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Air/fuel mixture issues Mk2f

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JonWaite    0



cutting a a long story short, my car (Mk2f AAV) hasn't idled or drive right for some time, so changed fuel filter, spark plugs, distributor cap and rotor, new leads, oil filter, blue temp sensor and it go no better.


my local mechanic ran it through diagnostic and it just told him the air/ fuel mixture was all over the place, however it didn't tell him anything specific. He's recommended I take it to a specialist. 


So, has anyone come across anything similar to this? Before I take it to my nearest specialist




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steveo3002    349

any better if you unplug the o2 sensor?   was the blue temp sender a good brand? 

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JonWaite    0

I've managed to have a day off with no rain!! 


Anyway, the car runs better without the o2 sensor, so I assume it means I need a new sensor?


ive only being buying well known branded products, I like the car too much to kill it with cheap parts ?



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