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Now available! Polo 9n Black Angel Eyes

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Hi everyone :drinks:


I wanted to let you all know about these lights that are coming in to stock on the 6th of June  now in stock for the Polo 9n (Pre-facelift, 02-05)!


They're pretty hard to get hold of (out of stock everywhere we know of), so we're really excited to get them. They are aftermarket Angel Eyes with a black interior, and include motors. They take standard H7 halogen bulbs, and are fully e-marked and road legal.


The price is £169.90 for the set, including our usual free courier delivery with DPD (usually next day).


We'd love to hear your thoughts - they are new to us but we hope to have images and video of them post-installation as soon as possible! :hi:


Product Page: https://eurowagens.com/angel-eyes-headlights-set-black-vw-polo-9n-02-05/




Thanks everyone!


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Update - we now have the angel eyes in stock!

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    • WallStreet
      By WallStreet
      Hello Everyone!
      I once had the VW 2001 Polo 1.4 16V petrol auto. It was underpowered. 
      Recently I bought myself a 2008 low mileage 1.4 tdi BlueMotion tech 1. I absolutely love this car. It’s both stock cute & nippy to drive. 
      1. Retrofit cruise control 
      2. Eibach proline springs to replace stock (1 corner is damaged)
      3. Remote key fob as there’s none for locking, bought a kit from eBay I hope it works 
      4. Parking distance control front & rear, it sits behind the bumper safely tucked.
      5. Bilt Hamber DC & UC for the the chassis to stop corrosion. Independant tests show it comes out amongst the top. 
      6. New OEM rear lights going in to freshen the look
      7. Respray front & side rear, fix tiny dent 
      8. Figuring out if it has a MFA on the centre console (see my other topic)
      9. Need to put in seat covers as I find it stains easy. I will stain proof with scotchguard or gyeon.l
      10. Rubber mats in boot & inside
      11. Tinted rear windows
      The frugality is amazing! It does 50-55mpg in the city, 66+ mpg on motorways at 70-85mph. So I could even improve it.


    • Dragon2
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      I'm back once again.  This forum is brilliant.  I had no idea that a site like this existed that has so many people who are not only willing to help but also friendly and teeming with specialist knowledge. I'm extremely grateful for the people who helped me sort my handling issue.  This time it's about my speakers, although  working,  they have broke up the material cone and so the sound is very distorted. Does anyone know where I can get a replacement set that sit in the corners of the dashboard like the existing set? I've found a set on ebay but they are 45 pounds! That's an awful lot.  I was hoping to pay much less.  This car is my budget run around and I want to try and keep it that way. 
      Thanks in advance for any help or advice you can offer. 
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      Afternoon all I have just recently purchased a 2007 9n3 GTI after owning a 6n2,  the previous owner told me that he had the car remapped but cant remember the name of the garage or what map was put on it, all he said was the only option he had at the time was optimise it for standard fuel or high octane and he choose high octane, the guy suggested that it would bump up the circa to 200bhp after the remap.
      The issue I am currently having is the vehicle is currently fully standard apart from the remap that I am aware of, however when i drop the car into 4th gear and accelerate it feels as if it also takes a minute to realise i have put the foot down and seem likes it misfires before picking up speed, I have felt it once or twice in 3rd but it is almost everytime in 4th I feel it. Could this be related to the car being remapped or could it be something as simple as plugs? 
      Also wondering what mods most people start off with, I have been told to do miltek exhuast, SFS oversize turbo intake pipe, forge throttle body hose, airtec fmic, forge 007 diverter valve, secondary air intake delete and to delete N valves. 
      Is this the usual mods and if so what order do most people do them in and what are the benefits of these mods?
      Also any links to buy these mods + guides on doing them?  
    • SAS96
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      One of my 501 sidelights packed up the other day. I have been meaning to get them upgraded for a while now as the 5W are quite dim, Ive tried those LED ones but I am not a huge fan and apprantley they're illegal.
      I am looking around for fillment bulbs that are greater than 5W but the hole is so small those LED's were a struggle to get in, I wanted to buy 582 21w bulbs however they are just too big (20mm). Anyone tried fitting brighter sidelights to thier 9n3? Le me know if you have any suggestions. Cheers. 
    • Alex&his6n2
      By Alex&his6n2
      Hi everyone!
      My name is Alex and im new to club polo, i drive a flash red 5 door 6n2 polo and i love it!
      ive had the car for a while now and have started to do some modifications to get it how i want it to look, i am on a student budget so coilovers will have to wait until i can save up - anyway, here is my build thread so far!
      So the little polo had been sat for years in a bush with a broken gearbox and plants growing all over it, until i came along and with help from friends and family we got her a new box and got her on the road. This is her stock on standard steelies - such a pretty little machine!

      First thing i new i wanted was wheels, so my dad got in touch with a mate and managed to get me some BBS RAs - from a mk2 golf gti!
      Then i decided to paint a few things. First i did my front grill black to make it stand out a bit more - i also painted my front splitter red to make the bumper look a bit smoother, what a difference that made!

      i got a hold of some new door speakers for free so i installed those with new grates - they sound way better than my standard ones
      i thought my front end could do with an added touch so i took the 16v badge from my engine cover and glued it to my grill - looking good!
      also got a guy on facebook to photoshop my car slammed! Its gonna look so good!

      hopefully i will remember to upload some more photos as the build progresses! Or simply follow me on instagram @alex.6n2 ??

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