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Rubbing strips

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This is my first post so hope it is in the right place. I am looking for rubbing strips for my old Polo Match (2001). these were discontinued in 2014 apparently. I believe the PN's to be 6N3853072 and 6N3853503 according to the ETKA website. Any source of aftermarket parts or even used would be welcome.

I know they must be scarce as mine were pried off the body by a light-fingered swine one night!

Thanks in advance

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    • kingtaco94
      By kingtaco94
      Hey everyone, 
      Another issue with my 96 6n. Now the throttle plate doesn't seem to open when i start the engine.
      At first i noticed the plate would open just enough to allow the engine to start/idle and there was a loud buzzing noise coming from the throttle body (disappeared when i unplugged it). Then the plate started rapidly flicking between the closed and slightly open position. And now the plate doesn't open at all while the engine is cranking, making it impossible to start the engine and leave it to idle. 
      I can start the engine by putting the accelerator pedal down so i know it's an issue with the throttle body itself. I Have already replaced it for a new throttle body and have the same issue. Am i right in assuming it's a wiring fault of some kind, Bad ground, open circuit?
      Thanks in advance,
    • Delboii89
      By Delboii89
      Hi All, 
      im a complete noob to this stuff but trying to educate myself. 
      I have a polo 6n - 1996. 
      somewhere down the line it has had an engine change to a 1.4 16 valve DOHC - ENGINE CODE AFH i believe. 
      can someone please point me or tell me the product code the the throttle body and mine has had it. 
      i have two codes but when i check online, neither of them match up to my engine. 
      036133064d or f or 030133064d or f 
      ANY HELP would be very much appreciated. 
      picture below of my engine if that helps. 
      thanks Guys 

    • smg4life01
      By smg4life01
      I'm just wondering if anyone knows if I can clip or screw back on the under bumper its come off on one side and I think its not nice having one side on and the other hanging. Its the passenger side that hanging just wondered if anyone knows

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