd july to now...

Future plans are:


HID and lighting upgrade all round

Headunit, speaker and sub install


Stubby aerial

Electric window conversion

GTI grill

Tinted lights or gti headlights




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