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She's back! 6n2 1.4 16v estate

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She's back on the road! And i did it all myself! After buying her last year March, I only got to drive her for a couple of months, then she didn't respond to the gas pedal any more, I was told to scrap her as it would be too costly to repair, I was gutted as there's only a handful of this model left, I didn't want to sell or even scrap her so she was left on my drive for a year, then I had a hunch and managed to fix her, it cost me a whole £25!!! I since have done lots to her and she passed Mot last week with flying colours! Im so very proud of myself, and so very happy she's back on the road 

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She still needs a few things doing, besides a good t-cut lol, but so far this is what I've done, 


New temp sensor

Replaced accelerator pedal sensor

Replaced springs and struds on the front

Replaced caliper bolts on front

Replaced battery

New pads n disks on front

New sparks

New air filter

New oil and filter

Replaced offside elec window motor

Replaced alloys and tires

New wheel bearings on back


And yes, I'm a 46yr single mum, with my own tools and on my drive, I did it myself! :D



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Forgot to add the batt
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Still to do,

lambda sensor 1 bank 1 

Clutch eventually 

Replace backdoor handle cover

Try to find an affordable frame and motor for passenger window, which I found just resting on a piece of wood when I bought her...


I got myself one of them Bluetooth scanners, together with the OBD Torque app, its helped me enormous, and if you should have any doubt about them working, I took my car to a garage where the mechanic tried to prove me wrong with his £2.5k worth of Snap-On kit, but it came to the same conclusion lol, the lambda sensor :D


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het is een x what anders. tof that je hem weer enigsinds op de weg hebt ;) 


(lol forum heeft spellingscontrole)

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Had a few problems since, but its all starting to work out now, things I've done since my last post,


New 70a battery

Replaced 90a alternator with a 120a

Replaced starter motor

New flexi part in the exhaust


I think I may have knocked an abs sensor too in the process, next on the list to be checked lol, I did all of it myself again, except for the flexi as it had to be welded in, good idea I thought, get a rare model I thought, it'd be worth it I thought....

 :D but she is, I'm super proud driving her, and I checked on the DVLA site, she is only one of 25 registered 6n2 1.4 16v, and that includes all models, so that doesn't leave many more of the estate version, she might be the only one and I'd love to hear from any one on here who owns one or knows of one please! :smile:

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On 12/05/2017 at 20:33, Audioholic said:

het is een x what anders. tof that je hem weer enigsinds op de weg hebt ;) 


(lol forum heeft spellingscontrole)

Ik weet precies wanneer iemand what van vw afweet lol, ik zie hoe ze naar mijn auto kijken want je ziet ze hier bijna niet :D Am so glad I didn't scrap her 

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Quick update,


The problem of not charging returned and after replacing the alternator with a nearly new 90a one, including a new belt, I almost lost hope, but my good friend and mechanic put one and one together when I said, I don't know what I've done wrong, it must be a dodgy cable somewhere,  turned out it was the earthcable! Just as I suspected, and in the process he also helped me remove the broken off stud that kept the egr valve tight, so thats now fixed too with 2 new studs and gaskets, still stuff to do, but at least I dont have to drive around with a spare full battery any more lol to jump start her :D

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Well done! It feels good to fix your own car! 

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      A cheap project car for parts or run for a year....message me for more pictures
      A give away at £350
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