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Gary Kerton

Polo Estate 6kv5

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Gary Kerton

Hi Everyone,

First time on a forum…. Be kind!

Sorry for asking a question, which has most likely been asked before! BUT….

Currently stripping and rebuilding a polo estate 6kv5, I am going to replace everything including the engine! Its currently the reliable 1.9sdi model on a 1998 (S Reg).

So, the stupid question I have been looking for the answer and simply confused myself! Is the polo estate 6KV5 the same the SEAT 6KC?

The reason for asking is that I will be lowering the estate but, prefer springs and shocks (old school) compared to coilovers. I’ve found loads of Coilovers on EBAY for around £220-£230 which is cheap enough, however, spring and shocks seem to be more difficult to source at competitive price.

If the SEAT CORDOBA 6K suspension kits fit the VW POLO ESTATE 6KV5 then there is a kit I am considering.

eBay item number: 360591582588


Seat Ibiza 6K Cordoba 6KC 1993-1999 (without Facelift 6K2 + 6KC2 99-02)
-2x front shock absorber
-2x rear shock absorber
-2x front bearings

Can someone please confirm if I am either correct or incorrect….

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Gary Kerton

Thanks and thank you for the link. 


This is my 3rd polo estate, but first time actually doing anything to it, backnowledged in the day i usex to be a nova boy! Then i crew up and well its time to have some thinge in the garage to play with. I'll have to add some photo's along the way of the build, eventually this estate will be given to my son.


I Thought it was similar to the cordoba and know alot of the parts are interchangeable, but reading some of the older posts, I think I was confusing myself. 


Thanks again. 



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