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Desperado for POLO 1990- 1993 OIL DIPSTICK AND GUIDE

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POLO 1990- 1993 OIL DIPSTICK AND GUIDE. Cannot find anywhere. put ad in wanted for few months now.

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    • Joe_partington
      By Joe_partington
      Not sure what engine oil to buy have been told semi synthetic but I don’t know what te numbers mean as I’m new to cars. Any help would be great. Cheers :) 
      i have a 1989 mk2 polo s 1.3L Petrol. 
    • damunk
      By damunk
      Were the MK2 1990-1993 oil sumps, dipsticks, guide tube the same as the MK2 1986-1990 versions?
      i am doing a 6n lower sump conversion with baffle plate and required just the dipstick and guide tubes that go all the way down into the sump therefore have found a seller that will sell the older type dipstick/tubing.
    • Joe_partington
      By Joe_partington
      Hi guys, I need to replace the cambelt on my 1989 polo s however I can’t seem to find a kit with it all in (water pump etc). If anyone has any advise I’d appreciate it. 
      1.3l engine 4speed
      Cheers :)
    • damunk
      By damunk
    • brotherx4
      By brotherx4
      I recently purchased a 1989 mk2 Polo, and the previous owner had upgraded the sound system. While I do appreciate the sound, the old rear speaker brackets for the 4x6's that the seat belts go through have been partially destroyed. I can't seem to find any replacements online, but I'd really like to put those back as the rear panel isn't held in place very well. Does anyone know where to get these or have some going spare from their own changes? Any help would be appreciated.