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6N2 Headlights Simultaneously Stopped Coming On

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Hi everyone, I wonder if you can help.


I've read a couple of other threads with a similar described problem but not much in the way of a resolution so here goes!


Both headlights have simultaneously stopped coming on when the switch is turned on. The sides and full beam still work fine though.


For a short while, the headlights would come on if I repeatedly turned the switch on and off. The bulbs are both intact, as are the fuses and the connectors on the bulbs do not appear to be corroded.


From my research, it sounds like the problem could be due to faulty ballast? Could this be the case given that both headlights packed up at the same time?


If this is the case, is the only place to get a functional part from other Polo 6N2's?


I am very much an amateur mechanic (this is still my first car!) but I am always willing to learn and have a go.







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First Welcome to the forum.


Unless you have a GTi with xenon headlights you won't have any ballast units and for both to fail at the same time would be unusual, the most likely cause would be the dip/main beam column switch as this carries the full current (no relays involved) 

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