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6n2 GTI Heaters not blowing hot

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Hi guys,


First of all let me just say, this will be my first post as a Polo owner. Recently bought a 6n2 GTI in Silver for £775 with some bits done to it, but it seems that with every thing done to the car there is an opposite, bad thing that is wrong with it. 


Let me try and write this as simply as possible.


Heaters are not blowing hot air

Car doesnt get to temperature properly and fan cuts in before the needle on the dash even moves.

Im losing coolant and oil slowly but i did have an oil leak which may have stopped now on its own.


I have a ticking/clicking noise coming from passenger footwell which i assume is the heater matrix?

When i press the bottom left button on the Climatronic i am greeted by the said clicking speeding up and being louder.


Occasionally I get a bit of condensation buildup on the botom of the outside of the window, this led me to believe the tank was cracked or something hence why I bought a new one.


So far, I have fully serviced the car, flushed the cooling system twice, put in some Wynns Rad flush to get any blockages out, Bought a new thermostat and fitted that as the old one had broken, bought a new expansion tank and cap as the old one is all black and maybe oily inside (not yet fitted).


As this is my first polo Im not really all that knowledgeable on them as my last car was a MK2 Golf.


I understand it could be the Head Gasket but I'm hoping its not...

Oh, and there also semed to be quite a lot of Smoke/steam coming from the exhaust, however it is freezing cold now and i only notice it on cold starts.


Cheers bais


I cant be the only person thats had this issue, so any help would be a godsend.

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