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Mk2 polo breadvan, full space frame, 1043cc modified engine!

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6 hours ago, dvderlm said:

Those wiseco forged oversize pistons are very expensive.

Worrabout Mazda 323 E3 series (1980-87) pistons 77mm as std?







Thanks for that, I’m gonna use the head with the combustion chamber in the head so that means I’m looking for flat top pistons! I’m after some that are 77mm, forged and also slipper pistons ( short skirt)! Then use these Conrods out of the g40 as they should be the same? which are steel an give me the ability to rev higher: https://www.maxrpm.de/Forging-conrod-H-shaft-for-Polo-G40-high-strength-to-9000-RPM-4-pieces?gclid=Cj0KCQjw1q3VBRCFARIsAPHJXrG1Saj6-EwjW66NQScN4Ntk5ZBnmpC7-UY8L9APx522ISaeg9E9XO8aAqJvEALw_wcB


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Combustion chamber in head is liked by ze Germans. 

If you use standard sized 122mm rods you need pistons with same compression height as HZ?


Motorbike pistons (cbr1000rr 2007- is 76mm bore I think) and custom rods?


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Honda Gx270 piston? nearly flat, 77mm as standard. Looks quite tall 59mm?. Just need to find compression height and pin diameter.

(not short skirt slipper though).

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    • Clareyfairy81
      By Clareyfairy81
      Open to sensible offers. 
      No modifications, as it was when it rolled out the factory.
      3 owners since new, main dealer service history for majority of the 30 years. Just under 87K miles on the clock. Starts first time and runs well.
      Maintenance work undertaken in past year: new exhaust, new rear beam, tyres have done approx. 500 miles, new brakes, new cambelt, and undersealed for protection.
      Original fabric is in good condition for age, radio cassette works perfectly. Paintwork is in good condition, no evidence of rust
      Drives beautifully, great fun to nip around town in. Manual gearbox is smooth throughout all changes.
      It has won best unmodified at local VW shows.
      Comes with winter storm cover.
      New MOT. Only selling as emigrating and can't take with us. 
    • tommyjac1
      By tommyjac1
      40mm lower
      New dampers 
      Refurbished wheel trims 
      Carb stripped and cleaned 
      Rear arches welded both sides 
      Both new rear wheel bearings 
      Rocker cover, carb cover and fan cover painted
      New sparkplugs, fuel filter and fan belt
      2 new front tyres 
      New exhausts 
      runs and drives with no problems at all 
      Please email if interested or want more information
    • Rob Johnson
      By Rob Johnson
      Anyone have any idea why my 1.1 is not firing. It seems like fuel is not being pulled through as it is pooling in inlet manifold just under the carb. There was suction when I put my hand over the carb.  
      Anyone else had this problem and know the solution. 
    • ivogiev
      By ivogiev
      New price - prices to sell.
      I will do copy/paste from this add : mobile.de add
      The car is great , but I have almost no time for it and other projects on my head. I need the space. The car has new timing belt,new battery, new clutch and new fluids.
      It participated in our local VW Fest 2018 and draws a lot of attention. When I drive it people notice it.
      The list of modification is very long, the car was built for the purpose of track day use, but is not stripped out and is 100% streetable.
      It is not 100% ready, it needs sway bar install and fixing of small things.
      I am not having enough time , actually I am having almost none for it so that is why it is for sale.
      I am confident to say that such Polo does not exist anywhere in the world, so here is its specs:
      - ABU engine block with documents
      - AFH head and pistons, CR ~11,5:1
      - G40 gearbox plus 2 more gearboxes in perfect condition that go with the car ( have shorter gear ratios)
      - 4 carburators from Honda CBR900RR, jetted main jets and sealed air jet.
      - Custom airbox and custom made and calculated length of intake manifold
      - Custom 4-2-1 stainless steel exhaust manifold and SS exhaust system - all calculated for particular engine
      - Custom made suspension with coil overs, A-shaped LCAs' adjustable in all angles
      - Custom made frame to which the A-shaped LCAs' connect
      - Engine and transmission rest on stock 3 pieces engine mounts, plus added 4-th infront
      - Mega Squirt 2 - controls ignition when using petrol and carburators, constrols LPG injectors and ignition when LPG is used
      - LPG system spraying after carbs, tank in place of spare tyre
      - Deep Recaro front seats from 20th anniversary Golf MK.3 with reworked stock mounts to fit the Polo ( narrower)
      - 5x100mm conversion with 15 inch Audi A3 light rims ( 5,5 kgs/ each)
      - 1 inch brake master cylinder with 4 wheel disk brakes - 256mm vented fronts with ~235mm solid from Polo 9N on the back
      - Factory GT body with black roof vinyl in great shape, OE paint
      - Car puts down 115 wheel horse power, the attached graph is without the airbox and without the Mega Squirt - I used to run it on vacuum distributor without any electronics(can be returned in that configuration)
      - Prepared stock AFH intake manifold with BMW 2.0 throttle body and 190cc injectors - if decided to return to single throttle body
    • The_Fayz
      By The_Fayz
      Hi, I have a mk2 polo project, I have cleaned and checked the spark plugs, cleaned some of the carb jets but when I try to lift the clutch and move it, it dies, does any one have any ideas what to check or do next? I want to put some fresh fuel in aswell , thanks in advance

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