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88 Coupe S , Fast Road, Restoration

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Sprayed with some random paint I had on the shelf


Dirty fuel filter from only 90 miles traveled , looks like some sand from shot blasting and some chips of paint from powder coaters, 

Hopefully this is most of it!

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This week I've sorted bodged wing mirror out, the jubilee clip/ ducktape was a quick fix by the previous owner, 


Got some mirrors on eBay, without the  internal adjustment wires , repainted the base plate due to lots of oxidisation/ corrosion, rebuilt, , will see if I can repair my adjustable version in the future but at least the car is safer to drive now


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mk2 polo power

Great project I bet this would look good cleaned up and photo from distance.

You'll probably be able to put every drop of power down with those handling mods which would make it fun.

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I'm sitting here writing this post really missing the Coupe S, 
its been in the garage for over 3 months now! 
The mechanic doing the work is doing it around other jobs so its just not getting done, all is OK though as I have known him for years and he's oldschool and super cheap so don't care waiting, I recently moved house so the timing was right to give it to someone else to tinker with as I wouldn't have got much done myself with the move.


I was using it as a daily in Jan/ Feb it lasted about 400 miles before it started to show some new issues, 

  • Pierburg started the classic over fuelling problem in the cold weather, started smelling really bad, and would sit around 2k on idle , then erratically loosing power / idle speed changing ( replaced rubber gasket was completly perished) not fixed
  • cleaned out carburettor followed guide on you tube,  no difference 
  • compression test carried out ( cylinder 1/2 lower than 3/4 )+ mayonnaise in expansion tank (might have been me or owner before when it boiled over)  booked in to mate at garage , 
  • was unable to drive to garage had to be recovered😢 was also pulling more crap out of brand new tank so didn't want to run it anymore until flushed 

Gave it to the mechanic and said just sort it! 

  • Head has been removed, valves lapped/ cleaned was supper filthy from bad running + 160K , ( purchased Elring full gasket set so tappets will get new seals to) 
  • one of the head bolts was corroded into block😡 fortunately after a month of soaking/ moaning😛 its out! !
  • found that the  head gasket had gone between water channels in block, also oil seal in corner was knackered and was one of my main oil leaks so happy this will be sorted to, as it was leaking oil onto alternator slowly, when its back I would like to upgrade to a 90 amp Golf MK3 ALT so didn't want to do all that work only to have it covered in oil again! 
  • on last MOT it got a few advisory's on rear handbrake  / brake line corrosion so have given mechanic some FEBI cables / told him to rebuild drums / look into brake lines , tempted to get some good-ridges/ snazzy ones all round if needed  

So fingers crossed it comes home soon I'm itching to take it for a spin! / would be good to get to a meet before the end of the year, 
last photo after giving it mega clean/ clay, was off the road at this point + making a mess of the drive #toldoff😢jqWfTMG.jpg


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Well done for keeping it going.

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Nice job on it, keep motivation !

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      Full set of MK3 wheel trims. Resprayed a good few years ago and paint cracking / peeling.  These are by no means mint. Fairly fresh scuff on last one in pic and some scuffs under paint, but could be sanded and painted again. All clips and rings present and they hold firm to the wheels. I had them on the car for a fair while without using cable ties..
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      On a snowy day back in 2009 I managed to crash my wifes 6N into a raised bus stop curb, as you can imagine the results were impressive. Passenger side wheel at 45 degrees to the drivers and the steering wheel was upside down, we scrapped the car as a result. This wasn't a rash decision, lots of advisories on the previous MOT....oh and it was Cat C'ed a couple of years earlier when we were in a 4 car shunt in standing traffic. Boot lip pushed in 3 - 4 inches and front serverely deformed....we patched it up for £20 and kept driving! Car was brought for £1500 and we got £1100 payout, plus sold some parts....not bad for a car we had owned for 4 years at the time with 100k on the clock.
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      My plan is to keep the car pretty much standard, yes there will be a few modifications and fancys details added to the car along the way. I am a man I like shiny things and power, but at a glance i want it to appear standard.
      I will add photos and updates as I make progress.....which will be slow as I work away from home. I am giving myself a year to get it MOT'ed.

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