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Vauxhall Cavalier


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Stuff has been happening - front brake lines were finished. 


Rear brake stuff assembled ready for fitting. 


Powder coating now back with me. 






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That thing will be better than new when finished! Love this thread

Bough this in June last year        950 hours later -       If anyone's interested, I can stick up a build thread?

That's a like for the deox persistence with the horn, not for being made redundant, which is always a downer to begin with.

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Time was in short supply, but I got the brake gubbins fitted. 


Brake lines and anti roll bar went on too. 


Just need to fit the beam mounting bushes and it can go into storage until the time comes to fit it. 


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Many thanks Jim! 

Rear beam bushes were pushed in with next doors" hydraulic press. 


Mr Haynes suggested using threaded bar and "distance pieces". Definitely easier said than done. 

Now all undercarriage gubbins is ready for action, attention can be turned towards getting the bodywork ready for paint. I need a new compressor before I can get some epoxy primer on there, so I aim to get that sorted before I bare metal all the areas requiring bodywork.  "Just" a paint job away from reassembly now.   🙂

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  • 2 weeks later...

Time has been in short supply again, however, all the nice ready to fit stuff has been packed away to keep it all clean and dry until reassembly commences. 

All the rubber bungs for the underside have been cleaned of all sealant and muck ready to go back in. 


A couple of bungs were missing from the spare wheel well - if anyone has any spares, or knows of somewhere that sells them I'd be most grateful. 🙂

The gear selector gubbins had cleaned up pretty well a while back, but was now filthy again. A better job was done, then it was wrapped up and packed away. 


Had a good look at all the work done on the under side, no rust has appeared, so I'll get stuck in to scotching it all in preparation for applying the stone chip coating. 


Once my new compressor arrives, I can start making some decent progress on the body. 🙂

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Cheers! Process is bare metal, Hydrate80, epoxy mastic (3 coats) Gravitex stone chip, then a Liberal coat of Dynax UB to finish. Obviously I'll leave the wax application until all the paintwork is done.
Compressor has landed. 


Need to rearrange a load of junk and mk2 bits to fit it in by a wall, then after a monster cleaning session (ridiculously dusty in the shed at present) I can finally get back to the bodywork. 🙂

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Didn't fancy a cleaning session with today's available time - thought that I'd tackle a job that I've never done before. That job was the removal of bonded glass. 


I'm sure its a lot easier with the correct tools, but a Stanley knife, plastic card and a screwdriver, along with a bit of bloody minded perseverence, saw the job done without damaging the glass. The glass in the replacement tailgate is heavily scratched, so the glass from the original tailgate needs to be re used. I'll probably smash the damaged glass out of the replacement tailgate to save time. 🙂

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Monster cleaning and tidying session happened at the weekend. 



Once spruced up, I started to make it dusty again by scotching the underside to prepare it for stone chip application. 



Should get it all cleaned and stone chipped at the weekend. 🙂

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The stone chip is finally on there! Cleaned all the sanding muck off yesterday, masked and sprayed today. 

It goes on shiny and black. 


And dries textured and dark grey. 


The blackness will be restored once its been hit with the underbody wax. 

Few more pics of the newly coated underside. 






Need to get some epoxy primer on the welded sections of the body now so I can get on with preparation for paint. 🙂

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On 10/08/2020 at 08:07, Jim1500 said:

Sterling work as usual, great to see it get to this stage:) 

Cheers Jim! It's edging ever closer to completion. 🙂


I finally got round to stripping the doors bare today. The rear doors were a bit of a faff to strip, I imagine they'll not be much fun to reassemble when fresh paint is involved. 



The front doors were a lot easier most probably due to there being better access to the mechanisms within. 



Hopefully epoxy priming will commence this week. 

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After 14 months or so up on the spit, it finally came off it this afternoon 


The spit was partially dismantled, as it is due to be loaned to the owner of a seriously rusty XJC. 


Bodywork now next on the "to do" list.

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Disappointingly little progress this week. Started removing paint from the back end in preparation for getting the epoxy primer on there. 


Daubed the rust pitted bits with Deox gel, then taped plastic sheet over it to stop it drying out. 


It'll probably take a couple of applications to remove all the rust, but when it's gone, I can prime it. 

While the Deox gel does its thing, I made a start on getting the Nearside rear quarter cleaned back to the metal. 


Most likely be splashing the primer about next weekend. 🙂

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I got tired of bare metalling bodywork once the offside rear quarter was done, so decided to remove the scratched glass out of the replacement tailgate. This time less finesse was employed, and I used a hammer. 


Doing it this way was a lot quicker than doing it properly - from swinging the hammer to finishing cleaning up the mess  took about half an hour. 


Just need to wire wheel off the rest of the sealant - That can be done when I get round to priming it. 🙂

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Edited by sleag40
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The Deox gel did its thing.


80 grit sand paper used to get a decent key for the paint.


Masking complete to ensure the stone chip stays fresh. 


Epoxy primer applied - it was a bit thick, but got it to spray reasonably well.



Sills + door apertures next in line for this treatment - then engine bay and front valance  :)


Edited by sleag40
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Got an unexpected bit of time on this today, so got stuck in to the offside door apertures/sills.


Hopefully I'll get this side epoxy primed at the weekend. 

Edited by sleag40
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On 07/09/2020 at 19:00, nige8021 said:

Steve, something that might interest you https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-beds-bucks-herts-53916943 

Cheers for that Nige - I've been meaning to go there for a few years - fate keeps stepping in the way!

From Saturday-

Offside sill + door apertures now epoxy primed. It's a lot easier to see where filler needs to be applied now it's all the same colour.


I realised just how effective my dust/fume mask is when I had to answer the phone half way through spraying - this stuff properly reeks!


If I'm really lucky, I'll get the other side done tomorrow.........

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From Sunday-

Looks like luck was on my side - nearside was prepared after doing some chores.


Then primed in time for Sunday dinner.


Not lucky enough to win the lottery though. :(

Edited by sleag40
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Few more bits primed....20200911_173408.thumb.jpg.f216b9c8ba099151136a5eb1ff0f37b8.jpg.6a9f74ec912a405ecff915ac9098f26c.jpg



Run out of epoxy primer now, waiting on some more. Hopefully getting the rest of the bay done by weekend. 

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