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    • Eskey
      By Eskey
      Greetings to all, my name is Oleg, I am from Russia.
        In our country, second-generation polos are not very popular due to the small number of such cars, and so I decided to look for communities outside my own country.
         And so about my baby:
         1992 release, engine AAV, coupe, well, or a hatchback, 4-speed gearbox.
       I bought it in 2013, it has a lot that worked badly, there was a lot of putty on the body, but I was happy to move from car with carburetor on car with injector, I was most attracted by the work of the engine, it worked like a clock even at an air temperature of -30°C, and I was not scared by the puffed putty on the body.
      First of all, the technical part was brought to an acceptable condition and it became my daily car.
      Here is a photo of how it looked after the purchase:

      It looks pretty good on the back, but the front look was not as whole as I thought...
      As it turned out - this body was in an accident, there was a head-on collision, and the left spar was curved, and the hood with front fenders needed to be replaced.
      Some time later, I managed to find the front fenders and hood in excellent condition.
      I don’t have a photo with an old hood, but there is a photo with old fenders and a new hood:

      Then I replaced the front fenders, and also installed the missing part of the front panel:
      The grille was also replaced:

      For comparison, posted a photo as it was and as it became:

      At that time I was very pleased with my work, however - it was 2013.
      He lived with me in this config until 2015, then I had an accident, because of the lack of a bumper amplifier, all my work was destroyed.

      After that, I ordered new body parts: bumper, bumper amplifier, front panel and grille with headlights.

      I decided to complete the work before the new year (it was in December)

      Here I got to the front panel:

      Instead of a normal amp bumper was bolted unknown origin design. All of this has naturally been removed from the body: 
      All new parts were installed in place without difficulty.
      I don't know how you call the front panel, but we call it TV:

      And everything is in order...

      I will continue the next days, see you soon!
    • 1vw2many
      By 1vw2many
      In need of mk2f rear hand brake bracket not the big one but the small square one on drivers side rear. 
    • squareback89
      By squareback89
      I am back in the market for a polo after about 5 years. Looking for a reliable daily driver with >6 months MOT - sub £1000(wow have these things gone up in price?!), the standarder the better!
      Based in the south east so let me know if you know of anything for sale in the area :)
    • powey85
      By powey85
      For sale is my 1993 mk2f, the interior is completely genuine apart from an mp3 head unit, it is in great condition. It has 13 inch starmag alloys, they are not perfect but they are not in need of a refurb. The engine is a 1.3GT on twin gsx600 bike carbs, the gearbox is from the GT as well. The body work is in fair condition, no major rust and I've recently welded the inner and outer sills and the rear wheel arch. I've got a few spares to go with it. Just been through an MOT with no advisories, fully polybushed front end with powerflex bushes. Any questions feel free to ask. Open to offers.
    • Benjamin0365
      By Benjamin0365
      Hi guys thought I may as well show some work I've done over the past few months! Currently need to fit a few things and do some work/chassis stiffening etc. And possible respray ready for a g40 engine some time next year. 
      Anyway say if you've ve got any sugesstions I'm always keen to do things to it haaha

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