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mk1 1.1 engine

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Hello everyone, 

I'm wondering if some one could give me some info on this engine? the 1.1 engine, 

first off what cars did this come in? 

2: whats the piston size?

3: whats the piston stroke?

4:what materials is it made from? (block and head) 

5: engine code?

6: will the polo gt head bolt straight on?

7: do the g40 rods fit with the standard crank off the 1043cc? 

8: what bits make the engine a 1100 rather than the 1.0 (1043)?


Thanks in advance!


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Going from the headgasket 052103383AB

same 1093cc HB engine was used in Mk1 jetta, scirocco too.


Those cars had exhaust heated inlet manifolds.


I'd stick with the 1043-1272 75mm bore engines.






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I found some 78mm pistons the other day forged ones, off a triumph, also I was looking and there is the some forged g40 pistons! I'm guessing they are the same asd the ones in the 1043cc (pistons and conrods)?


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Yep.. same 122mm conrod and 20mm wrist pin as far as I know.

What's the triumph piston compression height?





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it don't say I'm guessing it must be standard compression height its from a tr6, its a 6 piston set but I can get a set that consist of 4!

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Interesting. Was there a V8 TR6?

Those look flat topped not bowl in piston, so you'll need a spacer gasket or old style head like HH

or crank/conrod that keepsthem below the block+gasket deck at TDC.


So 78.5 overbore for the rings to protude 0.25mm?


I've looked carefully at a new 75mm headgasket and the front oil channel I was worried about should be safe if it's same size below the deck as at the surface. But, sorry, there's less meat between the cylinders than I remember.


Before the gasket is squashed the standard gasket top bore is 76mm and there's 4mm between each cylinder.

So, with 75mm block bore there's only 6mm between each cylinder. 

I've not used a micrometer but 78mm surely means the cylinders butt together, so the water jacket can't do it's job.

Add 0.5 ring clearance and you've got an Audi sign with overlap.


Maybe crank could let the pistons be offset for uneven wider spacing, but it'll need boreing to a custom gasket's centres. 







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if u could check wether there is enough gap inbetween the pistons that would be great, and I will have a look for some other pistons to fix the issue with it hitting the valves! 

but like u said I think I need to get a smaller set of pistons ie to the max the bock will take? 

the head iw ill be using is the gt head if I can get hold of one and putting bigger valves ect but ill worry about that when it comes to it.

the whole idea is to get it as close to 1130cc whilst using a mk2 polo engine, also having the 1043cc crank for the shorter stroke so it can rev, its a hard one with no one doing any thing like this before its all trail and error and research! 

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Oh yeah valves, but that's just careful timing and small pockets.


No wait you want to rev high so long duration cam...

But the tip of the sparkplug is also an issue. Fairly sure it protrudes into the cylinder angled towards inlet valve.


Does the crank or the piston guide the conrod's float?

I think it's the crank, so 77mm is looking maximum (custom crank?).


I don't have an engine apart but I can look at the carbon on a spare mechanical cylinder head.

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3 hours ago, Mullen29 said:

there the pistons and I'm just looking for the height?


C/D = compression depth? is 1.143" = 29mm


I found 77.50mm pistons and rods by KWL motorsport in Burschied, but they are for 1.6 litre ABU which is not Polo short block.



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22 hours ago, Mullen29 said:

Thanks for that I’m currently on the hunt for an engine so I can see what’s gonna work and what’s not! 

Thanks u very mych

Pm me I may be able to help on engine

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