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Now available! Polo 9n Black Angel Eyes

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Hi everyone :drinks:


I wanted to let you all know about these lights that are coming in to stock on the 6th of June  now in stock for the Polo 9n (Pre-facelift, 02-05)!


They're pretty hard to get hold of (out of stock everywhere we know of), so we're really excited to get them. They are aftermarket Angel Eyes with a black interior, and include motors. They take standard H7 halogen bulbs, and are fully e-marked and road legal.


The price is £169.90 for the set, including our usual free courier delivery with DPD (usually next day).


We'd love to hear your thoughts - they are new to us but we hope to have images and video of them post-installation as soon as possible! :hi:


Product Page:




Thanks everyone!


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Update - we now have the angel eyes in stock!

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      Hi everyone!
      My name is Alex and im new to club polo, i drive a flash red 5 door 6n2 polo and i love it!
      ive had the car for a while now and have started to do some modifications to get it how i want it to look, i am on a student budget so coilovers will have to wait until i can save up - anyway, here is my build thread so far!
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