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Newbie from Oxfordshire

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Evening CP,


I've just bought a 6n as a cheap runabout, planning to mod it some! My first vw, but have worked on them before, its a genuine 18k car, pretty straight. Already bought coilovers for it, and have some banded steels from my mx5 to go onto it. I've also got a classic mini with a 1.8 engine, so this polo will be low and slow instead :D






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Howdy! Am also from Oxfordshire - good to have you on board :)

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    • Buggirl
      By Buggirl
      Time has come to move on.  Selling my beautiful GLX.  Original condition and loads of history including services.  Cam belt changed regular and drives great.  Starts first time and still has loads of umph!  110,000 miles.  Selling in next two weeks as moving.  Sunroof and great Bluetooth connect stereo.  Upgraded front bulbs making super visible at night.  She has had new rear wheel arches and new front wings a couple of years ago.  All new gromits and has solid cills.
      make me a sensible offer!
    • will16
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      Hello guys,
      New here, just bought a 6n, 1999, 1.4, 8v, rear drums, planning to do some work on it this weekend, was hoping someone could tell me
      -Rear hub nut torque and tightening procedure for wheel bearing, is it like other vw's where you tighten it, then back it off a certain amount? 
      -Stub axle bolt torque
      I'm waiting for my haynes to come in the post!
      Many Thanks,
    • michaeldc
      By michaeldc
      Just had this come on for the first time ever but haven't had time to check the level yet (arrived home late and it was too dark), I'm assuming that since the coolant hasn't been changed in a long time it's just running a bit low and if that's the case does anyone know if there's any specific coolant I should use to top it up with? Am I right in thinking it should be just over the minimum level when cold as it will expand when heated?
      It's of course possible there's a sensor problem but I'm hoping I don't need to get the coolant tank replaced (fingers crossed). I don't think there's a bigger problem as the needle goes into the middle after a while like normal and doesn't overheat or anything.
    • Mika6401
      By Mika6401
      Bonjour à tous, je suis français et je suis un nouveau profil.
      Pour le futur, désolé parce que mon anglais n'est pas très bien ...
      J'ai eu audi 8v stronic tdi @ 200cv pour dayli et polo 1.4 afh, le polo est rare en anglais ...
      Mais j'ai la distribution HS, je repare ce moteur ...

    • Greggyt
      By Greggyt
      Hi guys, new here so first off, hi!
      I've recently bought a 6n and as much as I love it, I feel like it really needs to be lowered. I read the advice in the 'Rough Guide' on here but can't afford to go with anything more than lowering springs. Basically I am wondering firstly are they actually fine to drive on or will I feel a negative change in handling? Second, how low can I go on just lowering springs/what is advisable? I don't really want to slam it as I have to drive over some pretty mean speed bumps every day!
      any pictures to give a rough example of how polo's look at any given height would also be much appreciated.
      Thanks in advance :)