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Penny the low spec 9n3

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Late march I found a bargain of a polo, £990 for a 2006 with 12k on the clock just sadly classed as a d cat for driver side fender and door damage, for £75 I got replacements and painted by my dad as he owns a spray booth. IMG_1154.thumb.JPG.6b4a6befbbacd54bddff17735f3ae179.JPGAfter a minor issue matching the colour to the car, the car was looking good other than minor bits of lacquer peeling on the front bumper. My next thing to do was colour code the panels and change the wheels to alloys over the plastic crap. IMG_1157.thumb.JPG.003a8066d180cf5573bde18ddb2d28b6.JPG

I really wanted my own colour on the wheel so once again with my dad, I mixed some blacks and gun metals for something and turned out with this, and yes I just got the alloys of the plastic ones as they were cheap and good condition.

I later got badges to replace the corroded ones so the cap is over the building again.IMG_1156.thumb.JPG.fb54721ede889a61c3af270c18f9e788.JPG

another simple thing aesthetically was the debadging on the rear which just looks cleaner.


My upcoming mods are adding fog lights and the hexed grills on the front of the car with official parts as well as some heko wind deflectors.



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