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Mk2 polo breadvan, full space frame, 1043cc modified engine!

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6 hours ago, dvderlm said:

Those wiseco forged oversize pistons are very expensive.

Worrabout Mazda 323 E3 series (1980-87) pistons 77mm as std?







Thanks for that, I’m gonna use the head with the combustion chamber in the head so that means I’m looking for flat top pistons! I’m after some that are 77mm, forged and also slipper pistons ( short skirt)! Then use these Conrods out of the g40 as they should be the same? which are steel an give me the ability to rev higher: https://www.maxrpm.de/Forging-conrod-H-shaft-for-Polo-G40-high-strength-to-9000-RPM-4-pieces?gclid=Cj0KCQjw1q3VBRCFARIsAPHJXrG1Saj6-EwjW66NQScN4Ntk5ZBnmpC7-UY8L9APx522ISaeg9E9XO8aAqJvEALw_wcB


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Combustion chamber in head is liked by ze Germans. 

If you use standard sized 122mm rods you need pistons with same compression height as HZ?


Motorbike pistons (cbr1000rr 2007- is 76mm bore I think) and custom rods?


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