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What happened to haggling?

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What happened to being able to haggle? 


I've had three recent experiences where it seems haggling just wasn't an option. 


The first was with my breakdown cover renewal. Despite earning a years no call out 'discount' my renewal quote was a good £20 higher than last year. I phoned up and asked if they could do anything. After a bit of back and forth I said all I want is to see a discount over last year. Even if it's just £1 less. The answer? No, sorry, that's the price! 


The second was with a car I just bought. I tried all the tricks I've picked up over the years and the guy wouldn't budge on the price. Maybe he could see I really wanted the car as I bought it anyway. But I've always gotten something off the price in the past. 


The third was insurance for that car. I'm lucky, I'm old now with a rake of NCB and a clean record apart from 3 points. So my quotes on comparison sites are all pretty close and pretty cheap. Years ago that used to mean I had ammunition to play them off one another. Not today though. I called no less than 10 insurers. Said to them all "take the price to £xxx and I'll pay it right now". I wasn't being cheeky, I was only asking for £20-30 off. But they all said no! That's the price, take it or leave it. 


Has anyone else noticed this with places that used to give money off? Is it getting to the point it will become unacceptable to even ask? 

What's your thoughts? 

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Most companies seem to get offended if you ask for anything off. 


A lot of staff in places seem to take it as a personal insult if you produce vouchers/discount card/forces or Service ID for anything that means money off, almost as if its coming out of their pockets instead.


Lucky enough im with admiral and they have been pretty good with sorting out a better price, so much so that ive not even changed insurer in 5 years. 

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I've noticed this with car parts as well. Usually you just mention that your in the trade and they give you something off but now it's difficult to get anything off their first price. I blame ECP. 


As a nation, we are pretty bad at haggling compared with other countries. I've heard of people from other countries trying to haggle in Debenhams. You don't ask, you don't get. :D

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When I bought my current mobile phone, I bought it with cash from The Carphone Warehouse. The assistant that came over and started telling me how they can work out deals on pay monthly plans etc. When I said I'll just be buying outright with cash, what's your best price? She just looked at me like I'd seriously offended her, pointed to the stand saying "that's the price there" and walked off. 

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They make more money doing monthly deals and cash prices these days on phones.... But I've experienced similar issues over the past year on little things.

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It’s frustrating the other way round as well though... when I broke my e46 I advertised all the bits fairly cheap so they’d sell quickly, and every message I received still said “what’s your lowest” and my reply was always “what I’ve listed it as...”


Took slightly longer to sell it all but I soldier it for what I was asking. :tongue:

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Yeah that's one of the downsides or upsides to modern technology. It takes no time at all just to fire off a message offering stupidly low amounts or asking "what's your lowest price?" without leaving the comfort of your own home. 


Most of them are just chancers looking to find people desperate for money. 

But I always tell them if they are interested come and see whatever it is I'm selling and then we can discuss a price. They don't seem as brave to make low offers face to face. 

If I'm the buyer, I just ask if the price is negotiable and leave it at that until I see whatever it is in the flesh. 

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Regarding insurance, the companies are regulated by the FCA (Financial Conduct Authority) and apparently that means that their best price is their best price nowadays...

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If anyone needs any help with insurance at all then please feel free to drop me a line.



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