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Need help about coilovers...

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Just ordered coilovers and didn't even read the description.. I have a Polo 9n2 and I bought Polo 6n2 coilovers... would they fit my polo ? :/ 

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    • MelHiggins
      By MelHiggins
      Had my new AP coilovers fitted last night, so naturally I went to take it for a cheeky drive straight away, I put the car into gear, and went to find the biting point and there was a massive (and very loud) grinding/painful noise coming from the front of the car, the noise is happening as I approach biting point, in every gear including reverse, but it screeches for 5th + 6th.  The car starts, idles, and revs normally, the clutch appears to be working as it should, and the gears go in perfectly every time. But when I go to move something is preventing the car from sending any power to the wheels. I can't see anything visable that would cause this. 
      The car was perfectly fine to drive home last night from work - not a single issue, and after coilovers were fitted this problem arose, is it just a coincidence that something else went wrong at the same time? 
      Video of the screeching noise:
      I can't seem to find anything online that explains what is going on, so any help would be appreciated.
      The car does look better lowered though, just a subtle change to start with: 

    • JakeW
      By JakeW
      Hi all,
      Looking to get a few bits for my 6N2. Wanting:
      ATS Classics or ATS Cups - Not needing tyres, but obviously if they have decent tyres I'd still take them.

      Some cheap coilovers or lowering springs - No need for big makes, cheap ones will do, it's only to make my 1.0L look slightly better before getting my other car on the road! 

      Possibly wouldn't be getting both at once (Unless you fancy doing a nice cheap deal 
      I'm in Liverpool, but willing to travel a bit.
    • nu99et18
      By nu99et18
      Does anyone know where i can get a pair of these spring seats for 6n polo coilovers? (arrowed in the photo)
      Or can i use the standard spring seat with coilovers? 

    • 21maxed
      By 21maxed
      I'm about to lower my 9n for the first time, I think i'm going to go with fk's because i've heard they're probably the best ones, what would be a sensible attractive height that wont completely break my back? They go up to 100mm on the front and 75mm on the back and i'm wondering if anyone out there can give me a good preference height that looks good and doesn't mess your ride up too bad. Thanks.

      So hey guys, introduction, I'm Benji and I live in a cozy little town called Ross, I've recently turned 17 on March 12th and I've got a test booked soon, been messing and slowly adding to my car (2001 6n2) affectionately dubbed (pun) eve 
      -so here she is before coilovers 
      -then a stubby Ariel 
      -then numerous coil photos, a few low and then more after I dropped her more